Best Baby Strollers for Newborns

baby Stroller

Congratulations !! Life’s little stories bloom with little one arrive in your life. Baby Strollers or prams are one of the first thing that you would be interested in buying when you welcome new born in you home.

Picking the right baby stroller can be really confusing. If you have ever walked into a baby section of mall, you can feel the dilemma. For the special one you would be interested in picking the best available option but how to select best baby stroller?

Whether you should go for a traditional four-wheel design or opt for a more streamlined three-wheel model?

What about a stroller that folds easily or can be opened with one hand thereby giving you a lot o convenience?

And do you need the stroller with toys and bells and whistles or you should just go or solid simple one.

There are lots of reasons why you should own a baby stroller. First of all, it serves as a very useful and comfortable way to carry child around. its comfortable and give ample amount of space to child for movement. You can keep essential items like milk, toys, clothes etc in the stroller it self. It convenient and can be carried with single hand also.

In this article we have listed down some of the best available baby strollers online which you can buy.

Best Baby stroller or Pram for newborn in India

#1 LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram for 0-3 year

LuvLap baby stroller

LuvLap stroller is ergonomically designed baby stroller to ensure your baby is always comfortably supported.  Stroller weight is around 8Kg and is suitable for 0 months to 3 years kids. Stroller is designed to carry weight up-to 15 kgs.


5 point safety harness for child safely in the stroller.

Soft detachable cushioned seat.

Reversible handlebar which allows baby to face parent while strolling.

3 position Seat reclining for baby’s comfort.

360° Front Wheel Swivel with lock & Rear wheel breaks.

Adjustable footrest for baby’s comfort.

Storage basket and Back Pocket.

To add to convenience, you can put this stroller in sleep mode. On the back side (which is the back support) of the stroller, there is a handle which you can pull and take the whole part down. It can easily be taken in Car and train. You won’t face any issues in moving around with child.

#2 LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram with extra large seating space

LuvLap Galaxy stroller

This galaxy stroller comes with One-hand Folding (Convenient Folding) feature due to which you can fold the stroller with one hand (while holding your baby in the other) and place it in your car after your stroll. This heavy duty stroller weight around 12.5 Kg and is Suitable for 0 months to 3 years, carry weight up-to 15 kgs.


5 point safety Harness

3 position seat recline

Adjustable Leg and Footrest

One-hand Folding (Convenient Folding)

360 degree Front Wheel with Swivel Lock & Brake

Extendable canopy & Looking Window

Extra Large Storage basket and back pocket

The luvlap galaxy is one of the lightest full-size stroller and has the quickest and easiest fold, making it especially convenient to transport and store. It has excellent mobility with balance, a big sized canopy with well-placed look-in windows, and a simple-to-use recline that allows newborns to lie flat & to sit in virtually any position. An adjustable leg rest offer comfort and convenience for baby.Its easy to fold 

#3 Chicco Cortina CX Stroller with 8-Reclining Positions

Cortina CX Stroller comes with Cradle Effect Seat delivering the same comfort as a cradle to your baby. Craddle effect seats are a type of airline seat that are most often found in business class, that reclines and offers neck and lumbar support but that does not lie flat. This heavy duty stroller weight around 13 Kg and is Suitable for 0 months to 4 years, can carry weight up-to 22 kgs.


8 backrest reclining positions.

Memory Reclining feature that reduce your efforts of adjusting it each time stroller is folded/unfolded.

The rear wheel brakes along with front-wheel swivel locks for control and balance

Single hand folding

Iron frame material for maximum weight capacity 22Kg.

Storage basket at the bottom with key & cup holders

Adjustable parent handle

This Stroller for baby comes European standards safety features with excellent designed front-wheel suspension and optional toe-tap swivels which make it easy to maintain a smooth ride on any surface. Stroller has an adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window that offers shade from the sun. Cortina CX Stroller accommodates all KeyFit infant car seats with easy click-in attachment.

#4 R for Rabbit Designer Baby Stroller and Pram

baby stroller for travel

R for rabbit is well know brand in kids category and this stroller comes with one of the best suspension for smoothest ride to you Baby while strolling. This stylish stroller weight around 9.5 Kg and is Suitable for 0 months to 3 years, can carry weight up-to 20 kgs.


EN 1888 Certified safety standards

Front Wheels and Suspension.

5 Point Safety Harness

Unique design to old and easy to carry and transport.

Easy and safe design for Reversible Handle.

One step link brake for stopping with feet.

3 Position Recline

Storage and cup holder

UV protected Sun Canopy 

The wheels of this stroller are sturdy and movement is very easy.  You can conveniently carry it while travelling thanks to its compact design. You will find its wheels much better than other stroller.

#5 Mee Mee Baby Stroller Pram with large sitting

Mee Mee Baby stroller

Mee Mee baby stroller comes with 3 different seat positions sleeping, reclining and seating – for your growing baby’s needs. Stroller weight is around 13 Kg and is suitable for 0 months to 5 years kids. Stroller is designed to carry weight up-to 18 kgs.


Double cushion washable cover

360˚ Rotational front wheels and rear wheels with brakes

Reversible soft foam handle

Spacious basket and pocket or storage

5 point safety harness

Large canopy cover to ensure your baby is protected in all weather conditions

While it can’t accommodate infant car seats,but for older babies this lightweight designed stroller does excellent task. Parents can easily carry this around with their babies. It has many features and also keeps the baby safe and comfortable.

Baby strollers/ Prams buying guide

You can refer this buying guide to get an idea that what to prioritise while picking up best baby stroller for newborn.


