Best Electric drilling machine with hammer in India

electric drilling machine with hammer

Whether you are renovating your home or shifting to new Home, having a best drilling machine with hammer for home, eases dependency on electricians and saves your money for small electric or mechanical work now and then. Electrical drilling machines are motor driven and come with an end cutting tool which is used for drilling through different type of surfaces.

Although drilling machines are widely used in the construction industry and in masonry, marble cutting etc, they are very useful in a number of DIY projects at home. While going for product recommendations of best hammer drill machine, let’s figure out what is the general requirement when seen in context with Indian homes.

Drilling over

  • Walls (red-brick + thin plaster)

  • Concrete walls/structure

  • Wood/plywood/furniture

  • Tiles

  • Iron/Steel/Aluminium sheet

In addition to satisfying these requirement, electrical driller must be easy to handle and comfortable to hold while working in different orientation. If you are interested in going through more details, you may look for Drilling machine buying guide.

Electric drilling machine with hammer

Let us look at some of the best drill machine in India that you can buy with peace of mind.

#1 Bosch GSB 501 500-Watt Professional Impact Drill Machine (Blue)

drilling machine bosch

New designed GSB 501 professional hammer drill machine delivers power through the toughest of jobs with its high performance impact drill. Despite its compact size, the tool is exceptionally powerful and highly durable. Its 500w motor and full ball-bearing construction is built for the tradesman who needs a dependable workhorse.

Bosch 501 is ergonomically designed for fatigue-free operation. You can perform overhead or continuous drilling with ease. Additionally lock-on button gives you optimal performance for continuous drilling.

GSB 501 built with robust clamp shell gear and motor housing with power ribs for tough job site conditions. Bosch drill machine offers you drill ranges of 10 mm on metal, 13 mm on concrete and 25 mm on wood. With its reverse function, you can turn the drill or screwdriver bit, both, backwards and forward. Featuring a ball-bearing construction, this power tool is durable. 


  • Higher dynamic load rated ball bearing motor

  • 10 mm, 10 mm,26 mm diameter drilling in concrete, steel and wood.

  • 1 – 10 mm chuck capacity

  • 0-2600 rpm no load speed


  • Low concrete drill range

#2 Black & Decker KR554RE Reversible Hammer Drill Machine

Black & Decker KR554RE hammer drill machine features a impact hammering action that makes the hammer suitable for drilling in concrete, wood , metal etc. KR5554RE is low maintenance, lightweight and ergonomic designed electric drilling machine with hammer that makes it easy to use for a long period of time. Ideal for DIY projects, fixing/repairing household furniture, toys, drilling a hole.

KR554RE operates in dual mode function. You can switch between drill or hammering mode based on your requirement. KR554RE comes with a 13mm chuck key, 20 inch depth gauge, 1 strong auxiliary handle, 2 meter corded cable and 4 drill bits (Metal & concrete bits).

KR554RE has a reversible function which helps in anti-clock wise drilling/reverse drilling. This feature enables both forward and reverse drilling. The depth gauge that comes with KR554RE assists you to drill a hole with precision,


  • Forward/Reverse Drilling

  • Side Handle & Ergonomic design

  • Max drilling capacity: wood- 20mm, steel- 13mm, masonry- 13mm

  • Variable Speed and Lock on Button

  • Reverse brush system for full torque and power


  • No tool kit box

#3 Bosch GSB 450-Watt hammer drill machine

Bosch GSB 450 W Impact Drill features ergonomic design for fatigue-free uses, forward and reverse mode operation, 450 Watt motor and higher dynamic load rated ball bearing for long life. These features make it one of the best hammer drill machine.

Impact drill set comes with 4 concrete drill bits with a diameter range of 6, 8 and 10 mm, 4 metal drill bits with a diameter range of 6,8 and 10 mm, and 4 wood drill bits with a diameter range of 6, 8 and 10 mm for tear-free application and a clean finish. 

From Forward/Reverse Mode for inserting and removing screws to a Rotating Brush Plate for smooth rotary functions, this appliance has everything in place to make your work much easier.

Bosch GSB 450 Pistol Grip Drill machine works in two mode. Hammer Drill Function for drilling holes on surfaces that include concrete, metal, wood and Screwdriving mode for adjusting screw by clicking on the switch that is located on top of this drilling machine.


  • Two modes of Impact and Screwdriving Mode

  • Forward/Reverse Mode

  • 10 mm, 10 mm,10 mm diameter drilling in concrete, steel and wood.

  • Reversible rotatable brush plate for optimum F/R operations.

  • Variable speed switch and Lock-on button for continuous drilling


  • Not for Industrial  usage

  • Not meant for use on heavy concrete walls

#4 BLACK+DECKER TB555 550W 10mm Variable Speed Reversible Hammer Drill

drilling machine with hammer


Powerful dual mode drill: – TB555 550 watt is corded drilling machine with dual mode (Hammering and drilling) and 10 mm chuck capacity. It has a variable speed trigger.

