10 Best Air Conditioners (AC) in India for this summer

AC in India

Being world’s second most populous country and one of the county with longest summer season, India is among fastest growing market of Air conditioner and coolers. Currently approx 10% of Indian household is having AC compared to 90% in US and 60% in China. With Increasing heat and working urban population, AC is no longer a luxury product rather it has became a necessity.

“ACs increase productivity and life expectancy. Everyone deserves an AC,” said Kanwal Jeet Jawa, India head of Japanese manufacturer Daikin.

To find out the best available Air conditioner in Indian market, our Hozone team did extensive research over different brand of AC available in market and have taken feedback from consumers and retailers. We understand that choosing a best Air conditioner system in market which is flooded with different make and salesman lucrative pitch, is tedious task.

Here are top 10 best Air conditioner system in India. Depending on your priority Size, Technology, Refrigerant and Price, you can go for one among these.

Note: Here we have listed Split AC only as per preference, if you looking for Window AC, you can check here.

10 Best Air conditioner System in India 2020

1. LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Split AC (KS-Q18HNZD) – Best LG Air conditioner

best inverter split ac


  • 5 star energy rating: Best in class. Efficiency Annual Energy Consumption: 835.50 units. with ISEER Value of 4.73

  • Split AC with inverter compressor: Inverter technology compressor is variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation.

  • 4 Way air swing function: LG AC comes with 4 way swing (up-down + right-left), which blows the cool air evenly across your room to ensure thorough cooling inside the room.

  • R32 refrigerant: Eco-friendly refrigerant which is environment-friendly and makes sure that you do not contribute to global warming while staying cool.

  • Ocean black protection: Very useful feature for humid and sea shore area that provide exceptional durability for the both indoor and outdoor air conditioner unit.

LG KS-Q18HNZD model is feature rich 5 star rated inverter AC which is designed keeping India meteorological condition in mind. Additionally this AC comes with HD Filter which removes harmful substances from air, such as bacteria, pollen, pet dander, dust, mites and particles as small as 10 µm in size.

The copper pipes that are being used in LG AC are Hi-Grooved copper pipes, which serve dual benefits

  1. It Enables the oscillatory movement that agitates the refrigerant for better heat dissipation.
  2. Grooves strengthens the overall pipe structure because of which they can withstand in high pressure.

LG Q18HNZD is designed to serve you with a longer life. Cabling is 100% copper and in addition to that it comes with ocean black protection for protection from sand, salt, industrial smoke and pollutants. It ensures an extended lifespan with low operation cost.

LG’s DUAL Inverter Compressor with Varied Speed Dual Rotary Motor saves more energy along with higher speed cooling range because of having wider rotational frequency than conventional compressors. This ensures that our DUAL Inverter ACs cool faster, last longer and run quieter.

2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper 183VCZS )

Best Air conditioner in India


  • Two-stage Steady Cool Compressor: High EER Rotary – BLDC type compressor adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation.

  • R-32 Refrigerant: Eco-friendly refrigerant which is environment-friendly and makes sure that you do not contribute to global warming while staying cool.

  • Stabilizer Free Operation: Works under a wide operating range, protecting the AC if there are voltage fluctuations. Moreover, there is no need to use an additional stabilizer with the AC because of its low startup voltage.

  • Active Dehumidifier: Senses the indoor humidity and controls it in monsoon.

  • 4 Way Auto Louver: Its efficient cooling design rotates air uniformly across the room.

One of the highest rated AC in customer satisfaction, Voltas 183VCZS gives your ambient cooling without worrying about repeated maintenance cost.

This AC is powered by the Steady Cool Compressor, that leads to Steady Cooling and Steady Savings. This helps in optimized power consumption, and helps maintain an ideal room temperature, so you enjoy complete peace of mind.

3. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC 

Buy best AC in India


  • 6th sense fast cool technology: Ordinary AC only sense temperature of room and cool accordingly, without taking into account the heat generated due to humidity. This unique 6th sense cooling tech sense room’s real temperature by considering humidity level also and gives you ambient cooling.

