Best dishwasher stand in India

dishwasher stand in India

A dishwasher stand helps you to place your dishwasher at some height from the your floor level which prevents your dishwasher machine from water damages / rusting and boost durability. It also helps in keeping the floor clean and tidy.

Dish washer stand serve multipurpose for your need as it can be used for washing machine stand or refrigerator stand, depending on your appliance dimension. If you are looking for multipurpose usage then dishwasher stand having an adjustable size enables you to fit dishwashers, and other home appliances. 

In this article, we will review some of the best dishwasher stand available in India, that is suitable for multipurpose work. It is often seen that many people prefer buying bosch dishwasher stand, which is of excellent quality but you have choose as per your dishwasher type and compatibility.

How to choose best dishwasher stand India?

Following parameters are key deciding factors when looking for best stand for dish washer in India.

Material built quality: I heavy built stand can withstand machine vibration when in use. So always prefer to buy dishwasher stand built with thick metal sheet.

Rubber grip: A dish washer or washing machine weight much and keeping these over stand without a rubber grip would mean it may damage your tiles. So prefer a stand with rubber grip always.

Adjustable dimension: If you are not sure about dimension of your machine or if you are looking to use the stand for other types of machine also then a dishwasher stand with adjustable dimension is superior choice. If you are buying specifically for one machine then you can go for that dimension stand only.

Wheel base: Stand with wheel base is useful for moving machine from one place to another. It is quite comforting when you have not designated place for dishwasher or washing machine and after use you park them in some corner of your home.

Best Dishwasher Stand

Based of above mentioned key parameters and customers feedback on different type of dish washer stand, following are the best dishwasher stand you can buy online.

#1. Irkaja Heavy Duty Adjustable dishwasher stand

dishwasher stand

Irkaja heavy duty dishwasher stand comes with four 360-degree rotatable heavy duty wheels attached for smooth movement.

This adjustable stand is having minimum size of 16 inches X 19 inches and maximum size of 26 inches X 32 inches. Built with 100% metal, Irkaja dishwasher stand can withstand load of 160 Kg and is suitable for all dishwasher brands IFB, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej, Bosch, Haier etc.

Vibration of dishwasher or washing machine unit is obvious and this trolley stand mitigate vibration through anti-vibration & anti-skid mechanism and minimise vibrations produced during run.

#2 Smart Shelter Premium Heavy Duty Dishwasher stand

Dishwasher washing machine stand

This premium dish washer stand comes with size adjustment mechanism and it can accommodate all front load / top load washing machines / Refrigerators / Dishwashers from all brands like Haier, IFB ,LG, Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Godrej, BPL, SAMSUNG , Mitashi, Intex etc.

Built with 100% Mild Steel, Smart shelter dishwasher stand can withstand load of 140 Kg and its dimension is adjustable from minimum 16.5 inches X 19.5 inches (inner) to maximum 25.5 inches X 32 inches.

#3 Bosch Dishwasher Stand, Multipurpose

Bosch dishwasher stand

This dishwasher stand from Bosch is high quality super durable stand which is although built for Bosch front load washing machine but these are very well suitable for dishwasher stand usages as well. Size of this Bosch stand varies from 60 cm in length to width of 55 cm to 60 cm.

Its M12 super stable anti-skid screw foots is perfect in absorbing your machine vibration and will keep machine steady during operation. Often stand are limited by vertical elevation but this Bosch stand elevates up to 9 cm from surface and it make cleaning underneath area super easy.

For your dishwasher check dimension first, If its meets your requirement you can go for this Bosch dishwasher stand. With adjustable height this dishwasher stand is perfect choice if you are looking for Bosch dishwasher stand with wheels.

Check Bosch dishwasher stand price here.

#4 Bosch Dishwasher stand , Original Square Frame

Though this Square Frame stand is recommended for BOSCH Front Load Washing Machine but because of adjustable and durable in nature, its been preferred by many dishwasher buyers.

Forged out of one piece the steel sheet this steel dish washer stand weighs 5.5 Kg which makes it sturdy and durable.

If you are using any local stand trolly from unapproved brands from market, you are putting your dishwasher warranty at stake in case of any slippage or damage. With adjustable height this dishwasher stand is perfect choice if you are looking for Bosch dishwasher stand with wheels.

Local brand dishwasher stand often cause vibration and dishwasher gets problems sooner or later hence most appliance manufacturer void the warranty.  So better to go for branded one.

#5 Smart Shelter Ultra Heavy Duty Dishwasher stand

This smart shelter dishwasher stand is having adjustable size ranging from minimum 16.5 inches X 19.5 inches to maximum 25.5 inches X 32 inches making this suitable for dishwasher from all brands available online.

The bottom section of stand comes with premium quality 360° Rotatable metal body wheels for excellent grip and rubber jacks on sides of stand thus preventing any vibration and skid while in use. If you are looking for dishwasher stand with wheels then you can go for this heavy duty dishwasher stand which is suitable for Bosch dishwashers.

This dishwasher stand is not having any plastic component and is built with 100% mild steel and having total load capacity of 180 Kg.

#6 Smart Shelter Adjustable Dishwasher trolley

Smart Shelter dishwasher stand helps you to place your machine at some height from the ground which protects dishwasher from water damages / rusting and keep the floor clean and tidy. The stand is fixed and is suitable if you have designated place of dishwasher and don’t move machine much.

This dishwasher stand is compatible with all leading brands like haier, ifb ,lg, bosch, siemens, whirlpool, godrej, bpl, samsung etc.

Stand comes in pre assemble state and it can be easy to assembled within 20 mins without any tools. 

Final Words

Most of the dishwasher stand will get delivered to you in ready-to-use condition or may require little bit of setup. For dishwasher Bosch and Siemens, you may find Bosch Siemens dishwasher stand most appropriate otherwise Irkaja Heavy Duty Adjustable stand is overall best choice to go for.

The stand or trolley enables you to clean the floor beneath the dishwasher with ease. You can also move it around when required. Let us know which dishwasher stand you find suitable for your usages.


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  2. Lalit Kumar Chandak

    Need a dishwasher stand for LG dishwasher. Stand is required with its 4 legs being 1.5 to 2 feet in height.

    Kindly confirm if you can supply.

  3. Post

    Lalit, You can go for Irkaja Heavy Duty dishwasher stand. I am having LG dishwasher and I am personally using that since 2 year. Its adjustable and quite sturdy.

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