Best hair straightener for Men in India

Best hair straightener for men

Searching a hair straightener for men can be confusing. Compared to Men, Women are habituated to take good care of hair so not only they are more aware of their hair type and health but also women’s have a broad understanding of products like hair dryer or straightener comb and brand which would suits them.

If you have not cut hair like Army brat and love to manage them then you would be surprised to know that how beneficial hair straightener could be for men.

While you would have shortlist other grooming essentials, this article would helps you in figuring out best hair straightener for men that would be suitable for all your needs. Additionally men often use various type of cream, serum and gel over their hair for styling so, how does a hair straightener of men works differently?

What to prioritise while looking for hair straightener for men?

Men’s hair straighteners are suitable for almost all different hair types, but if you have fine or brittle hair, excessive heat can be damaging. Out of the factors like temperature, plate width, coating material and length of hair. Most deciding for choosing best hair straightener is length of hair. Your length of hair determine the plate width and temperature variation you should go for straightener.

Length of hair

If your hair is much longer than average or 5 inches, then look for standard plates hair straightener and if you have some what average length hair, then go for mini hair straightener. In either case of plate choice, always prefer hair straightener with variable heat setting for proper control over heating of plate.

There are different types of straighteners in market. Mini hair straighteners designed with 1/2” plates or less are suitable for men because they are meant for short hair use.

For hair straightener you have two different choices

Both of these does the task and you can go for one depending on your convenience. If you are interested in knowing more on hair straightener first, you can refer Which hair straighteners are best.

Hair straightener comb for men

Compared to flat iron hair straightener, comb hair straightener is getting popularity because of its convenience in use for men. Hair straightener comb for men is very convenient to use for both hairstyles & beard in very practical way to create a cool hairstyle for you.

With flat iron hair straightener your hair comes in direct contact with heating plate, so the risk of getting accidental longer heating exposure is more. Whereas with hair straightener comb, the comb teeth is coated with insulated material that provide evenly heating from root to tip of the hair.

best hair straightener for men

How does hair straightener comb works?

I am sure you would combing since a long time and you may wander how does a hair straightener make hair look like straight while traditional comb doesn’t ?

Our hair contains a protein called keratin . This fibrous structural protein is one of the constituent part of hair. Heat from hair straightener comb straightens hair because the hydrogen bonds within keratin break on application of heat. This in turn makes the hair more pliable and easier to manipulate. Combing thereafter makes them look like organised and straight.

Best hair straightener for men

Following are the best hair straightener which are suitable for men and are available online.

#1 Philips BHS384 Selfie hair Straightener for men

hair straightener for men

Philips BHS384 comes with SilkPro Care technology and advanced ceramic coating plates which would feel smoother than silk over your hair, resulting in less heat exposure and minimal friction.

Its intelligent heat control gives you perfect straight out of the salon look. Straightener comes with fast heat up time, makes it ready to use in 60 seconds.

#2 Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener

Kemei features ceramic plates for protections and retain the moisture without damaging of your hair. You can apply this over partially wet hair also.

This hair straightener for men comes with 4 level temperature control that allows you to style your hair from frizzy to straight at home without professional help. The straightening effect will last until you hair gets wet or you wash your hair.

Best hair straightener cream for Mens

#1 Men Deserve Hair Styling Cream

hair straightener cream for men

This hair straightening cream is a non sticky and non greasy formula for hair that prevents dull, frizzy and damaged hair. Its constituents elements like Olive oil and Coconut oil protects hair from protein loss by natural treatment and promotes healthy hair.

Unlike other cheap hair cream, you won’t experience any kind of white residue like wax on applying over hair. Its fragrance is up to the mark and is very suitable to thin hair as well.

Best hair spray for Mens

#1 anthi: Anti-Hair Thinning Hair Spray for Men

hair spray for Men

This hair spray is anti-thinning hair spary for men. If you are facing issue related to thinning of hair, your hair volume is decreasing and hair growth has stopped then you should go for good quality plan based anti-hair thinning spray like this which does excellent task.

This hair spray for men comes from plant-origins adds instant hair volume and lift your hair on regular daily usage.  It core ingredients includes natural elements like Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Larch, Amla which are being recommended since ages for maintaining healthy hair.

Hair straightener for boys

Boys hair required to be treated gently compared to grown men. Depending on age group, boys hair root and its bonding with scalp may be in growth phase with presence of ultra-fine hair, which might get damaged if hair straightener is not used properly.

If your boy is having a longer hair then you can go for flat iron straightener, Since flat iron works only on outer hair surface so it is relatively safer to use.

While using flat iron hair straightener for boys hair keep following things in mind

  • For boys, always choose hair straightener with variable temperature setting like Philips BHS384 which would give control to you for varying temperature.

