Best Bathroom Cabinets in India

Best bathroom cabinet

Bathroom storage cabinets are convenient storage solution for your small miscellaneous items in bathroom. These Bathroom cabinets give appealing and stylish look to your bathroom. You can either go for bathroom cabinet with mirror or bathroom cabinet without mirror in India.

Bathroom cabinet with mirror comes with mirror attached to the lid that makes your cabinet multipurpose and you don’t feel need of any extra accessories just for storing stuff in your bathroom.

Finding a bathroom cabinets in India can be time-consuming considering different type of products in market. There are certain factors like the built-quality, storage capacity, size and price which must be considered before buying a bathroom cabinet storage. Additionally, bathroom water spillage is obvious so while selecting a best storage cabinet for bathroom, keep in mind that it has to be rust roof and having anti corrosion body.

In order to give you clear idea we have segregated both with mirror and without mirror type of bathroom bathroom cabinets in India, after our in-depth research and listed the best available options for you in selecting bathroom cabinet.

Best Bathroom Cabinets with mirror

1. Nilkamal Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

Bathroom cabinet nilkamal

Our first pick, Nilkamal bathroom cabinet with mirror is suitable for any kind of Indian bathrooms. Comes with a modern design and a black plastic body. There are 5 convenient shelves that make this cabinet a versatile storage option. You can easily keep your essential miscellaneous items like shampoo, soap, face wash etc. It improve the decor of your bathroom as whole.

There is a mirror attached in the front and the overall height of the cabinet is 55.5 cm which will get fitted easily in even your less spacious bathroom space. The bathroom cabinet is rust proof and spillage proof so, it eases your worries to put in wet zone of bathroom or near shower.

Nilkamal bathroom cabinet with mirror is durable and you can easily fix it on the wall. It weighs around 3.4 kgs. This cabinet requires easy to do assembly and there is an instruction manual to help you with that. You also get a 6 month spare part replacement warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Convenient size and modern design

  • Durable body

  • Good quality mirror

  • 5 shelves storage for miscellaneous items

  • 6 months of brand warranty


  • Some issues reported regarding delivery

2. Cipla Plast Multipurpose Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

cipla bathroom cabinet

Cipla Plast bathroom cabinet with mirror comes with large storage capacity and a beautiful designer look. A big wide Saint-Gobain mirror is attached to the lid. The high-quality robust plastic body is made of Polypropylene Co-Polymer that allows you to use it for heavy-duty purposes.

Available in bright white colour, this one also comes with 5 compartment storage. The shelves are of different heights and you can keep your personal care products according to your convenience. The 58cm height makes this one suitable for all types of Indian bathroom.

It’s lightweight, portable and you can easily mount it on the wall. There is an added security feature of a magnetic lock as well. There is no brand warranty but the 7-day return policy is available.


  • Elegant and beautiful design

  • Clearer and distortion-free mirror

  • High-quality and durable body

  • Spacious storage capacity

  • Lightweight and portable


  • Manufacturer warranty for spare parts is not provided

3. Flipzon Multipurpose Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

bathroom cabinet with mirror

This bathroom cabinet with mirror comes with a durable white plastic body and spacious storage space. This multi-utility mirror bathroom cabinet storage from Flipzone offers 5 shelves for your personal care essentials. It’s wall mountable and ideal for both bathroom and kitchen.

The overall weight of this product is around 5kgs. It’s lightweight and the height of 54.61 cm makes this one suitable for your perfect home. Offers a Saint Gobain/Modiguard Mirror for brighter and distortion-free vision. There is no open shelf whatsoever. The toothbrush holder is attached to the inner side of the cabinet door.


  • Heavy-duty and robust body

  • Saint Gobain/Modiguard mirror for a clearer view

  • Spacious 5 compartment storage

  • Lightweight

  • Value for money


  • Design is not effectively reliable

4. BRANCO Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

branco bathroom cabinet mirror

This is an elegantly designed bathroom cabinet storage which is made of PPCP (Polypropylene Co-Polymer) plastic. It’s durable and only weighs around 2.9 kgs making it a very lightweight product. The convenient size of 54 cm makes it suitable for any bathroom.

The robust body is rust-resistant and you can easily clean it. The 4 compartment storage is well organised for small personal care products. You can conveniently store long bottles of shampoo or body showers.

It’s wall mountable. There’s a toothbrush holder at the inner side of the lid. Overall, it’s easy to install and adds aesthetics to your bathroom as well.


  • Durable PPCP plastic body

  • Lightweight and efficient size

  • Toothbrush holder behind the lid

  • Easy to install

  • Efficiently spacious storage


  • Bit pricier in comparison

  • Not so powerful magnet

5. Planet Platinum Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

Bathroom cabinet with mirror

The premium entry on our list comes from Planet India bathroom cabinet storage with high 304-grade stainless steel. It has the highly durable 6 way processed Nickel Chrome body. With components like anti-corrosive and rust-resistance, this one offers quality and longevity.

Available in 3 variants, HO-1420, HO-1501 and O-1421 with the basic difference of shape and price. It has a clear and beautiful mirror attached to the magnetic lid. The five compartment storage is convenient for all your personal use essentials. It’s wall mountable and well-designed for both your bedroom and bathroom. Comes with all the fitting materials.


  • Premium design with highly durable stainless steel body

  • Rust-resistant and anti-corrosive

  • Ideal for both residential and official use

  • Available in 3 variations of variable shapes


  • Higher price due to the premium quality

6. Zahab Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror Single Door Bathroom Storage

Bathroom cabinet with mirror

This product is suitable for bathroom, kitchen, or in-office spaces as well. The simple and elegant design is moisture-proof, rustproof and offers environmental protection.  The superior quality of Modiguard mirror is fixed with the cabinet door. Made up of good quality virgin plastic material, this bathroom cabinet significantly increases its durability. 

