Best Ceramic Coating in India for cars and bike

ceramic coating for cars

Ceramic coating over cars and bike have proved way better than traditional process of waxing in respect of longer life and better finish. In this article we will be exploring and reviewing best ceramic coating brand in India for your vehicle.

We all remember that first day feeling when we receive key from dealer and drive it for the first time. Shining and Sexy. With the time, despite all your efforts of maintaining and washing, you’ll start noticing scratches, chips and stains across your vehicle’s body. The shining paint starts looking dull & fade.

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You can’t blame your car entirely, its been going through mud, dust, dirty rain, water spots, unsightly brake dust, tree gum, bird crap, UV rays, daily life traffic scratches and what not. How you maintain your vehicle reflects your personality. Washing and waxing is time consuming and after a time you loose your interested in repeated visit to near by car wash. Long term sustainable solution of ceramic coating does a better job of protecting the exterior of the car.

Ceramic coating is putting a transparent oil like material called ceramic, which is basically a polymer substance having high durability and heat and corrosion resistance property that can stands up to a large amount of abuse, over body of vehicle.

Ceramic usually comes in small bottle of 30 ml. One bottle of 30ml ceramic coating is enough for 1 layer coating over bike, hatchback cars and for ceramic coating over SUVs or mini truck, two 30ml bottle will make sufficient for 1 layer coating.

We will first see the best ceramic coating in India available online for car then will see ceramic coating for bike.

Best Ceramic coating for car

#1 Carpro Cquartz ceramic coating Kit

carpro Ceramic coating for car

Carpro is one of the best ceramic coating brand in India and this kit of Quartz ceramic coating is one of the top rated product for protective coating over cars. Capro DIY ceramic coating is one of the top favourite ceramic coating brand in India. CQuartz TiO2 (aka CQuartz) is an upgraded version of old original Quartz-based coating that brings nanotechnology advancement to car enthusiasts.

CQuartz bonds at a molecular level to your car paint, glass, metal, and plastic and become protective layer to your vehicle’s surface. CQuartz’s hard hydrophobic, glass-like finish protect your vehicle from weathering, UV-damage, industrial and organic fallout, acids, marring and abrasion for up to 2-years while making it easier to clean than ever before.

You can use 50ml kit of Carpro ceramic coating to do 2 coats over your car including wheels.

#2 Armour 9H Nano Ceramic Coating

9H ceramic coating

Armour’s 9H Nano Ceramic coating prevents dirt and mud from sticking to surface of your vehicle because of its hydrophobic property. Hydrophobic coating will bead up and roll off the water from the surface along with any dirt and grime.

This 9H ceramic coating binds with paint of vehicle and keeps your vehicle clean. Also it helps in protecting car surface against sun staining and water spots, repair scratches, anti-static, anti-acid rain, glazing, anti-ultraviolet, anti-wear, anti-high temperature, and anti-oxidation.

Armour gives durability of 150 car-washes or 3 years.

#3 Autofurnish Nano Ceramic Coating Kit

ceramic coating kit

Autofurnish ceramic kit offers simple and practical application steps. You don’t need special knowledge or professional help to turn your car into a clean and sparkling car again.

Nano filtration protects your car from damage to the external environment such as dust, bird droppings, acid rain, ultraviolet light and oil.

This DIY ceramic coating is well made and suitable for all types of cars. Last longer after application, so you need less care. After use, the surface of the car forms a crystal layer, because the mirror, which creates the full mirror reflection effect, makes it much brighter.

#4 Preyank Solar ceramic coating

This Ceramic coating for car and bike offers reliable performance and protect your vehicle from ageing, fading, weather and sunlight erosion etc. The layered coating over your vehicle paint gives 9H hardness protection and makes your vehicle safe from any scratch, wear and tear.

Preyank 9H ceramic coating offers 2 year protection of your vehicle crystal surface and additionally maintain the excellent gloss of original paints. It is one of most sold coating product among best ceramic coating in India.

#5 Sonax Coating, best ceramic coating in India

ceramic coating for car

Sonax which is a German brand comes with many quality products for cars and bike. This ceramic coating for car by Sonax is flexible ceramic coating that gives long lasting protection & deep gloss effect to your vehicle body. Sonax is most demanded ceramic coating brand in India for DIY work as it comes with complete kit.

You don’t need any special experience for applying this ceramic coating for your car. This DIY tool kit contains two layer coating SONAX PROFILINE BaseCoat and SONAX PROFILINE GlossCoat along with essentials like microfiber, Sponge and globe.

Once applied it protects your vehicle from aggressive environmental abuse like road salt, tar, street and industrial pollution. Last for 3 year.