  • Intellisense inverter technology: Whirlpool features advanced Inverter Technology that adapts to your cooling needs while reducing electricity usage and keeps power consumption low.

  • MPFI Technology: Multi Port Fluid Injection uses a unique 4×4 evaporator circuit design for rapid heat exchange resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power savings.

  • R-32 Refrigerant: The Whirlpool inverter ACs use the R-32 refrigerant. R-32’s superb energy efficiency means that air-conditioners emit fewer greenhouse gases and require less refrigerant volume to operate.

Whirlpool Magicool AC gives you cooling with stabilizer free operation to ensures that you do not spend extra money in buying a separate stabilizer.

In order to assist you in sleeping apart from silent operation this Whirlpool AC comes with the sleep function that allows you to set a time for the air conditioner to automatically adjust to pleasant sleeping conditions. Quite helpful when you prefer working late.

Whirlpool brings you fusion of a smart circuit design and capillary design that ensures instant comfort and fast cooling. The advanced MPFI technology uses a unique 4×4 evaporator circuit design for rapid heat exchange resulting in enhanced cooling capacity and power savings.

4. Carrier 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC ( ESKO NEO HYBRIDJET )

best split ac in India


  • Refrigerant Leakage Detection: Carrier brings you refrigerant leakage detection technology that helps in identifying leakage of refrigerant in outdoor unit.

  • Flexicool hybridjet technology: Flexibility in operating depending on Inside temperature to provide uniform cooling at reduced energy consumption.

  • 5 Star Energy Rating: Best in class efficiency. Annual Energy Consumption: 871.07 units with ISEER Value: 4.62.

  • Dust and PM 2.5 air filter: This carrier Air conditioner unit is equipped with ionizer or plasma dust collector. With the anions generated by Ionizer, the air circulation of air conditioner fills the room with refreshing, natural and healthy air.

This Carrier R32CAI18EK5R39F0 model comes with four different operating modes, the free-running mode, 100%, 75%, and 50%. These modes adjust the AC energy consumption, accordingly, thereby helping you to save on your electricity bills.

AC operates at 100% when the temperature is hot, typically when you switch on AC unit. As it becomes moderately warm, the AC turns on the 75% mode and thereafter at 50% mode as the temperature becomes comfortable. Without compromising on cooling it saves your electricity bill.

Anti-mildew function of this best in class AC saves your outdoor unit from developing mildew. After switching off the AC unit, depending on the mode it was running COOL,DRY,AUTO, the Air conditioner will operate with soft wind to dry up condensed water inside evaporator thus preventing breeding of mildew and enhances lifespan of unit.

5. Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (FTKG50TV)

best AC in India


  • Stabilizer Inside : Daikin FTKG50TV air conditioner comes equipped with Stabilizer inside which removes its dependency from external stabilizer. This gives better result from AC having stabilizer free operation as it regulates voltage too. 

  • 5 Star Energy Rating: Annual Energy Consumption (as per energy label): 824 units with ISEER Value: 4.7.

  • Coanda Airflow: Coanda airflow operation gives you the best air-conditioning experience. The powerful air draft does not fall on your head directly, but it is steered upward letting air circulate into the corners of the room creating a comfortable ambience.

  • Neo Swing Technology: Thanks to its smooth rotation, the neo swing compressor decreases friction and vibration. It also prevents leakage of refrigerant gas during compression.

  • Power Chill Operation: During extreme heat conditions when rooms require quick cooling, power chill ensures room temperature drops rapidly for immediate comfort.

Daikin unit comes with R32 (Green Refrigerant), that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Modified Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 472, compared to R410A’s Modified GWP of 2,027. Also R32 is a single component refrigerant, which makes it easy to recycle. It is because of these reasons that R32 offers the lowest total emissions and best overall life cycle climate performance.

AC comes with Indoor Unit Quiet Operation that ensures low noise level resulting in sound sleep. It optimises the speed of the airflow according to low noise level to give you uninterrupted comfort.

Noise and comfort can’t go along. The quiet operation of indoor unit feature ensures low noise level resulting in sound sleep. It optimises the speed of the airflow according to low noise level to give you uninterrupted comfort.


6. AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star 2020 Inverter Split AC with High Density filter – Best AC in budget range

best split ac in india


  • 100% Copper Condenser with advanced anti-corrosive Golden Fin: Anti-corrosive condenser coating that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

  • Precision Air Flow: Up to 12 fan speed grades to ensure greater accurate control and more comfortable air flow.

  • High Density Filter: Compared with ordinary dust filter, the anti-dust effect of this high density filter can clean up to 80% dust and pollens.

  • Auto Swing & Humidity control: It distributes cool/warm air to maximum area by moving horizontal flaps automatically and with independent dehumidification mode, AC efficiently dehumidifies the room.

  • Refrigerant Leakage Detection: Indoor unit shows error code “EC” and stop automatically when refrigerant leakage is detected protecting, compressor from damage.

This high quality air conditioners which is available at great value comes with 3 Star BEE Rating with Eco Mode and an ISEER rating of 3.85, better than industry benchmark. Talking about refrigerant, It usage environment friendly R-32 refrigerant which is less harmful for the environment with low Global Warming Potential (GWP), zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP).

This 3 star AC from Amazon home grown brand comes with intelligent features. In case of any part failure, the unit gets shut off automatically to protect the system. Meanwhile, it will indicate protection or error code for fast service.

Its auto restart function makes AC automatically restarts with the previous setting mode after a power cut, thus providing you uninterrupted cooling experience.

It can operate in turbo and eco mode. Whereas turbo mode boosts the cooling and heating power for a period to allow rapid temperature control, eco mode is 8-hour energy saving mode which cuts consumption by up to 60% compared to normal mode.

7. Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (RSB518HBEA)

Hitachi split ac india


  • Split AC with inverter compressor: Hitachi brings you 5100x  series AC with variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation .

  • Inner Grooved Copper Technology: Internally grooved copper tube exhibits superior performance than normal copper tubes used in general AC. Grooved copper coils facilitate more efficient heat transfer than smooth coils

  • 5 Star energy Rating: This AC is having best in class energy efficiency. with ISEER Value: 4.7 

  • Refrigerant 410A: 410A is not as good as R32 in term of environment impact but It is one of the few refrigerant having no ozone depletion potential.

  • Excellent Warranty offer: 1 + 1 year Additional Warranty, 5 years Controller Warranty and 10 years Compressor Warranty

Hitachi Air conditioner comes with speed compressor which adjusts power depending on the heat load. It comes with an energy efficiency and has lowest-noise operation. It has a 1.5 ton capacity and is suitable for medium sized rooms for conditioned air. The copper condenser coil is there for better cooling and requires low maintenance.

This Hitachi AC has a split AC design. The Air conditioner comes with expandable wide angle deflector for the most output. It comes with on/off timer technology and has a stabilizer free operation which adds to durability of AC unit.

8. Godrej 2 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC ( GIC 24 MGP5-WRA )Best Eco friendly AC in India

best ac for environment


  • Split AC with inverter compressor: Variable speed compressor which adjusts power depending on heat load. It is most energy efficient and has lowest-noise operation. Its Multi-layered Acoustic jacket for compressor blocks the noise and also protects these components from damage.

  • R290 Refrigerator: R290 refrigerator is the most green refrigerator gas with Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and Lowest Global Warming Potential. Even better than R32 refrigerant.

  • 5 Star, Best in class efficiency: With Annual Energy Consumption of 1024.47 units and ISEER rating of 4.75, it is one of the most energy efficient AC.

  • Special Features: Dust_Filter, Anti bacterial filter, Anti-Corrosive Coating On Condenser & Evaporator. The filter helps remove particles like pollen, hair, pet dander, dust etc.

  • Powerful and Precise cooling: Use of Inverter compressor, ensure that you exactly get (the temperature) what you set (on the remote). With twin-rotary inverter compressor, you enjoy faster cooling with more energy efficiency.

This excellent product from Godrej, is the India’s most power saving green inverter AC. With green inverter technology, this AC gives you high energy efficiency without harming the environment.

It filter contains extracts of green tea that deactivates captured bacteria & unpleasant Odors. The filter catches pollutants likes dust mites, smoke, pollen, spores, bacteria, and viruses. Hence, It benefits asthma patients and children a lot by providing significant relief from respiratory problems.