May it be for daily use or occasional, the strong back of the door keeps it intact. The lightweight cabinet ensures safety from water splash. It has a convenient size of  42.7 x 31.7 x 16.3 cm. The manual of the product properly intrusts how to assemble the parts. The build is extremely durable and maintains a modern look overall. 


  • 4 compartment storage

  • High-Quality Virgin Plastic

  • Durable and Well Designed

  • Easy To Clean and Maintain

  • Value For Money


  • Not so spacious compartments

7. PAffy Look Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

Paffy bathroom cabinet with mirror

Paffy look bathroom cabinet that comes with mirror embedded, offers spacious storage where you can conveniently store all your personal care items. The five compartments at different heights will help to keep things well organised. Paffy ensures extreme durability and provides a well-maintained bathroom cabinet with a modern look.  The cabinet is about 55 cm tall and it’s rust-resistant.

With this bathroom storage cabinet you will get a toothbrush holder inside the cabinet and also an extra space below the mirror door. This extra space can be utilised for storing small and frequent usage stuff like comb. The wall-mounted product is made up of high-quality polypropylene copolymer and polystyrene.  The overall weight of the product is quite impressive. Also, the Modiguard mirror cabinet is easy to clean and maintain. 

Mount Type: Wall Mounted.


  • High Storage Capacity

  • Very Spacious

  • Microfibre Body

  • 5-Compartment Inside and 1 Extra Compartment Outside

  • Made of Rust-Free Durable Materials

  • Light Weight Cabinet

  • Durable Modiguard Mirror


  • None

8. Primax Steel Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror/Bathroom Accessories

primax bathroom accessories

The high-grade stainless steel ensures quality and durable material bathroom cabinet. Attractive and trendy look ideally suits in both the bathroom and bedroom. The 7-way powder-coated finish bathroom cabinet is also anti-corrosive. Rust resistance is an add on a facility that you will find useful in protection against water spillage. 

The very first thing that you will notice about this bathroom cabinet with mirror is its trendy and attractive design. This cabinet is made up of  6 way processed nickel chrome. The magnetic door also makes this product quite attractive. Wall-mounted cabinet comes with the dimension of 35 x 12 x 55 cm. It is a lightweight product well organized with 3-Tier shelves.

The manual is well descriptive and the product come with all the fitting materials. Bathroom cabinet made of stainless steel is sturdy and elegant.


  • High-Grade Steel with quality glass

  • Magnetic Door

  • Rust-Resistance

  • Anti-Corrosive Cabinet

  • Light Weight

  • 3-Tier shelves

  • Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior


  • Some issues reported regarding delivery

Best Bathroom Cabinets without mirror

You will options from brands like Nilkamal with cabinet designed to fix in the corner space of your bathroom or kitchen. Bathroom storage cabinets in India are mainly built with durable ABS plastic which gives good look and run for a long time.

9. Nilkamal bathroom cabinet Plastic Storage Corner Cabinet

bathroom cabinet Nilkamal

Nilkamal bathroom corner cabinet offers a convenient solution for your personal care times. Beautiful in design, this product comes in 2 different colours: Ivory and Maroon. It has corrosion and rust-free ABS plastic made body with a modern design.

It’s a lightweight cabinet and the height of 23 inches make this one ideal for your bathroom or kitchen corner space. Wall mountable and easy to install. There is an instruction manual for assembly. The double storage space is enough to keep things according to your convenience. It also comes with a 6-month spare part replacement warranty. Overall, it’s a value for money storage cabinet.


  • Glossy and attractive design

  • Sturdy and portable

  • Corrosion and rust-resistant body

  • 6-month warranty for spare parts

  • Budget-Friendly


  • Assembly can be a bit confusing

10. Nilkamal bathroom cabinet, 3 Door Plastic Storage Corner Cabinet

Nilkamal storage container bathroom

Similar to our previous entry Nilkamal 2 door bathroom cabinet storage, this Nilkamal bathroom corner cabinet comes from the house of Nilkamal with 3 door storage. Nilkamal 3 door corner cabinet comes in height of about 34 inches making it more than enough spacious for your small miscellaneous items. It can easily be placed vertically in appropriate location. The ABS plastic body is rust-free and durable.

This Nilkamal bathroom cabinet without mirror requires basic assembly and the 6 months spare part replacement warranty is provided as well. Available in glossy ivory colour and modern design, you can easily fit this mountable cabinet anywhere in the room. Both sides have 3 shelves each for keeping you personal care products according to your need. Considering the usability and quality of this cabinet, it’s cost-efficient.


  • Durable and rust-resistant ABS plastic body

  • Lightweight and portable

  • 6 months of spare part warranty

  • Spacious and versatile storage


  • DIY assembly involves a bit hassle

The Verdict

All the above-listed products are preferred by many customers all across India. Each one has a unique design and provides a commendable solution for your cabinet requirement. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution with brand trust warranty, the Nilkamal Gem Plastic Cabinet with Mirror is a perfect choice. The Planet Platinum Stainless Steel Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror is recommended as a premium option.

Also, if you just want a good storage capacity, Nilkamal 3 Door Plastic Storage Cabinet with our mirror is perfectly suitable to store all essentials. For bathroom cabinet corner you can also choose Nilkamal 3 door bathroom cabinet. Nilkamal bathroom cabinet is one of the most desired product in this segment.. Determine your requirement and choose accordingly.

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