Air Vents and lock on button: TB555 has optimized air vents which help in protecting the motor from dust and keeps motor cool in long run. Lock on button is quite useful during long drilling requirements.

Reverse brush function: Forward and reverse drilling is possible with reverse brush function of TB555 drilling machine that does anti-clock wise drilling/reverse drilling.

Ergonomic Design: This ergonomically designed drilling machine provide a stronger grip over driller thereby chance of reducing strain on the arms during continuous usage of the drill. Overall this drilling machine is useful & versatile tool for homes by DIY jobs.

#5 Bosch GBH 200 Professional Rotary Hammer drill machine

drilling machine with hammer

The GBH 200 rotary hammer drill from Bosch is designed to drill perfect holes in hard concrete surfaces. It can drill up to 20 mm in diameter in concrete and 13, 30 mm in steel and wood respectively.

This drilling machine with hammer comes in extremely compact design and its low weight makes it ideal for working overhead. Driller comprises of high-torque motor and powerful hammer mechanism for fixing holes up to 10 mm. GHB 200 also features reverse operation for removing screws.

GBH 200 electric drilling machine comes with a powerful strong built case, auxiliary handle and depth gauge. You will be required to purchase drill bits separately as per your requirement. With this Drilling machine compatible drill bits are Bosch SDS +1 hammer bits which are available online easily. Its overload clutch protects operator and the machine in case of overload or binding. You can use forward or reverse rotation for dislodging jammed drill bits.


  • Forward/Reverse Drilling

  • 0-4400 impact rate

  • 20 mm, 13 mm,30 mm diameter drilling in concrete, steel and wood.

  • Dual mode of hammer drilling and rotary drilling

  • SDS plus tool holder


  • Doesn’t comes with chuck

#6 IBELL Rotary Hammer Drill Machine RH20-23

drilling machine with hammer

iBell with the lightest weight, 850 RPM Speed, 500W Power Rating, Single-mode SDS Device, Reliable Powerful Motor, and Easy Push Lock-on Button makes sure that you get your drilling task done effectively.

Combined with rotary motion and pulsating hammering action, powerful motor at 500W with 850 RPM serves as a good mix of power and reliability. With the wide drilling diameter of up to 20mm, smash any tough tasks for concrete, masonry and natural stone which deliver perfect hammering/drills.

iBell Drilling machine comes with 3 different bits and one adapter. Its lock-on feature gives you trigger for choosing the right speed. The button when pushed ceases to the desired speed for continuous use, resulting in precise action.


  • Blade lock button for consistent right speed

  • 30,20,13 mm drilling in wood, concrete and steel respectively

  • 0-850 RPM

  • Single-mode SDS Device

  • 20 mm chuck size


  • drill bits quality

#7 Cheston Rotary Hammer Drill Machine 20MM 500W 850RPM

Cheston Rotary Hammer Drill delivers excellent drilling performance, all thanks to its optimised gear housing & a powerful 500 W motor which gives drilling performance of up to 850 RPM speed. It is suitable for drilling in concrete, brick wall, stone, metal/steel and wood.

Cheston runs in two mode, hammer only and hammer drilling which you can switch with just simple turn of a knob. For various task such as drilling, screw driving or hammering, it is required to operate drilling machine on variable speed. Cheston feature variable speed setting and lock button for precise speed and security in heavy duty task.

Cheston gives you professional accessories like auxiliary handle, 3 Pcs hammer drill bits, 2 bits chisel & Carry Case along with Hammer Drilling machine.


  • Sturdy Motor with High Load Rating

  • Upto 20 mm drilling chuck size

  • Variable Speed and lock in button for continuous use

  • 20,20,20 mm drilling in wood, concrete and steel respectively

  • Copper Winding


  • Issues with carry case delivery

Final Words

Power rating could be a key point in deciding drilling machine. A rotary drill in voltage range of 350-400 W will generate enough power, if you are looking for a tool specifically for woodworking purpose. If you are primarily looking for drilling over concrete or steel wall then you would be needing more torque.  Bosch GSB 501 and Bosch GSB 450-Watt are most suitable for household work while for deep concrete work and heavy task you may prefer Cheston Rotary Hammer Drill or Bosch GBH 200 professional drilling machine with hammer.

Drilling machine buying guide

Considering drilling machine as industrial equipment and being used by specific technicians, we generally find ourselves lost when we plan to buy a drilling machine for home usage.

This drilling machine buying guide helps to clear your doubts and give exposure to you about small details that are significant while looking for electrical drilling machine. We will see drilling machine types and its suitability as per your requirement.