  • Prepare boy’s hair by washing and applying moisturising products that contains natural oils. This minimises dryness.

  • Use microfiber cotton towel to dry hair evenly and after that do your normal combing to get rid of any knot. For curly hair use wider tooth comb.

  • Apply heat protection serum for protecting your hair from any possible heat damage while flat ironing it.

  • Use flat iron with temperature setting of 120-150 degree Celsius over a section of hair first and then repeat over other remaining section. Don’t rest flat iron over any section of hair for more than 1-2 sec.

Best Hair straightener for boys


Philips BHS384 Selfie Straightener

SlikPro Care for less heat exposure

Ceramic plates for smooth gliding

2 professional temperature settings
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Trìmoto mini hair straightener

operate at 4 different levels of temperatures

Heavy duty and maintenance free
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Best Beard Straightener in India

A well maintained facial hair adds charm to your look. Spending every time one hour in salon for this would be so much unnecessary effort. you can save your time, money without compromising with your look if you have a hair straightener that works well with beard.

These beard straightener can be used with different types of beard (Curly, thin, thick, flat, straight, long, or short) and you can have straightening effect all day long. So solve your messy beard with easy to use hair straightener comb.

While purchasing beard straightener comb you need to be careful as straightener comb meant for women have deep teeth and don’t work on shorter beards. So avoid deep teeth straightener comb because they are made for women’s hair and not men’s beards. Look for short teeth straightener comb for beard as it works on long and short beards alike.

Following are recommended best beard straightener comb in India

#1 POKARI Ceramic beard, beard straightener comb

beard straightener comb

Multi function beard brush: This beard straightener can be used for men with different types of beard. Curly, thin, thick, flat, straight, long, or short, the electric bear comb works just fine for your needs

This beard straightener uses ceramic plates with a heating element underneath that provides protective heating. The comb acts as a protective cover against the heating plate to prevent the hair from burning excessively.

#2 Cutie Academy WORD GX Electric Beard Straightener for Men

The perfect comb to solve all your styling problems. Not worried about time taking, This comb allows you to Do your hair styling in just minutes, from scruff to neat instantly!

Detachable and Easy to take to everywhere,great for your travel or business trip with its Detachable design

Safe to use: The comb acts as a protective cover against the heating plate to prevent hair from over-burning

Long-lasting hair straightening effect throughout the day. Lightweight & ergonomic handle for comfortable to grip without feeling tired easily.

#3 ASPERIA beard straightener for Men

This Beard straightener is the latest electric men’ss beard comb which can quickly solve the messy beard. It really get deep down into the beard and straighten the hairs closer to your face. 

Anti-static coating of this beard straightener combined with advanced ionic conditioning provides an easy glide through the facial hair with less snagging to give long lasting results.

The beard comb teeth really get deep down into the beard and straighten the hairs right from area closer to your face thereby easily managing your thick beard to capture every single stray hair and keep it in place. 

A guide for using hair straightener for men

Here are some of the useful tips that would be helpful if you are going to use hair straightener first time

  • Never use these hair straightener on wet hair. These hair straightener are meant for use on dry hair only.

  • Don’t start with highest heat setting. Hair straightener would hardly take 60 sec to heat up and ready to use. If you are looking to use higher heat setting, start with low first.

  • Wait for the hair straightener to heat up first then place a small section of hair inside the plates and pull the plates through from root to tip.

  • Don’t rest straightener on hair for longer than a couple of seconds. Remember you have to just move the straightener over your hair.

  • Do not touch the comb directly when using.

  • Once done. You may style your hair with wax/mousse/gel afterwards.

Frequently asked questions

Can we use hair straightener directly without applying straightening cream for mens hair?

It is not necessary to apply hair cream cream before using hair straightener. All that you have to care is to properly dry hair before straightening. You can use serum or oil for your beard after straightening.

How long straightening effect remain after using hair straightener?

The straightening effect will last until your hair gets wet or you wash your hair. Without washing it will be there for 2-3 days depending on hair type.

How to use beard straightener?

Beard straightener quickly solve messy beards problem for men. Here is the steps how to use beard straightener properly

Ensure your hair is dry completely. For obvious reason it is recommended to apply beard/hair straightener over dry hair.

Plug in your beard straightener, you will see LED light and ON/OFF button over straightener handle. Once switched on it will be ready to use in 30 sec time

Use handle of straightener to move beard straightener uniformly across your beard, same way you do combing. Don’t rest straightener while combing on any particular beard area for a longer time and don’t touch facial skin with comb.

The thick comb teeth will make your beard soft, sleek and lasting.


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