Best Ever Amazon Shopping hacks (Grab It !! )

save money while shopping online

So festival season is round the corner and I know you would be having your wish-list ready for checkout. I am sure you would have thought on how to save money while shopping online over Amazon? What are amazon hacks India that works perfectly?

Amazon offer extra discounts on a lot of stuff during shopping festival and additionally you can save more by instant cashback offers through credit/Debit card payment of selected banks.

But Wait !!

Is that so??

What if you have not those payment option of the selected banks?


What if even your friends don’t have the same and they are eyeing to you for suggesting some killer tips to save some extra bucks !! What are amazon hack and tricks that does money saving to you?

Make sense, Right !!

how to save money on amazon

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So we have consolidated those exclusive deals and money saving amazon tips and shopping hacks that can help you in save thousands on your order. If you like it and works for you, don’t forget to share it.

Top Amazon India hacks

1. Save money by getting a free trial of Amazon Prime Student

If you are aged between 18 and 24 years, you can grab Amazon prime account at less than 50% of its normal cost.

Here are the steps

2. Track the Amazon price history of your item before order

Amazon Price range

Is it necessary that you will always get the lowest price during Prime day or Great Indian festival sale?

That’s not true !!

In fact, Amazon themselves have even admitted that their prices on Prime Day/Great Indian Festival (a huge annual sale they hype to the max) aren’t necessarily the lowest they’ll ever be, despite strongly implying that the deals aren’t to be missed.

For this, you can use available tool like ,, or .

You can even track price of your wish list item also by copying your wish list link like on these tracker website.

Note: Make sure that your wish list is public.

3. Add Items To Your Shopping Cart… then WAIT for the Price to Drop!!

Its old one but yes an easy Amazon money saving tip, that I do ALL the time!

Seriously… you really need to try this clever tip for saving money on items you plan to buy.  It will help you in saving some quick buck and you’ll avoid overpaying and will get the very best prices on items you’ve had your eye on!

You can shortlist the items that you are looking for and you can get alert when price get dropped below the threshold price and you can place your order then.

E-commerce companies like Amazon send you price notifications because they assume that you want to buy the product, since you have shown interest and they don’t want to lose your sale to their competitor website.

Search for the product that you are looking at discount price

Alternatively, I also maintain a wish-list for my favourite books and reusable stuff. I keep checking the prices and many times I found great deals as wish list shows me if the prices have dropped since I added the item to my list.

4. Get Help from Alexa

Use Alexa to add top-selling recommendations to your cart during this festival season. Buy again the products and avail extra discounts.

How it works?

All that you have to do is to say “Alexa, what are your deals?” to include Alexa deals that is having huge savings.

Alexa will restore your home essential just by asking, will give you recommendation based on the factors like your previous order, product reviews and will help you in tracking order and confirming delivery.

5. Save money through Amazon Coupons

Enjoy additional savings at Amazon India on top-brand products across different product categories using amazon coupons.

Amazon coupon discounts

Amazon Coupons are a great new way to enjoy additional savings without the hassle of coupon codes or loyalty cards.  It is just two step process and you save additional money while shopping over Amazon.

amazon money saving shopping

You can even collect coupons now, if you find that available and shop later and still avail the discounts. All that you have to do is to collect them.

The collected coupon will be saved to your account and will be automatically applied when you purchase the item from the same seller from whom the coupon was collected. 

save money on amazon shopping

6. Use Credit/Debit Card For Amazon Purchases

Using offer credit card or debit card while shopping is one of the most preferred way to save money especially when it comes to online shopping.

I personally always prefer using credit or debit card on Amazon to avail maximum discount and cashback offer. It helps me in getting dual benefit, from shopping portal and from bank side as well.

1. Direct Cashback by Amazon

Direct cashback or Instant cashback on shopping is the first benefit that you get whenever you shop on Amazon through your credit card. The cashback usually lies between 10% and 15%.

you can find Amazon offers for these credit cards – HDFC Bank, Axis bank, SBI Bank, ICICI Bank, CitiBank, and Yes Bank.