Drilling machine parts

drilling machine parts

Following are different parts of drilling machine that you should be aware of. We will discuss some parts which are primarily important for consideration while buying new machine.


Spindle is common design that you will find in rotating electrical equipment. Spindle is nothing but a rotating axis of the machine which comprises of a shaft at its central core part. Made up of tough material such as high carbon chromium steel, spindle helps to hold drill chuck. Its primary function is to transfers the rotary motion from drill head to drill jigs.


The chuck is attached to the lower end of the spindle, it holds the drill jig. It facilitates changing drill jigs as per drilling needs. In a drill machine, you will find mostly three-jaw chuck made of special alloy steel.

You can choose different shape and sizes of chuck. ¼”, 3/8”, and ½” are the standard chuck sizes where 3/8” is the most popular one. 

Drill bits

Drill bits are used for drilling and hole making process. Drill bits have cutting edges that remove material as the bits rotate to create holes in the area. When spindle rotates, drill bits attached to chuck does all the hole making task. Drilling performance of drilling machine depends on quality of drill bits and its material coating.

Electric Motor

Most of the electric drilling machine uses single-phase ac motor or universal motors having high starting torque and are lightweight and compact in design. These drilling motor can run at an rpm of 600-5000, or maybe more for high duty drilling machine.

Drilling machine types: Corded Vs Cordless Drilling Machines

You will find two different drilling machine types. One with cord and using your house electricity connection for powering up drilling and other one cordless using rechargeable battery for drilling. Both type of drilling machine having some pros and cons.

Corded drilling machine

Corded drilling machine offer extra power and torque compared to cordless counterparts.

Suitable for use on a day to day basis in workshops and factory settings.

Greater features as compared to cordless models.

Cheaper than cordless drill machine

Cable length and accessibility limitation in working area

Corded drilling machines have the advantage that you need not require to wait for charging batteries and can use them without any limitation of time. Corded drilling machine have relatively longer life and it can last for minimum of 10 years.

Cordless drilling machine

Cordless drills are ideal for home usages and small scale DIY projects.

Comes with a rechargeable battery so relatively less powerful

Lightweight and safe to use, be it for hanging a curtain rod or DIY furniture.

Can be used in places which are not easily accessible such as ladders, trees etc.

If you are looking for cordless drilling machine then important is to understand battery strength and its impact on drilling performance. Usually, 12-18V is recommended for all kind of homeowner’s works and 4-8V can perform lighter duties. The high powered battery (18-24v) can perform equivalent to even better than the corded drilling machine.

Its true that more amp-hours and more volts provide longer run time, but what more matters is the battery charging state, material you’re working with, level of continuous use and even temperature affect how long a battery lasts.

Now coming to battery type, Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries  are powerful and have longer life. But even the costliest battery won’t have run period of more than 3-4 years on average and if you would compare cost of replaceable battery to that of new drilling machine, you would prefer to go for new one. So make decision considering all factors.

Drilling machine type

Rotary Drills

A rotary drill is lightweight drill that serves multiple functions such as screw driving, hammering, impact driving etc. Mostly used over DIY furnitures and wood work. It serves as drill driver, both for drilling holes and also for driving screws.

Impact Drills

Impact drills come with an impact mechanism which offers a high torque as well as high impact force because of this this type of drill is highly effective while driving screws into surfaces such as wood and metal. 

Hammer Drills

A hammer drill is designed to drill holes into rock, brick, asphalt, concrete, and other masonry. This hammer feature can be turned off and in that situation with proper drill bits, hammer drills can be used as impact/rotary drill.

Impact Drills Vs Hammer Drills

  • An impact driver uses rotational force coupled with bursts of perpendicular force in the direction of the rotation, which helps to drive the screw. A hammer drill also uses rotational force, but creates a more powerful hammering or pounding force to drive the screw straight down.

  • Hammer drill exerts force directly on the top of the bit as it hits the material being drilled, while an impact driver increases the force being delivered perpendicular to the bit.

Size and Type of chuck to use

Chunk holds the bits (cutting/drilling metal device) to that of spindle of drilling machine together. Spindle rotates through electric motor, bits does the drilling and penetration task, Chunk binds both spindle and bits together.

¼”, 3/8”, and ½” are the standard chuck sizes where 3/8” does the all generic task. ½” chuck is suitable for large diameter drilling machine bits.

Chucks comes in three types. Keyed, Keyless and Hybrid chuck.

  • Keyed chucks has a mechanical key which is used to tighten and loosen drilling machine bits. Keyed chucks prevent slippage in case of heavy-duty applications.

  • Keyless chucks quickly loosen and tighten grip without any mechanical manual action. In case of keyless chucks, you need to hold the chuck in your hand and the bits are tightened while you power the drill.

  • Hybrid drill chucks comprises of both keyed and keyless systems. The keyless portion automatically tightens, while the keyed portion manually adjusted.


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