Best Ceramic coating for Bike

You can use all those Ceramic coating for car that we have recommended, for ceramic coating of bike. They all will work excellently. Bike has more uneven surface compared to cars so some ceramic coating comes in spray form for bike for easy to use purpose, in such case you may prefer those as per your convenience.

Ceramic coating price for bike varies on number of layer of ceramic coating you want to apply and quality of ceramic coating. A good quality ceramic coating price for 50 ML would be around 1000-1500.

#1 Careflection Ceramic Coating for bike

Careflection DIY ceramic coating for bike comes in easy to use packaging and gives 9H hardness to protective layer over your bike.

Its condensed nano bionic particle with superior cross-linking abilities provide tough 3D structure high gloss flexible coating. Anti-UV feature of coating prevents paint from fading and oxidation.

Its anti-calcium behaviour prevents water spots over your bike paint in addition to preventing any dust accumulation.

#2 Mr. Fix Liquid Ceramic coating

Mr. Fix 9H is a nano ceramic protective paint coating with durability of up to 24 months. The coating once applied over bike make the surface scratch resistance, chemical resistance, UV and thermal resistance and anti-graffiti.

Once applied with proper care, this 9h coating brings incredible deep shine to bike appearance with impressive colour intensity. 

Final Words

It is important to keep in mind that ceramic coating is not solution of all problem and applying this won’t make your vehicle invincible to things like fire. You would be required to maintain your car the way you do usually, benefit with ceramic coating would be that after every wash you will have brand new shiny look back again.

If you are having questions like will the coat ruin my car? Can the actual results vary or are all coatings the same? And why do they seem so expensive when the bottle is so tiny?

then do look in our FAQ section and if still got any doubt drop your question in comment section and we will try to address them appropriately.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is transparent chemical compound having main ingredient silica dioxide or SiO2. Other constituent ingredients include Titanium Dioxide or Nano TiO2, Activation of Fluorine, Brightening Silicon Particles, Poly Silazane, Triethanolamine, and water.

Concentration of SiO2 determine the effectiveness of coating. Ideal concentration range is somewhere between 80 to 84% SiO2 for effectiveness. The Ceramic coating is designed to protect the finish, not improve the finish. It protect that by forming a hard transparent layer on the top of paint.

What is 9H ceramic coating?

9h is hardness scale of material. Invented by Friedrich Mohs scale value ranges from 1 to 10 with glass around 5 and diamond at the top of the scale. You would have heard the same wrt pencil and tempered glass also. In pencil, you would have noticed, B for black and H for hard and 9H pencil is the one with the hardest graphite built.

what is 9H

The way there can be different manufacturer of pencil and they can make 9H mark pencil in the same way, there are various brand which make ceramic coating and since 9h is hardness scale of material so 9H ceramic coating is regarded as the toughest ceramic coating protection.

Ceramic coating is available with different level of hardness and if you are looking for excellent result you should go for 9h ceramic coating only.

Types of Ceramic Coating for Cars

Polymer ceramic coating

polymer coating is the most widely used form of ceramic coating in auto industry. If applied properly, it forms a tough protective layer over paint of your vehicle. Its bonding with paint of your car is quite permanent and can’t be washed away, therefore doesn’t matter how rough day you car went through it will keep the original shine permanent.

Quartz Ceramic coating

Quartz or silicon dioxide coatings makes your car much resilient to debris and scratches. It gives high levels of hardness to protective layer of your vehicle paint and preserve the fresh appearance and shiny look even after years of use and abuse.

Hybrid Ceramic coating

Hybrid coatings is layered combination of quartz coating and polymer coating. Usually both Polymer and Quartz coating are applied alternatively across different layer.

If you will take your car for ceramic coating then you will be asked to choose from 3 layer, 5 layer or 7 layer ceramic coating. This way of layered coating gives hybrid ceramic coating to your vehicle. More protective layer more durable and tough.

Note: While some nano ceramic coatings are really good at protecting against heat exposure and UV rays, ceramic coating doesn’t make the car fire-proof. So son’t fall for big promises made in advertisement.

How Ceramic coating works?

Ceramic coating which are generally polymer material forms a chemical bond with the layer of paint on the car. This transparent coating on the surface of the car is resistant to chemical etching and is hydrophobic as well. 

After crystal coating, a fine crystal layer is formed, which has the water repealing and cleaning properties themselves, is not easily stained with powder and effectively reduces damage to the surface of the varnish. This makes the car easy to maintain, because it expels all kinds of liquids and dirt that make the car shine bright.