Prams are more suitable for newborns as by design they are having flat base and since newborn won’t be able to hold their head in position initially Param provide necessary support. However, prams have limited reclining positions, making their use impractical once babies are able to sit upright. So for a long term it is advised to got for strollers.


Strollers are lighter than traditional prams. Strollers are ideal for growing baby. Also called as push chairs or buggies in European countries, Strollers are lighter, less bulky travel option, which makes sense once your baby starts to grow and you often travel around. These have different reclining position and comes with safety features.

Types of baby strollers in India

Single Traditional Stroller

Traditional strollers are the basic strollers that we get to see. They are strong, sturdy, and are very durable. This one is good for everyday use. They are also very affordable.

Umbrella and Lightweight Stroller

These simple baby strollers are lightweight and have a curved handle and can be folded like an umbrella. These strollers are great for travelling and can be used in cars as well.

Travel system Stroller

As the name suggests, this is the best lightweight stroller ideal for travelling. You can carry your babies with ease and also keep them protected. These are sturdy and can be beneficial for babies. They come with an infant car seat that can be attached to the stroller so that parents can use it with the baby right away.

Find Travel Stroller

Transformable car seat/stroller

This one is meant for babies to be set in cars, but they also transform into strollers. So it is a two in one product and can come in handy for parents.

Double side-by-side Strollers

These strollers are meant for twin kids. They are placed side by side and come in very handy for parents as well.

Double / Tandem Strollers

These kinds of strollers are for twins as well, but they are placed one behind the other. This is another option for parents with twins.

Things to keep in mind while buying a new Baby stroller

Washable Fabric

With bay you can’t be sure of when they pee or poop inside it, even if they would be wearing diaper there would always be chance of making the fabric dirty. It also helps when baby spills milk or some liquid. So it is better to have strollers with fabrics that can be easily washable and dried.


It is another thing to keep in mind before buying a stroller. Weight is important criteria to keep in mind specially when you travel and have plan to carry kids along. Many strollers are lightweight, while some are heavy.

A heavy stroller makes it difficult for the parents to carry and push their babies while the lighter ones are convenient to use.

Stable Wheels

Wheels are the base of movement and often while walking or travelling you will be required to navigate rugged terrains on the pavements and also walking over inclines can be a bit tricky without solid wheels.

Wheels that are weak and seem like falling off are so annoying, you’ll get irritating sound. Plus, you will need a lot of energy and time pushing it around.

Strong Seat Belts

The safety of your kid is a non-negotiable factor when it comes to baby strollers. Depending on the models, some have five-point seat belts while others have three-point.

The former is seen in more premium designs that you might need to bump in more cash to purchase. The buckles should be made of durable material that will last longer and never break.

They should also be easy to unbuckle but more complicated for the baby to prevent the naughty ones from falling off when left alone for a second.

Handle Adjustment

Parents are not of the same heights. So there needs to be room for adjusting the height of the handles of the stroller to find a level one is comfortable pushing. Not too high, not too low.

For instance, a 6ft dad might need handles at 4m.

The Body Frame

The type of materials that make up the body frame of a baby stroller influences the weight and durability of a model. They range from plastics to aluminium and even steel.

Those made from plastics are lightweight and manoeuvre easily but have a limitation on longevity. They wear off after a short time.

But those made up of metals are not only durable but also carry enough baby accessories and parent stuff. They are, however, heavier to push around.


Underneath the stroller is a storage basket containing diapers, milk bottles, activity books,  and other general things the baby needs. Parents can always chip in with some of the goodies they just bought or any other of their simple belongings.

The storage area should also be considered according to your needs.

Seat Architecture

The baby strollers seat structure has to maintain a balance between comfort and the ability to be cleaned up. Babies spend many hours in the seating environment.

Older kids can take their food on it or play around. This leaves traces and dirt on the seats that may require time to time cleaning. And that means the simplicity of detaching it from the body frame is desirable.


Protecting the baby against the harsh external environment is a must. This goes for the sun and rains. The baby strollers you choose have to include a canopy that takes care of your baby.

Sophisticated models have transparent windows on the rear for you to keep watching them as you stroll through.


This goes hand in hand with the wheels. The whole system requires to be tightly packed for better coordination between the wheels and the body parts.

This ensures comfort for the baby while moving on the not so good grounds.

Easy Folding & Unfolding

Usually, removing the baby while folding the stroller are two simultaneous actions carried out by one person. One hand does the holding as the other one finishes folding.

To make the process easier and safer, you should look for a baby stroller that retracts to its folding position by a mere push of a button.

Brake System

The movement of the baby stroller should stop at the point where you stop pushing it.

You should check to see if all wheels, both the rear and front, are equipped with breaks for slowing down and safety of the baby on an inclined surface.


This is a feature used to adjust the sleeping and sitting positions of the baby. Some baby strollers recline fully while others recline slightly.

You should pick on an option depending on the age of your baby.

If the kid is only three weeks old, you will need one that reclines fully to allow them to sleep. As it grows up, the inclination angle continues to increase until their bones are strong enough to let them sit.

Footrest Board

Babies love kicking the footrest when they get older. They want to relax their feet and not stay suspended all the time.

Baby strollers can have either plastic or metal as the materials that make up the footrest board. This part of the gadget is essential to protect the baby’s feet from injuries and contamination.


Do you anticipate heavy near-daily use? Or do you need a stroller simply for occasional outings? Can you transport your stroller via the car? Or, will you be lugging it through the city, up subway stairs and in and out of apartments? Answering these types of questions can help you figure out your needs and accordingly you can shortlist best option.

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