2. Reward Point by your Bank

Depending on your card type, you get reward point credited to your card and later you can your this credit card/ Debit card points to do shopping on respective bank’s reward portal.

It’s win-win situation.

Don’t miss it

7. Deals exclusively promoted by Amazon it self.

Yearly & Season Deals: Amazon’s The Great Indian Sale , Prime day sale, Freedom Sale are annual sale where you can buy products at unimaginable prices. Other sales such as Amazon Festive Sale, End of Season Sale and Black Friday sale offers great discounts on products.

Shopping using vouchers, coupons and offer credit card can help you in making even more savings.

Book Store: The bookstore on Amazon is one of a kind where you can get a great collection of books ranging from Sci-fi to comic books and crime fiction to novels and study materials by eminent authors.

Kindle: Kindle is an e-reader brought to you by Amazon where you can read books on the go! IF you are a bookworm you’ll absolutely love this. Keep checking out for devices such as Kindle Paper white, Kindle Voyage, and Kindle Oasis.

Now, I always buy kindle version of the books from amazon. With this single step, I saved up to 75% of my money which otherwise would have been spent on the hardcover of books and are not so convenient to carry everywhere.

Pay Balance: Want to shop but don’t have your card with you? No problem! Amazon brings you the all-new Amazon Pay Balance which is a wallet where you can store money and use that to shop for your favorite products on Amazon.

8. Save Money using Amazon Family Program while shopping

Amazon Family provides Prime members the opportunity to avail exclusive family-oriented offers, age-based recommendations and discount coupons as part of their Prime benefits.

amazon money saving shopping

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can avail Amazon Family benefits by ordering a Subscribe & Save diaper subscription, or by creating a Baby Wish list or a child profile for your child.

If you are not an Amazon Prime member, you will need to subscribe to Amazon Prime membership to avail the Amazon Family benefits.

9. Save extra money through Subscribe & Save Subscription

Subscribe & Save offers savings on the prices offered by participating sellers, free standard shipping, and the convenience of automatically recurring deliveries.

save money on amazon

Subscribe and Save makes your online shopping for frequently used products easy and seamless. It is available across various categories such as health and personal care, grocery, skin care, hair care, pet supplies and more. You can enjoy great discounts by becoming a subscriber at

In addition to this, you can avail other offers also by category, brand and handpicked subscription boxes. It is totally worth and must to use feature resulting in money saving for your family.

10. Use Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit card is a credit card issued by ICICI Bank in association with Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited (Amazon) and Visa. This is a lifetime free credit-card with no joining fees or renewal fees and using this card while shopping on Amazon helps you in save 5%-10% every time.

Amazon Pay Credit Card Benefits

  • Earn 5% back on for Amazon Prime customers
  • Earn 3% back on for non-prime customers
  • Earn 2% back on 100+ Amazon Pay partner merchants
  • Earn 1% back on all other payments
  • Type of Reward system: as Amazon Pay balance
  • Upper Cap: No limit
  • 1% surcharge waiver for all fuel purchases
  • There is no minimum redemption amount and no fees on redeeming earnings

11. Get Compensation or Replacement (along with original) in case of Damaged Product

Sometimes we receive the product which is damaged but we may not be in situation to return the product because of emergency usage or the damage being minor.

In such situations, make a call or write an email to the Amazon customer care and share with them your concern. Once your concerned is well received, you will have some cashback (compensation) to your Amazon wallet as a customer goodwill.

amazon money saving shopping

Alternatively, if the product delivered is broken or damaged, you can contact the customer care and if replacement of the product is possible, they will send you a replacement product and may even allow you to keep the broken or damaged item.

If the damage is minor then you have now two items that are fully usable. Bingo !!