Godrej provides you extra long piping for ease of installation. For installing the outdoor unit, this AC provides the customer a flexibility to install the outdoor unit up to 30 meters away from the indoor unit this saving any extra piping cost to you.

9. Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC ( NU18VKYW White)

best ac in India


  • Twin Cool Inverter:  Panasonic twin cool inverters ACs, that feature two independent rotors in the compressor. The twin rotors efficiently balance the load, leading to smoother, stable and faster rotation, less wear and tear and longer life of the compressor.

  • PM 2.5 Filter: PM 2.5 filter removes airborne particles smaller that 2.5 micro meters. PM 2.5 filter gives you dust free clean air.

  • R32 Refrigerant: Panasonic air conditioners use R32 refrigerant with has lower ozone depletion and global warming potential.

  • 5 Star Energy Rating: This AC delivers best in class energy efficiency. Annual Energy Consumption: 846.86 units with ISEER Value: 4.66

  • Manufacturer Warranty : 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, 10 years on compressor  

Panasonic NU18VKYW with twin cool inverters ACs, efficiently balance the load, leading to smoother, stable and faster rotation, less wear and tear and longer life of the compressor. Its powerful mode enable quick cooling thus ensuring fast comfort to you with full power and strong airflow.

Two stage filtration helps mitigating any kind of pollutant flows be it physical or biological.

  • Stage 1- Catechin filter deactivates 90%* of bacteria trapped in the air and also deactivates odor causing bacteria.
  • Stage 2- PM 2.5 filter removes airborne particles smaller that 2.5 micro meters. PM 2.5 filter gives you dust free clean air.

Panasonic’s air conditioner uses copper condenser. It is long-lasting and efficient , because of its durability, high energy efficiency, corrosion resistance and easy maintenance. So not much to worry for maintenance.

10. Lloyd 1 Ton 3 Star Hot & Cold Inverter Split AC ( LS12H31LF )

Best AC in India


  • 10 Step Inverter Technology: Inverter Technology in Lloyd ACs helps the compressor operate as per your room temperature and adjusts its operating frequency accordingly

  • 4D Express Cooling: Unlike Conventional indoor units which take in air only from one side, Lloyd ACs with 4D express cooling takes in air from four sides.

  • Electronic Expansion Valve: Electronic Expansion Valve in Lloyd ACs adjusts the refrigerant flow ensuring better and efficient cooling even at high or fluctuating temperatures.

  • Twin Rotary Compressor: Lloyd ACs are silent Performers! Twin Rotary Compressor in Lloyd ACs ensure lesser noise level as they operate with lower vibrations as compared to the normal compressors.

  • 3 Star energy Rating: With annual energy Consumption of 730.95 units. and ISEER Value: 3.71, It meet the industry standard.

It is an AC with Hot & Cold Operation and it operate in the range -10°C to 48°C. Llyods usages BLDC motors which is 30% more efficient than conventional motors and delivers power-packed performance by consuming less power.

This AC features Self-Clean technology. The Self Clean feature automatically cleans the evaporator coil to prevent dust as well as fungus and bacteria. This enhances coil life. 4D express cooling feature reduce the compressor run time and result in more efficient and uniform cooling.

100% inner grooved copper helps in faster flow of refrigerant, which facilitates better rate of heat transfer than conventional aluminum coils.

Final call

Selection of 1 Ton or 1.5 Ton AC depends on your space where you wants to put in. In decent price range you can go for LG 1.5 ton dual inverter AC or Voltas 183VCZS which is undoubtedly best choice with high durability.

If you are living in sea shore area of some where in dusty industrial or roadside area then AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star 2020, Godrej 2 Ton 5 Star Inverter or LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter are preferred one considering protective features in outdoor unit.

If you are looking for Green AC with environment friendly cooling then you can go for Eco friendly AC.

If you are already using AC then let us know which AC are you using, in comment box. If you are looking for upgrade, you can share what are you expecting more this time.

How you felt about this article or if you are looking for any other appliances review then don’t forget to share.

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