Best hair dryer of Philips

philips hair dryer

Philips hair dryers are one of the top favourite product by Philips, and they have been faring at the top for a long time when compared to other competitors in the market. Philips products provide value for money and guarantee the best in class technology.

Since hair dryers work on heating principle, so majority of hair dryers use Asbestos as heat resistant mineral but this is having negative side as well which is that its exposure can cause mesothelioma, can cause breathing issue. All Philips haircare products sold are asbestos-free, thus safe from such harmful effects.

A hair dryer as a product has multiple uses. It has come a long way from being just a device to dry hair. Hair dryers today are readily used for styling hair of different textures. Philips flagships multiple products specific to the needs and wants of the consumers. Their products are also used professionally by stylists and salons.

Let’s learn a little about Philips hair drying products that come with a variety of features and cool factors such as:

  • Cool air mode
  • Hot air mode
  • Variable fan speeds (low, medium and high/turbo)
  • Airflow Concentrators
  • Comb Nozzles
  • Diffusers

Best the following key features of Philips and reviews of hundreds of user, we have listed down the best hair dryer from Philips that you. Portability is one of the key issue that we desire as these products are of day to day usages nature. In addition to these you might be staying at hotels for business for personal reason so it is require that hair dryer that you buy should have compatibility with various power sockets and pin, be it in India or abroad.

Best hair dryer of Philips

In this article we have reviewed total top 5 hair dryer of philips and you can go for the one with peace of mind as per your budget.

Philips HP8143/00 Hair Dryer (under 1000)

philips hair dryer

Philips HP8143/00 is one of the best starting hair dryer products from Philips. It provides a convenient and optimum level of airflow for gentle drying power. It comes with 2 flexible speed settings, is compact and ergonomic, houses a concentrator for precise styling, has thermal protect temperature setting. Dryer comes with 1.5m cord length and has a rubberized hook at the base of the handle which provides a convenient storage option.

Philips HP8143 USP is its Gentle Drying capability. It is very convenient to operate, is compact, and has a lightweight design. The special ThermoProtect technology protects your hair from overheating and damage. At just 1000W it provides an optimum airflow while consuming less electricity. Additionally, it comes with a 2 Year Worldwide Guarantee.


  • Lightweight and compact

  • Low electricity consumption

  • Narrow Concentrator for focused airflow

  • Hanging loop


  • No Cool air option

Philips HP8142/00 Hair Dryer (under 1000)

best hair dryer in India

Philips HP8142/00 is a 1000W hair dryer that comes with 2 flexible speed settings. A powerful motor that provides an optimum level of airflow. This product is compact and ergonomic, instills a modern design, and it’s lightweight and easy to carry. It also houses a concentrator that focuses the flow of air onto specific areas, resulting in precise styling.

Additionally, it has a rubberized hook at the bottom for convenient storage, particularly convenient for usage in a home or at a hotel. It’s Gentle Drying capability and easy operation makes it one unique product at its price point.


  • Easy to handle with 1.5m cord length and store

  • Easy operation

  • Narrow Concentrator for focused airflow

  • Lightweight and compact


  • No Cool Air option

  • Doesn’t house a removable concentrator

Philips HP8100/46 Hair Dryer (under 1000)

hair dryer of philips

Philips HP8100 product has a new-age designed dryer, is compact, and very easy to operate. It efficiently dries hair at all speed settings. It is one of the highest selling hair styling products by Philips which can be used for all purposes related to hairstyling or general drying.

Dryer comes preinstalled with a rubber storage hook making it convenient to store on hooks. The product’s heating coil and fan consume a total of 1000W. It also houses 2 flexible settings for fan speed, a fixed type concentrator, Thermo protect temperature technology and a 2-year Philips India warranty. It works on standard 220-230V outlets and is a plug and play product.

HP8100/46 is hot air blower and there are two settings for drying speed (low, high); the motor speed is regulated to cater to these settings perfectly. There will not be any issue on fan speeds at low, high settings.


