Best hacksaw with blade for all purpose work

hacksaw with blade

Having a good quality hacksaw with blade is essential if you are interested in some DIY projects at your home or you are involved in some upgrading your home. A good hacksaw helps a lot with quick and precise cutting of metals, plastic channels, wood and different other types of materials.

If you are into metal work, then you should go for the best hacksaw blade frame for metals cutting. If you are into steel work, you should look out for the best hacksaw blade material for cutting steel, and if your need is to cut woods, go for hacksaws with the best hacksaw with blade as you will be needing a hacksaw that fits the job.

Hacksaw parts : Hacksaw comprises of three main parts hacksaw frame, blade and stud. Stud is heavy cross bolts on both sides are welded to the steel body frame of hacksaw.

Some hacksaw comes with multiple detaching system that makes it easy to convert into different types of saws, like if required you can switch from a low profile hacksaw to a pistol grip jab saw, saving you a lot of money by not investing separately into different hacksaws.

Here is our recommendation for various work involving. These hacksaw have strong frame material and are suitable for all purpose work

#1 Best Hacksaw with blade

hacksaw with blade

STANLEY Mini Hack Saw

  • High-impact polymer coating increases strength and durability

  • 45-percent more cutting depth compared to standard mini-hacksaws

  • Structurally designed for maximum strength and durability

  • 10 inch strong blade

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hacksaw with blade

BLACK+DECKER Metal Hacksaw

  • Solid frame hacksaw

  • Quick release mechanism for quick change of blade

  • D-shape guard protects hand and knuckles

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Ozar Hacksaw with Aluminium Handle

  • Ideal tool for all cutting applications in wood or metal

  • Fitted with high quality hardened blade

  • Material: Steel and Plastic

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JCB Hacksaw with blade

  • Industrial quality hacksaw

  • Aluminium die cast handle for comfortable grip

  • Guarded grip design protects knuckles from grazing

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#2 Best Hacksaw blade frame

A good quality hacksaw blade frame keeps blade firm and much tighter. It provides additional support and strength to get the job done fast and very accurate. Mostly in use are steel frame which are very durable and hardly rust.

hacksaw blade frame

Bosch Metal Frame Hacksaw

  • Compact, resistant and lightweight for fast and precise cuts

  • Tubular steel frame guarantees robust working

  • Easy to hold and work 

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hacksaw blade frame

KETSY 513 Hacksaw Frame

  • Heavy duty Wooden handle

  • Triple chrome plated

  • Blade Size 12 inches

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OSCAR Hacksaw Frame

  • This Hand Saw frame can hold standard jewelers saw blades

  • The 70mm depth, from blade to inside frame

  • Early decorative style and small size.

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#3 Hacksaw blade types

In general, two types of hacksaw blade are used for most of the work. High Carbon Steel (HCS) blades and High Speed Steel (HSS) blades.

High Carbon Steel blades are used for general cutting/sawing. High Carbon Steel blades have less durability compared to High Speed Steel blades. HSS are relatively expensive and can be used multiple times because of sharp cutting edge even after use and are suitable for cutting hard materials such as stainless steel and alloys.

Some blade comes with special teeth design which gives them advantage over other normal blades. These are variable teeth blade and progressive teeth blades.

Variable teeth blades are suited specially for faster cutting. These have variable density of cutting edges across its outer cutting edge. The blades cut with the same toothing technology as band saw blades for metal cutting.

hacksaw with blade
Pilana variable teeth blade( see the teeth edge)

Progressive teeth blades are suited especially for easy start cutting and cutting profiles with different wall thicknesses. The density of teeth per inch in cutting edge varies incremental wise in such blade.


Suitable especially for extra hard steels up to 1200 N/mm2, stainless steel and similar materials. Bimetal high-speed steel, shatterproof, dual heat treatment to reduce shocks, effortless sawing, a very long-lasting blade. The blades are intended for professional use by craftsmen.

If you are looking for bimetal hacksaw blade which is made with high grade steel for better cutting performance, you can go for one. JK super Bi-Bi-Metal Hand Hack Saw blade

Hacksaw blade price

Price of hacksaw blade depends on manufacturer and material. It usually comes in pack of 10,50 or 100. If you are regular user you can check following hacksaw blades that are available in 100 pieces

Hacksaw is a tool suitable for smaller cutting operations. It is an Ideal tool for all cutting applications in wood or metal.

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