How is different using ceramic coating over new car and old car?

Ceramic coating can be applied to new or old car or bike without any problem. All that difference involve in new and old vehicle ceramic coating is preparation involved in cleaning and making vehicle ready for ceramic coating.

In case of old vehicle if vehicle is not cleaned properly before applying ceramic coating then you won’t be able to see the difference. All waste. While on new vehicle cleaning is much easy and can be done conveniently.

While preparing old vehicle for ceramic coating first you have to correct the paint with clay, iron remover compound then polish it. After that use iso-propyl alcohol for wipe then apply the ceramic coating for result.

Benefits of ceramic coating over car

  • Durability

Durability explains how long you can expect a ceramic coating to maintain the vehicle’s body protection and look new on the day of use. Some high-end ceramic coatings have long durability. Affordable and high-quality products offer good service for two to five years.

  • Cost effective

Car wax don’t last for more than 3 months on average, gradually it will starts loose shine and you will find the same irritating condition again. You will be required to go for the vehicle re-waxing a lot more time. If you compare long term cost of 3-5 year, you will end up paying more towards waxing in term of money and time both.

  • Easy to use

Because not all car owners are homemade teachers, easy applications with ceramic coating products must be considered. Even if you have no experience with coatings or special skills, other than knowing how to wash a car, you should be able to use the coatings with relative ease. A good product does not require additional tools or equipment to use it.

  • Tough protection

The coating industry describes paint hardness as the ability to withstand damage and scratches. The harder the coating, the better it works and protects the car and its exterior. Ceramic coating with the name “9H” means it has diamond hardness.

  • Brand new feeling

Feeling of owning a brand new shining car is different and unique. It bring charm and grace in our personality. When you will see your shining baby parked, driving it will be appealing and will give warm appearance.

How to apply ceramic coating for cars or bike?

For applying ceramic coating over car or bike there are 3 important steps. Prepare vehicle by washing it properly, secondly

#1 Wash and Prepare vehicle

Ceramic coating is oil like material and it will works best when you don’t have any dust over your vehicle. Cleaner the surface better the result. Therefore professional during ceramic coating put maximum effort in cleaning every section of vehicle exterior.

While cleaning don’t use any cleaning agent having wax material in it. You can use wax wash to clean any existing wax on surface.

After washing done dry under shade quickly for avoiding any water spotting.

#2 Decontamination of paint

This stage is combination of both chemical and mechanical activity. It involves clay bar treatment, using iron remover compound then polishing it, use iso-propyl alcohol for wiping surface.

Use mechanical buffing machine with appropriated buffing pads and polishing creams to achieve mirror like finish. In the end use finishing pad with finishing polish to create that just painted look.

Get here Clay bar kit for removal of contaminates, Bosch Mechanical buffing machine and Microfiber Cloth

With the time, paint get chipped and also become thin. If not done properly and you apply ceramic coating thereafter the chemicals in the coating will interact with the bodywork, which could damage the body of the car.

This stage is really crucial as if you can get the mirror like finish , you will get excellent result with coating.

#3 Layering / Coating

Coating should always be done in properly ventilated area as these are chemicals and the fumes can be hazardous. Pour ceramic coating liquid over the area and then use microfiber cloth to rub it in criss cross manner evenly across surface area. It takes 30 sec to 60 sec in drying up coating depending on how thick coating is. Once you are sure you rubbed it evenly and coating started getting thick, you can stop and let it dry naturally for few hours.

Frequently asked questions

Will the coat ruin my car?

No, Ceramic coating is well tested material which is in use since a long time and is very much compatible to car paint. Some ceramic coating are suitable for specific type of paint like glossy and not suitable for matte finish. You should be careful while choosing if anything like that mentioned.

How Many Layers of Ceramic Coating is required?

Ceramic coating layering reflects the hardness layer. You will be able to see the desired effect in 1 layer of coating also. For durability and better effect you may choose to put more layer. 3-5 layer of coating is what professionally done.

Is it required to put wax over a Ceramic Coating?

It is not necessary. It won’t improve anything what ceramic coating did rather it can diminish the glossy appearance which you would be getting after ceramic coating.

Is Ceramic coating suitable for all type of cars?

Yes, Ceramic coating is applied over paint so it is well suitable for bike, cars, SUVs, truck etc

Does Ceramic coating make cars 100% scratch resistant?

9H ceramic coating is the highest level of scratch resistant feature that can be applied. Small scratches are definitely resisted by a nano-ceramic coating like driving through brush, small little knocks from bikes, kids playing but it won’t make your car invincible to scratch from rock hitting your car or colliding against wall.

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