  • 1.5-meter power cord

  • 2 Year warranty

  • Fixed hook for storage

  • 1000W powerful motor

  • Thermo protect technology


  • Only hot air mode

  • Unremovable Concentrator

Philips BHD006/00 Hair Dryer

hair dryer of philips

Philips BHD006 is beautifully designed and packs a punch with its powerful 1600W motor and coil. 20% quieter than its previous models (HP4940).  Hairdryer offers 3 pre-selected speed/heat combinations to make it quick and easy to achieve the perfect style.

BHD006 is uniquely designed product. The design of the air inlet grill allows for increased air flow while, the shape and size of the dryer improves flow of the air through the dryer. The result is faster, more effective drying power for your hair.

It also comes with the ThermoProtect feature for temperature setting and protection from overheating of hair. Supports a foldable handle for easy storage and works on dual voltage supply for worldwide use. With the standard hot mode, it also supports cool shot mode for styling, which when combined with its 3-speed settings provides perfect styling.


  • Dual voltage support (110-127 / 220-240 V) for worldwide use

  • Foldable handle

  • ThermoProtect technology

  • Cool shot mode for cold breeze


  • 1600W motor would consume more electricity

Philips HP8232/00 Professional Hair Dryer

Professional Hair Dryer

Philips HP8232/00 model is a professional hair dryer. It has a powerful 2200W motor and coil setup that produces gusts of wind which are concentrated through a slim styling nozzle that allows parlor grade styling at home. You also get a 6-speed setup for full control along with Ionic conditioning technology for frizz-free hair. Ionic conditioning uses charged negative ions for conditioning your hair, and smoothing the hair cuticles to intensify hair’s shine and glossiness. The result is smooth and frizz-free hair with beautiful shine.

The product is housed in a fixed shell for professional setup and can be used to add volume to your hair, curling them, maximizing thickness, or for a bouncy style. It also features cool air feature, ThermoProtect technology for hot air control, an easy storage hook, and a changeable concentrator with a comb style dryer. To add to that this product comes with a standard 2-year global warranty.

Precise styling is possible with this professional hair dryer with a slim styling nozzle that would give you perfect styling result. On top of that use cool shot button for an intense burst of cold air after styling to finish and set the style.


  • 1.8-meter long cord

  • Thermo protect, hot air control technology

  • Removable concentrator with comb styled dryer

  • 6 different setting , 3 for the temperature and 3 for the speed of the dryer

  • Ionic conditioning technology

  • Hair volume diffuser


  • larger size

  • Power consumption

Final words

Philips has diverse option when comes to pricing range and features. You have to figure out which one suits you better. If you travel often you can choose between HP8100,HP8142 and HP8143 for their compact size and easy carrying capability.

To have profession styling and features like cool air shot, diffuser you can choose Philips HP8232/00 model hair dryer. With six speed control setting, this hair dryer of philips gives you precise control for styling.

Frequently asked questions

What is concentrator in hair dryer?

The concentrator works by focusing the flow of air through the opening onto specific areas. This results in precise styling and is great for touch ups or to finish a style.

What is reason behind smell coming out of hair dryer sometimes?

This can be because of two reason.
1. First time use
2. Dirt

Some styling devices like hairdryers and straighteners produce a strange smell when used for the first time. This is nothing to worry about and this smell usually fades away after a few uses.

If there are some dust particles or residue accumulated on your straightener or hair dryer, they might burn due to the high temperature of the device and start smelling.
To solve this issue, clean your styling device properly before each use.

Which hair dryer is best?

Philips HP8143/00 Hair Dryer is best if you are looking for portable hair dryer and available under 1000 budget range. HP8143 comes in hot pink colour and a durable hair dryer.

Whereas, Philips HP8232/00 hair dryer is overall best professional hair dryer to have. HP8232 comes with replaceable concentrator, slim styling nozzle and 6-speed setup for full control. You want an easy and perfect styling for party and events. go for this.


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