Best 5 Aluminium ladder for home

Aluminium ladder

Having a ladder in home eases your lots of work, be it cleaning ceiling fan, AC air filters, accessing storage box or simply while decorating house for birthday celebration. Choosing aluminium ladder for home is the best choice as these are much lightweight yet strong compared to wooden ladder or other metallic ladder.

Key points to keep in mind while buying aluminium ladder for home

Strength and durability

Safety and Grip

Foot step grip and other features


So if you are still using a stool over central table mechanism to access and do the task, its time to make the task easier and safer. Following are best aluminium ladder available online that will definitely make your task easier.

Aluminium Ladder for home use reviews

#1 Bathla Zenith Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Hand Rails | 5 Step

bathla aluminium ladder for home

Bathla Zenith comes in dimension of 182x54x15cm and has load bearing capacity of 95 kg. In term of feet, its height is around 6 feet. The aluminium material being used for building this ladder is high grade rust-proof aluminium.

Other components used in ladder is precision engineered High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) components to ensure maximum corrosion resistance and strength. Ladder is waterproof and you can use in all climates and weather conditions, it won’t rust.

Key Features:

Built to last, comes with 5 year warranty

Built-in hand rails and support grips for safety

Rust-proof, high-grade aluminium

Extra-wide construct with serrated grooves

Coming to safety part, Aluminium ladder comes with PVC shoes that gives unrivalled stability while the ladder is in use and form a strong grip even on wet surfaces. Ladder steps is designed with rows of parallel ridges that give your feet a steady, slip-free surface during use.

On top of these, Bathla Zenith ladder comes with built-in hand rails and support grips to ensure your comfort and safety during use.

Other options in Aluminium ladder from Bathla

3-Step Bathla Advance Foldable Aluminium Ladder

4-Step Bathla Advance Foldable Aluminium Ladder

6-Step Bathla Advance Foldable Aluminium Ladder

#2 Happer Premium Foldable Aluminium Step Ladder | 7 Steps

aluminium step ladder

Happer premium step ladder is a must to have for every home. Balancing on stools and wobbly chairs can make even simple tasks seem difficult. But with a Happer ladder, even the farthest places are easily and safely within reach.

Key Features:

Wide construct with serrated grooves to ensure slip-free use

Sure Hinge Technology with double-locking pivot joints for stability

Anti-skid PVC shoes

Knee guard and edge protector

Ladder is built from the high tensile Steel, Aluminium and PVC material, yet relatively light, compact and portable. You can move around easily and it neatly folds into a compact version of itself for easy storage.

Ladder is all weather resistant, rust-proof for use in all climates and weather conditions. This ladder for home comes with sure hinge technology that features double locking pivot joints for a perfectly stable, wobble-free experience every time.

Specially designed PVC shoes of the ladder give you unrivalled stability while the ladder is in use. It enhances safety and form a strong grip even on wet surfaces. This 7 step ladder may seems bigger for interior work but for any exterior work in balcony or outdoor area, an excellent choice it is.

#3 Plantex Platinum Foldable Aluminium Ladder for Home Use | 6 Step

aluminium ladder for home

Key Feature:

Built from high strength anodize aluminium frame 

Rubber coated Aluminium profile wide steps for stability

Heavy duty built, support upto 150 Kg

Trendy and Attractive in Looks

Plantex step ladder for home come with extra large steps that provide stable footing and helps you in maintain balance during work. Comfortable and convenient hand grip would allow you to climb and carry easily.

Ladder comes with easy folding capability combined with a locking mechanism to ensure security and stability. This foldable ladder is made of 3 materials. Iron, Aluminium and plastic. The overall structure is made of aluminium and the scissor type joints are made of iron and the grip on the steps include plastic. Overall a very sturdy ladder.

Its weight bearing capacity plays crucial rule in task like lifting a heavy suitcase from the top overhead shelf, the steps are wide and having a layer of anti-skid plastic making this ladder perfect for overhead heavy work.

#4 Parasnath Home Pro Light Weight Aluminium ladder| 5 Step

Light Weight Aluminium ladder

Key Features:

Built with high quality Aluminium for extra durability

Max weight bearing capacity up to 150 kg

Corrosion resistant structure for longer life

Plastic top with anti skid design for safety

Parasnath heavy duty folding ladder with wide step is perfect for any use. Ladder is lightweight enough for home and DIY use but also heavy duty enough for commercial use.

This aluminium ladder comes with an easy and smooth folding hinge. The plastic top with anti skid design provide better grip and protection. Its long arch gives you support and ensures safety while Its wide steps with anti skid pattern prevents you from slipping.

#5 Kisha Foldable Compact Aluminium Ladder | 5 Steps

Compact Aluminium Ladder

Key Features:

Built with high grade Aluminium

Sturdy enough for weight upto 150Kg

Comes with inbuilt PVC shoes for safety on floor

Special saree-guard for preventing tangling of Saree on edges

Kisha aluminium ladder is made from ISO certified high grade aluminium section and sturdy enough for most works indoors and outdoors . Whether its reaching a high cabinet,changing the light bulb cleaning the fans or any other task, this ladder will make it easier to get the job done .

The shoes of the ladder that give grip from surface is made of non-slippery PVC material. The design provide enough support to the ladder. So, it does not move or tilt; and prevents you from falling. 


A step ladder serves multiple purpose be it at house hold, office, warehouse, go down or shop. Aluminium step ladder is not only lightweight but also sturdy enough to bear weight as high as 150Kg.

If you are looking for day to day usages and best aluminium ladder for women then prioritise Bathla Zenith Foldable Aluminium Ladder that comes with handle rails for support in climbing up and down.

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