Best Charcoal Barbecue grill for home, outing, picnic usage

charcoal barbeque grill set

I know you might be missing your last barbecue outdoor visit. The Charcoal barbeque grilled food’s smoky taste is something that will keep watering your mouth. It’s true that it’s not possible to visit your favourite barbecue, every time your taste bud ask for it but you can still enjoy your family barbecue moment by having a best charcoal barbecue grill in home.

Whether you wish to invite some friends over for a barbecue party or treat your family and loved ones to a scrumptious meal a barbecue grill for home is worth having. Not only for personal home usages but a portable coal based barbeque grill is ideal for Picnics, Gardens, Patios, Camping and Outdoor BBQ Parties.

Being a product to be used for cooking and that too for outdoor cooking, you need to be careful while selecting best barbeque grill for home so as your outdoor experience don’t get ruined.

While selecting a best barbeque grill charcoal, following are the key points to keep in mind

  • Heavy & Durable rust proof body

  • Height and ventilation to keep the fire strong

  • Portability, Assembly

  • Accessories like Iron Grill, Skewers 

Barbeque grill set comes with componetns such as grill, skewers, stand etc. Skewers are used without grill. Here we have listed out some of the best charcoal barbeque grill outdoor that you can have at very decent price.

Best Barbeue grill charcoal for home

Coal-based cooking on barbeue requires 1 to 2 kg charcoal usage for 8 guest. For safety and handling it is better to put little sand on the base or using aluminium foil before u put burning coal in barbeue grill. This practice will give more life to your barbecue.

If you are looking for something specific you can search over here…

#1 H Hy-tec Briefcase Foldable Barbeque outdoor with accessories

barbecue grill charcoal

Key Features:

  • Heavy & Durable Grills. The cooking and grilling is provided by the burning coal at the base of the grill. So the built quality of body and grill matters a lot. It’s heavy & durable grills made of metal last long and give you wonderful grilling experince.

  • Portable barbeue with detachable legs is quick to assemble, be it indoor or outdoor space. There is no requirement of any tools for assembly.

  • Utilitarian Warming Rack that keep the food close enough to the heat of the coal and provide adequate cooking.

  • Superior Powder Coated Finish. Powder coating is essential as your barbeue grill will withstand rapid temperature variation. Barbecue comes with a sturdy iron construction coated with a durable paint. This provides a durable, long-lasting finish that can withstand chipping, temperature fluctuations, moisture, and erosion.

  • Briefcase BBQ size— Width 25 CM, Length 44 CM, and Height 45 CM (with fold able legs opened).

Why to buy this barbeue grill set?

This BBQ is best suited for household / indoor purpose & picnic. You can easily fold it, park it in corner of your home after usage, can carry in your vehicle for any outdoor event. It’s easy to handle and assemble.

The unique warming rack of this portable Barbeque grill keep your cooked food warm for a longer time. Be it a garden party or a weekend getaway, this grill is just what you need grab the spotlight and showcase your cooking skills.

Why not to buy this barbeue grill set?

If you are looking for commercial usage than this BBQ may not be suitable choice.

This is table top BBQ. so in order to use this conveniently you need to place this on some elevation that will make your position comfortable while cooking. If you are looking for some barbeue grill with long stand then you may go for Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque.

#2 Prestige PPBW 04 Barbeque

Prestige barbeue grill set for home


  • Easy to Assemble and Clean. Prestige PPBW 04 barbeque comes with detachable legs and portable case, this coal based barbeque grill can be easily carried along while you go on picnic.

  • Comes with Grab Handles. Prestige ppbw 04 barbeque grill comes with wooden handles that is very convenient in carrying the hot grill safely from one place to another. This also ensures the proper holding of the device.

  • Utilitarian Warming Rack. The metallic warming rack in form of grills keep the food close enough to the heat of the coal and provide adequate cooking.

Why to buy this barbeque set?

Its elevated long detachable leg gives some advantage, if you are looking to use this outdoor or in your home balcony. You can comfortably cook on this and no need to put any table or rack match your height.

Its best to be used for small to medium family of family size up to 4-5. You will get skewers along with this but it’s better to buy extra skewers because 3 skewers that you will get with this won’t be sufficient if preparing for 4-5 people.

Why not to buy this barbecue set?

