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Steel Dinner set online india

Dinner sets are essence for any home. Having a best quality durable dinner set no only saves you from repeated cost but also bring grace to your kitchen and dining table. Steel dinner set is considered highly durable and suitable for storing edible items compared to dinner set of other materials. Steel dinner sets are often seen in Indian houses as they offer great durability and have high tensile strength and are resistant to corrosion. 

Compared to clay or glass dinner sets these dinner sets of steel are unbreakable, lightweight, and easy to clean and maintain. In addition to traditional steel dinner sets, you will find many designer dinner sets in stainless steel which are liked by many Indian homes. In this article we have shortlisted top 10 dinner set that comes in steel and are best choice for your home.

For selection of these steel dinner set we priorities on following factor

  • Steel quality

  • Design and Durability

  • Dinner set pieces

  • Price

So whether you are revamping your kitchen or setting up kitchen in your new home, you can go for these dinner set of steel that will give fresh & modern look to your kitchen.

Best Dinner Set in Steel

#1 Jensons Stainless Steel Dinner Set , 91 Pcs

dinner set of steel

91 Pcs Stainless Steel Dinner Set with Service Bowls, Service spoon, Full Plate, Half Plate, Curry Bowls large size, Chatni Katori, Dessert Dish, Desert Spoon, Baby Spoon, Fork, Rice Tray and Salt & Pepper box. Glossy finish, Diamond touch, rust proof and bpa free material makes this dinner set of steel stand out among others.

All utensils are made from thicker gauge stainless steel so you will feel quality of dinner set when you will hold these in your hands. The highly attractive design give this dinner set a premium look. Apart from your own use, you can also give this lunch/dinner set to your loved ones as a perfect gifting option on special occasions or festivals. 

Corrosion resistant, dishwasher safe and easy convenient washing, makes this dinner set premier choice for Indian household. You can nest individual pieces in this dinner set together and this makes them ideal to stack up and store away when not being used, saving valuable kitchen space.

#2 Solimo Stainless Steel Dinner Set, 61 Pieces

Dinner set of steel

61 pieces dinner set package contents Dinner plates, Quarter plates, Chatni vatis, Halwa Plates, Glasses, Spoons, Forks, Serving Bowl with Lid, Serving Spoons and Serving tray making set sufficient for small to medium family daily needs. Dinner set is made using IS Standard Stainless Steel that is durable and long-lasting and comes in an attractive floral design.

Solimo dinner set is scratch and chip resistant making it ideal for indoor dining and outdoor barbecues and parties. Even after repeated usage dinner set maintains a classy and shiny appearance and can be used for ages. This set comes in an attractive floral design that gives it a neat look. It does not retain or impart colours, odours, stains or flavours and is suitable for serving all types of cuisines.

This steel dinner set gets conveniently stacks up and can be stored away in a cupboard or left to dry on a dish rack. It is easy to clean and maintain and can be put through your dishwasher for thorough cleaning.

#3 SAGER Stainless Steel Dinner Set – 51 Pieces

Steel Dinner Set

51 pieces dinner set contains Buffet plate Full, Buffet plate small, Halwa plate, Rice plate, Serving handi bowl with lid, Bowl, Glasses, Jug, Spoons, Serving Spoon. All the utensils are of mirror finish and give an elegant look. The beautiful laser done on this square dinner set makes it too beautiful enhance a dinner table in front of various guests as well as for the daily use.

Built from high quality stainless steel, this dinner set is hygienic to use and easy to clean as compared to other materials. Along with different components you get beautiful Handi set having copper base of 3 Pieces having stainless steel lid.

This non-breakable, durable, sturdy, rust free and long lasting dinner set is one of the best quality stainless steel dinnerware set that you can buy for home or gifting purpose.

#4 Cello Steelox Stainless Steel Dinner Set, 30pcs

30 Pcs dinner set consists dinner plate, halwa plate, katori, tumbler, spoons and glasses. Best priced for daily usage this cello steel dinner set is perfect for use at home or even for gifting purposes. Made of high quality stainless steel the Steelox dinner set is safe and hygienic to use. Safe for use by kids the steel dinnerware is unbreakable. Dinner set is easy to clean and maintain, the edges are smooth and you can clean utensils comfortably.

