Best hair dryer of Nova

Hair dryer of nova

I am sure you would be fan of Nova brand as I am. Nova appliances leads market with its Classy design, durability, easy to use features and on the top value for money. While looking for best hair dryer of Nova, we not only took notice of hair dryer features but also your hair and convenience to use.

Even if you have a different dryer in your drawer and feel comfortable with that hot device, you can still make some dangerous mistakes.

Here are few tips that can be helpful-

Always squeeze excess water from your hair before using a hair dryer. If you really want to avoid heat damage, you can wait until the hair dries almost naturally but is still moist.

We also recommend using a microfiber cloth to absorb as much moisture as possible. There’s even a microfiber brush if you don’t want to wrap your head in a towel. It’s also useful for dividing hair into clips so you can focus on one area at a time and reduce the risk of tangles.

Finally, when shopping for a hair dryer, it is recommended to consider performance. Look for a dryer with more power, which means air will blow faster, which means less time spent under the dryer and less chance of heat damage.

Different types of hair dryer

So they are on the market to improve your hair style game.

We recommend that you look for the best dryer for your budget and hair type. You don’t need to try a dryer for professional class if you understand what to look for.

Ceramic, porcelain, ion or titanium?

Let’s drop it quickly. If you have fine or dry hair, consider a ceramic or porcelain hair dryer that uses far-infrared heat to distribute fineness, even the warmth of your fine curls.

Ion dryers use ion technology to reduce the surface tension of your hair by increasing the shine of your shiny hair.

Tourmaline dryers use this ionic technology and increase their use. The inside of the tourmaline dryer consists of or coated with minerals.

As for titanium, dryers made from lighter materials and heat up fast enough to shorten the drying time.

Best hair dryer of Nova

Here is the list of best hair dryer of nova that you can go for as per your preference.

#1. Nova NHP 8100 Hot and Cold Foldable Hair Dryer 

Best hair dryer of Nova

Using this Silky Shine hair dryer from Nova, you can get salon-like hair styling at your home. Equipped with the ionic conditioning technology, this hair dryer also ensures that your hair is taken care of during the styling process.

Nova 8100 hair dryer features the Ehd + technology which ensures that only the right amount of heat is distributed on your hair and thus prevents any damage to your hair. Also, Thermoprotect temperature setting in this dryer provides a shine and also conditions to your hair, so that you have a shining hair style. Its both the hot and the cold duality aspects helps it in carefully drying up the hair without any danger.


  • 1200 Watts gentle drying

  • Hot and cold feature

  • 2 Heat settings for careful drying

  • Overheat protection; Ionic conditioning

  • 1.8 m cord length

  • Foldable and Compact design for easy handling

  • Attachment type concentrator

#2. Nova Silky Shine 1400 W Foldable NHP 8108 Hair Dryer 

nova hair dryer

NOVA NHP 8108 Hair Dryer adds to your beauty by taking care of your hair. The dryer offers a salon like hair styling with beautiful results day in and out. 8102 dryer operates in 3 heat mode giving Hot, Warm and cold wind.

NHP 8108 comes with EHD+ technology ,that ensures the right amount of heat distribution without damaging your tresses. Looking for a shining and healthy hair, this NOVA 8108 is your styler. It comes with thermoprotect temperature settings which gives you shine and conditions your hair.


  • Three modes, Cold air, Warm air, Hot air

  • Premium shiny finish

  • 2 heat settings and 1 speed settings

  • Foldable dryer for portability

  • Ionic Conditioning

  • 1.8 m cord length

#3. Nova NHP 8106 Hair Dryer for Women (Pink)

nova hair dryer

Nova 8106 is the best product in the range available with 2 speed and 2 heat settings. It has two buttons mentioned one and two. One is for heat another is for speed, you can use both them separately. The chord length mentioned in 1.8 but actually it would be around 1.6 metre including plug.

This 1400W hair dryer works well for soft and silky hair. This hair dryer features the Ehd plus technology which ensures that only the right amount of heat is distributed on your hair and thus prevents any damage to your hair.

The Thermoprotect temperature setting in this dryer provides a shine and also conditions to your hair, so that you have a shining hair style. After usage, you can fold this hair dryer and carry it with ease in your travel bag.


  • 2 heat settings

  • 2 speed settings

  • Wattage: 1400 W

  • Foldable and lightweight

  • 1.8 m cord length

#4. Urban Nova 2800 Professional Stylish Hair Dryers

nova hair dryer

Urban Nova brings you Tourmaline + Negative Ionic Technology with this hair dryer. Which does two task hand in hand.

1. Negative Ionic Technology generates negative ions, which smooth hair and lock in moisture. Making the heat much gentler on the hair during styling for a shinier and less frizzy finish. It also enables the hair to endure much higher levels of heat without creating damage.

2. Emits massive negative ions to eliminate frizz, keep hair humidity-resistant, natural health of hair. It provides even heat distribution which penetrates hair quickly and evenly from the inside-out, drying hair in a fraction of time, and conditioning. Boost shine to create silky-smooth results.

2000W professional Long life AC motor and heater with Negative Ion could dry your hair quickly and save your time.


  • 3 variable heat settings and 2 speed settings

  • Hair Diffuser For Curly and Natural Hair

  • Hair Concentrator Nuzzel For Straight, Smooth Hai

  • Easy Grip

  • 2m long lasting cable for durability

#5. Nova NHP-8200 (240V) 1800 Watts Hair Dryer

nova hair dryer

1800 Watts Hair dryer of Nova – Style your hair hassle-free with Nova! NHP-8200 Nova hair dryer is a power packed portable hair dryer that does your hair drying excellently. Now you can style your hair in a short amount of time and flaunt your flawless look in the office or at a party. 

You can use both hot and cold setting. Hot drying setting for styling and shaping the hair and a cold drying setting for regular drying of the hair after bath. Overheating is the issue that damages hair dryer much. Nova NHP-8200 shuts off automatically in case of overheating.

Its ionic conditioning feature releases negative ions which gives shine to the hair. This along with thermoprotect setting, makes your hair look glossy and healthy.


  • 1800 watts Gentle drying

  • Hot and cold feature

  • 2 Heat Settings For Careful Drying

  • Ionic conditioning

  • Attachment Type Concentrator

Final words

Nova gives you multiple options for your needs. You can trust Nova hair dryer for its innovating hair dryer technology and durability. Nova NHP-8200 is the most suitable choice if you are looking for portable profession hair dryer.

You can go for pink coloured NHP 8106 hair dryer which is having excellent design and comes with 2 speed and 2 heat setting which is very range in its range.


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