This prestige PPBW 04 barbeque set won’t be sufficient for larger party gathering. You fill find this a bit adjusting to hold more skewers on grill.

Also this barbeque grill don’t comes with skewers holders so you will be required to store them separately. For general usages this BBQ does the task.

#3 Prestige PPBB 02 Coal Barbeque Grill

Prestige PPBB 02 barbeque grill


  • Coal based cooking: Experience the joy of an authentic outdoor barbeque kitchen and ensure healthy eating. You can use any kind of coal on this barbecue grill set. It works well.

  • Unique air damper: This one is unique feature. The air damper attached on top lid comes in handy for regulating airflow and temperature. In closed state of damper, because of less airflow only mild fire gets generated. While in open condition quick hot fire is achieved you allows to perfect grilling for making tikkas. 

  • Unique warming rack: Warming grill rack made of steel servers quite helpful as you would be interested in keeping grilled food roasted and hot for a while. It helps in maintaining freshness for a longer time.

  • Portable with foldable legs: It has foldable legs of around 6-8 inches in length so you can place it on table or rack and comfortable use this. The fold-able legs tucks neatly in small households. It is compact and easily portable.

  • Easy to clean

Why to buy this barbeque grill?

Prestige PPBB 02 model comes with a hood that facilitates heat retention and delivers big flavours in no time, which is quite unique feature as per design. It can not only cook juicy steaks and marinades, but also simmer , roast, saute, and fry a variety of food items.

Why not to buy this barbeque set ?

You may find Grill Sticks or skewers a bit smaller, if you are accustomed of using barbeque and cooking for more people, because of smaller skewers you will it is taking longer time.

#4 H Hy-tec Metal Barbeque with 4 Skewers

barbeque grill coal


  • Heavy & Durable Grills: This barbeque comes with a warming rack with grills made of metal to keep the food close enough to the heat of the coal and provide adequate cooking. For proper supply of air it’s well ventilated at the bottom.

  • Tool-Less Quick Installation or Assembly: This barbecue set is quick to assemble, no requirement of any tools for assembly makes it easier to be installed by hand.

  • Heavy & Durable MS Body: Built with superior quality stainless steel material, this heavy duty barbeque grill weight around 3Kg. Sturdy design and long lasting.

  • Wooden Handle: Barbecue grill set comes with ergonomic detachable wooden handles on both sides that helps in carrying the hot grill safely from one place to another. Also ensures the proper holding of the device.

  • 4 wooden handle Skewers: Hy tech barbeque grill comes with 4 wooden handle skewers as part of accessories, which you can use for grilling and cooking purpose.

Why to buy this barbecue grill set?

This Hy tech barbeque grill comes with detachable legs and portable case, making it convenient to carry around for outdoor party and picnic.

You can use charcoal, wooden charcoal or weber briquettes and you don’t need a chimney to fire it. Built is strong and long lasting.

Why not to buy this barbecue grill set?

It will serve its purpose for small sized family, If you are planning outdoor events for more people, you might find this barbeque grill not much sufficient.

#5 Royal Dawn To Dusk Premium Barbecue Grill + 3 Skewers


  • Heavy built metallic body: Built with strong metallic steel sheet, this barbeque grill is a great option for garden and outdoors cooking. Its size make it ideal to be used for 4-6 people gathering.

  • Quality grill:  Having a quality grill is essential if you are looking to use your barbeque for a longer duration. The quality and the grill strength is really good and you will have excellent cooking experience with that. While assembling for cooking you would be required to fix the grill first.

  • Portable with one carry handle: You will find this barbeque grill with greater width compared to other grill that we reviewed. It comes with one side handle like that in briefcase. Weight around 2kg, carrying this won’t be an issue.

  • Blow Slots For Extra Heat Producing: The barbecue grill comes with the blow slots in side areas through which you can blow air if required to produces some extra heat.

Why to buy this barbeque grill?

Royal down charcoal barbeque is an excellent choice in this price range with strong built and easy to use. It is having wide grill area so you can use cook good quantity of food in one go.

Why not to buy this barbecue grill?

Barbeque is perfectly suited for outdoor events except the fact that it require the charcoal to be added before lightening up and starting cooking. If you want to add more charcoal in between of cooking you can’t just push that, you will have to remove grill and then have to fill charcoal.