Though you may notice missing of utensils like serving bowl and kadai but this 30 pcs stainless steel set has all the required utensils to set a complete tablescape for people to eat.  The dinner set is made of tough stainless steel that doesn’t break, bend or dent. It doesn’t lose its shape or rust and is built to last a long time.

#5 Coconut Stainless Steel Dinner Set 30 Pieces

dinner set of steel

This 30 piece dinner set consist of full Plate thali, Bowls , Halwa Plate , Glass & Spoon. Perfect for basic day to day needs of small family, this dinner set is decorated with a floral laser design and these are crafted from food grade premium quality stainless steel material with permanent laser engrave design.

Dinner set is also good for gifting options for your relatives or friends on the occasions like Marriage, House warming Ceremony and other events. You can use utensil in your dishwasher and as per company this kitchen ware won’t loose its glossy finish shine after repeated usage.

#6 Shri & Sam High Grade Stainless Steel Dinner Set, 51 pieces

51 pieces dinner set of steel consist of Dinner plates, Side plates, Glass, Bowl bidding, Pudding bowls,Dinner spoon, Serving bowls, Dinner fork, Serving Basting Spoon Perforated, Serving rice spoon, Serving skimmer. Dinner set is made of food grade quality stainless steel which makes it a perfect choice for any type of edibles. The premium quality stainless steel gives healthier life to utensils than the regular aluminum products. 

Kitchen combo set is size efficient and takes optimal space. This will fit in your kitchen effortlessly and will save you a lot of space. This serving and storage combo set is a great add on to your kitchen. This can be a perfect choice as it is easy on pockets and is elegant enough that it could be a stylish gift to friends and family. 


If you want to buy some high-quality stainless steel dinner plates, then you can go or Jensons dinner set. Not only this is having strong built but also this dinner set is having shining premium look. Excellent if you are being visited by friends and guest very often.

Other good choice include Solimo dinner set and for day to day regular use you can choose Cello or Shri & Sam. Apart rom Jensons, Shri & Sam dinner sets which is having similar price range are quite good built, though it lacks design compared to Jensons.

Premium Dinner set of steel for Gift on wedding or events

The shine of steel gives an elegant look that’s true but if you are looking for something extra premium from design, build prospective so that it stood out among all other gifts on any occasion then you can go for Neelam Stainless Steel Premium 101 pc Wedding Dinner Set.

Neelam dinner Set

Neelam dinner set serves excellent gift items on occasions like Wedding, Diwali, Housewarming, Anniversary, Birthday. This dishwasher safe dinner set of steel consist of following items

6 x ( Dinner Plate , Buffet Plates, Small Halwa Plate, Big Halwa Plate, Small Katori, Big Katori, Glasses, Royal Glasses, Tea Spoon, Baby Spoon, Baby Fork, Fruit Fork, Spoon Set )

3 x ( Serving Spoon, Serving Bowl)

2 x ( Curry Bowl, Curry Bowl Lid, Kadai, Parat, Steel Pawali )

1 x ( Puri dabba, Jug, Salt & Pepper Container, Sandsi/Pakkad, Chipya, Rice Tray, Tea Strainer, Peeler, Knife )

Thus it summarises almost every component to be used in household. No need to wander a number of shops and just get everything of premium quality delivered to your home through online.

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Dinner Set

Since you are going for stainless steel dinner set so it is better to be aware of pros and cons that will help you in finalising best product as per your need.

Durability, Steel utensils runs through generations and you would have witnesses that in your home as well.

Safe and healthy, Now a days every product comes with chemical layering, specially plastic and other fancy material which tough are light weight but affects the taste and quality of food. Steel utensils won’t affect your food at any high temperature and is safe to use for any purpose be it heating or cooling.

Everyday Usage, You can comfortably use these utensils daily in your home. These gets washed with small quality of dish bar or surf and is hassle free.

Build for everyone, From children to elders. Steel utensils are scratch resistant and unbreakable unlike other options so it’s family choice.

Dishwasher Safe, You can comfortably put these utensils in the dishwasher and it takes much lesser overhead in maintaining these over a period of time.

Compact Storage, Dinner set set be nested in one other and it won’t occupy your space in kitchen or in sink.

Microwave, undoubtedly microwave is the quick solution to many step cooking process. unfortunately you can’t put steel items in microwave and enjoy comfort.

Attractive Design, Stainless steel utensils takes a backseat when it comes to design and patterns. You can get more designer option in ceramics and bone china or fibre dinner set.


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