Best Electric Egg Beaters in India


The electric egg beaters are designed to help you out with some of the heavy chores in your kitchen. It can be extensively be used for items like eggs, pancake batter, cake dough and whipping cream and therefore you should opt for the best model.

If you are setting up your kitchen or looking for update by having a the best egg beater then go through this article as we have shortlisted the best electric egg beaters in India.

Key points to keep in mind while making selection of electric egg beaters

Power : 350 watts is enough for most of the tasks but if you are going to use this in different work as well then go for at least 450 watts for optimal results.

Handling: Its is essential that you for convenient one as per your choice. A non-slip grip and convenient access to speed control buttons is must. Additionally you can go for features like Built-in Eject Knob, more speeds setting, storage friendly etc.

Best Electric Egg Beaters in India online

#1 RYLAN High Power 5 Speeds Electric Egg Beater

Comes with multiple Quality stainless-steel attachments for the purpose of Beat, Mix, Whisk, Blend, Mash. The detachable Beaters & Whisker are of good quality and does the task effectively.

450-watt motor with 5 speeds so that you can start slow and finish fast for different purpose like mix flour, butter, cream, jam, egg whisk, milkshake etc. More speed control gives you more freedom of selection. Choose a higher speed to mash hard foods and a lower speed for relatively softer foods.

Beater is handy & conveneint. Comes with in-built eject knob that helps you to remove attachments without a hitch. Its compact design & slim-grip makes our hand mixer machine easy to hold and manoeuvre in mixing bowl or large cup.

#2 Inalsa Hand Blender| Hand Mixer|Egg Beater

Egg beater

This electric egg beater is really good for everyone woman in kitchen. The material of mixer is very good quality. It’s weigh is light so no more pain while using. Also small in size to kept any where. The speed controller is very much important and best feature of this product.

Easy Mix comes with 250 watt powerful motor that provides powerful processing & at the same time is energy saving. Its 7-Speed control settings gives you total control for your food preparation.

Egg beater comes with quality stainless-steel attachments. It has 2 detachable beaters & whisker/dough hooks.

#3 JONTUS Electric hand mixer egg beater machine

This Jontus egg beater cum electric hand mixer comes with 1 to 7 different speed & turbo function. Whether it is low, medium or high speed, egg beater will meet your all mixing needs. Thanks to its innovative design egg beater avoid ingredients splash and is really fit for beginner.

Beater is highly compact in design. Its handy and convenient shape is specially designed to use less space. The small and compact design fits into the tightest of spaces. 

With 260 watt power, this powerfully designed beaters are perfect for beating heavy cream, butter, egg whites and batters as well as dishes like mashed potatoes.

#4 iBELL Electric Egg Beater

Electric Egg beater

iBell is known for endless list of features that make your kitchen experience a lot more pleasant. iBell electric egg beater is powered by a 120W motor that can spin the attachments at incredible speeds to give restaurant-quality aeration.

Furthermore, it has a lightweight high-quality plastic body. This helps to hold all the electronic parts and a handle that feels much more natural than the bulky beaters. You get two pairs of stainless steel beaters and dough hooks that can be quickly coupled with the main body for a variety of tasks. When you are done you can simply take them apart for cleaning. 

Its 7 speed control function lets you adjust the speed of the motor according to the ingredients you are processing for perfect blending results. Good for lightweight cooking and baking task.

Different Speed Settings

1-2 speed: This is a good starting speed for mixing dry foods.

3 speed: Best speed to start mixing liquid ingredients,salad dressings.

4 speed: For mixing cakes,cookies and breads.

5 speed: For oreaming butter and sugar, beating uncooked candy,desserts,etc.

6-7 speed: For beating eggs,cooking icings,whipping potatoes. Whipping cream,etc

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