If that’s not an issue you can go for this charcoal barbeque grill.

#6 Chefman Charcoal Barbeque Grill with 6 Skewers


  • Sharp matte finish: Chefman barbeque comes with texture finish paint over attractive design. It is having proper spacing and sectioning for easy holding of skewers while cooking.

  • Stainless steel skewers: Chefman gives you 4 skewers along with barbeque grill. These extra wide skewers can be used for wet vegetables like mushrooms, peppers, and tomatoes and it won’t slip or spin as they do on thin conventional skewers.

  • Dishwasher safe: The components of barbeque like grill, skewers are dishwasher safe and you can use them.

Why to buy this barbeque grill set?

Best for small family, decent quality and sturdy If you a beginner and try grilling over charcoal then try this also for small family. chefman charcoal barbeque grill that roast meat, fish, veg items finely.

Why not to buy this barbeque grill set?

People have complained regarding delivery of product and the skewers length. If you can ignore this the barbeque grill is suitable for small family.

#7 FLYNGO Foldable Briefcase Style Charcoal Barbecue and Tandoor Grill

smart barbeque grill


  • Coal Based Cooking: Cooking and grilling is provided by the burning coal at the base of the grill. Barbecue is quick to assemble, no need of any tools for assembly.

  • Heavy & Durable Grills: The removable grill is build with stainless steel and is resistant to heat and scratches. Free from deform and rust.

  • Portable Barbecue Grill: Its unique briefcase design & folding ability makes it portable & easy to carry.

  • High quality material: The barbecue comes with a sturdy iron construction, which comes coated with a durable paint to ensure that you can make the most out of it.

  • Ventilation Opening: Vents serves as passage of air and keep the charcoal burning on. This charcoal barbeque grill comes with three layers of vents on both sides of the grill, the vents ensure that enough oxygen enters, so the portable barbecue grill heats evenly.

Why to buy this barbeque grill?

FLYNGO Coal Barbeque Grill allows you to obtain the smoky flavor in your sausages, kebabs, and hot rolls, straight from the charcoal grill. It’s simple design takes little time for assembly and cooking.

Cook delicious barbecued meals with ease, no matter where you are, ideal for taking to parties, picnics, festivals, and more.

It has foldable legs and hence tucks neatly in small households. It is compact and easily portable. It can be cleaned and maintained easily.

#8 MAZORIA Briefcase Foldable Portable Picnic Barbeque

Briefcase Foldable Portable Picnic Barbeque


  • Unique Briefcase Design : This barbecue set requires less storage space and with fold-able feature, it can be carried and assembled anywhere anytime.

  • Heavy-duty & Durable Body Griller: Barbeque is all about the texture and smoky cooking. The heavy duty strong built grill of this charcoal barbeque grill set gives you smoky texture and feeling that you are looking for in a barbecue.

  • Rust Proof Body & Stainless-Steel Sticks: Mazoria barbecue grill comes with purely sealed cover that makes the process of grilling and heat retention much better than usual.

Why to buy this charcoal barbeque grill set?

Mazoria barbecue grill is the best quality barbeque grill that we have reviewed. Be it in term of built design, the material, skewers or grill, the quality will reflect in your cooking and grilling.

Why not to buy this barbeque grill set?

If you are looking for something in budget range and not interested in spending money on premium barbeque set then you can avoid this.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to cook grilled chicken on barbeque grill?

You can cook chicken legs, chicken breasts, small pieces, etc., easily with the help of skewers and grill rack. However if you want to cook a whole chicken at a time, this is not ideal. 

Which is best charcoal barbeque or electric barbeque?

Both have own pros and cons. One side where charcoal barbeque offers you the delicious smoky flavour, electric barbeque make you free from all the effort of procuring charcoal, burning, cleaning, smoke etc.

For outdoor events obviously a charcoal barbeque is the only options, as you don’t have to depend on electricity to enjoy your meal. If you are looking for indoor usages then electric barbeue is way better than charcoal barbeque.

How much is barbeque grill price in India?

Depending on model, you can good a good quality barbecue grill outdoor in 1500 to 2500 price range. If you are looking for electric barbeque grill then you can go in the range of 2000 -4000 to get a quality barbeque.

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