12. Check out Amazon’s ‘Blockbuster Deals’

Amazon offers great deals and discounts under the sections ‘Today’s Deals’, ‘Great Saving’, ‘Lightning Deals’, and ‘Deal of the Day’. You should always look out for these sections while browsing through Amazon on the sale day. 

amazon money saving shopping

A Lightning Deal is a promotion in which a limited number of discounts are offered on an item for a short period of time.

You can grab Lightning Deals, including the Deals page, and are available, one per customer, until either the promotion period for the deal expires or all the available promotional discounts are claimed.

Each Lightning Deal is subject to two time restrictions.

  • The first restriction is for the overall Lightning Deal and is displayed with the specific Lightning Deal. The item must be added to the Cart before this time expires.

  • The second restriction applies after a Lightning Deal item has been added to the Cart and expires after a very limited time. Orders must be placed before the expiration of both time periods.

13. Grab 15-Day Price Guarantee offer

15-Day Price Guarantee Scheme is an scheme that Amazon offers to its customer and is available on a limited set of products.

It protects the customer against any reduction in prices on the products they purchase during the Great India Sale from the seller, for a price guarantee period of 15 days.

amazon money saving shopping

How it works?

Say you have purchased any product from the seller under this offer. If the seller you purchased from during the Great Indian Sale further drops prices on the eligible products during the next 15 days after your purchase, you will be refunded the ‘difference’ as a cashback in your Amazon Pay wallet automatically within 72 hours after the price guarantee period is over.

As amazon says, Lowest price guaranteed.

14. Avoid paying Delivery fee

We all do all the gimmick to save few buck and if it is required to pay delivery pay on the top of the product price, it feels. Delivery fee sometimes go as high as Rs. 120 and Rs 40 in general.

Time to avoid it.

If your order is not qualifying for free delivery then you can do either of the below steps to avoid paying extra bucks.

  • Add a product which is amazon fulfilled to your existing cart. Amazon fulfilled products are eligible for free delivery and this will make your order free of delivery even if it is less than 499.

Note: Although this often works but may not be applicable on some products and seller.

  • You can add a product which you are not so sure of buying but want to check it out once. This will make your cart eligible for free delivery and later you like the product then keep it else you can return the product.

15. Order product through No-Rush Shipping Program

You can earn cashback if you are ordering product from Amazon through No-Rush Shipping Program. Under No-Rush Shipping program your delivery may take 2-4 business days.

For every order where you select No-Rush Shipping, you’ll receive an immediate discount or a promotional reward.

  • An immediate discount is automatically applied to your order at checkout.

  • A promotional reward is automatically applied to your account once the package ships.

If you are Amazon Prime member then you can select FREE No-Rush Delivery and receive an Rs.15 cashback in the form of Amazon Pay balance. The cashback will be credited once the order ships.

amazon offer cashback

You will be eligible to receive No Rush delivery if the following conditions are met:

  • You are a Prime member.

  • The order value has to be equal to or more than Rs. 200.

  • COD option shouldn’t be selected as a payment method.

16. Save money through “Super Value Day”

Amazon brings Super value day for customer in the first week of every month. It is accompanied by discounts and cashback offered by tie up banks.

Amazon offers attractive offers during super value day in collaboration with banks like ICICI bank, SBI bank. During this period you can buy groceries & other daily needs on Amazon and get upto 35% off + upto Rs. 1200 cashback.

A big saving for buying essentials !!

You only need to place a single order of minimum Rs 1500 of the eligible products. If you are existing bank customer then you can make payment through credit/debit card or net banking to get the maximum benefit.

If you are not having card of the respective bank then you can make payment through amazon pay balance to avail this offer.

So, these were my money saving hacks for shopping on Amazon. Following these you can easily save thousands on online shopping at Amazon.

Which hack are you going to use the next time for your shopping?

Also, do you have any good money saving hack for Amazon that I didn’t cover in this article?

Do share in the comments below.

Search any product that you are looking for and apply above mentioned discounts and offer to earn more ..


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