Best Home Theater Projector in India

Best home projector

With the advancement of digital technology and picture quality day by day, having a quality home theater projector is becoming one of the most preferred entertainment need by millennia.   

Home projector not only convert any surface into a mini theatre and helps you in watching movies, or just browsing images and videos with your family and friends but also is convenient to carry around.

Best Home Projector Preview

1. Based on Usage

Best for Home cinematic usageEGATE i9 LED HD ProjectorBenQ MS531P DLP Home ProjectorMyra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector
Best for Education purposeWOXAN PORTABLE projectorBENQ MS 535P ProjectorEGATE i9 MIRACAST LED HD projector
Best for Business presentationUnic Uc40+ LED ProjectorSony MP-CD1 Compact Projector EGATE i9 LED HD Projector

2. Based on Price

Price Range1 2 3


UNIC UC46 Portable 1080P

UNIC UC40 Projector 1080p

PUNNKK HD (1080p) 800 Lumen

Dinshi Pro 2200 Lumens Multimedia LED Projector
Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector


BENQ MS 535P Projector
Sony MP-CD1 Compact Projector
WZATCO K2 3500 Lumens 1080P Projector 

3. Based on Portability

Now coming to detailed description.

There are few things that are required to keep in mind before choosing the best home projector for your home theatre system to have seamless experience like

  • Projection Technology (LCD,TFT,LED,etc)
  • Projection size and aspect ratio
  • Input and connectivity ports
  • Throw ratio
  • Brightness and contrast
  • Resolution

Based on the above parameters we have some quality suggestion for your choice to have a home projector.

Best Projector for Home Theater

1. EGATE i9 LED HD Home Projector 1920 x 1080

home projector

This ISO 9001:2008 certified Egate i9 LED projector is an European designed device which is also a CRISIL rated company with BIS certification.

EGATE’s affordable cost and its performance are two of the most important reasons why it one of the most preferred choice as home theater projector.

You can connect almost all of your devices like laptop, MP3 player, cameras, gaming console, etc. with high-speed connectivity ports available like USB, HDMI, VGA, AV and mSD.

You can plug and play directly from the pen drive without the need of PC/laptop. Egate i9 LED projector supports all the essential video and audio output formats. This projector uses 5 piece glass lens to give you crystal clear clarity.

Technical Features:

  • It is having native resolution is up to 800X480p and also supports HD resolution up to 1920X1080 with more than 16k colors

  • 1000:1 contrast ratio.

  • It can display HD quality picture up to 120″ converting your living room into a mini theater.

It comes with The Green technology ‘Lifelong LED’ with working life of 20 years approx. And the combination of LED lamp and high-quality LCD gives true color representation like widescreen LCD but at a very lower cost. It comes with built-in stereo speakers, but it’s advisable to use external speakers for the best experience.

Pros Cons
Plug & Play feature Low in build speaker sound
Green technology
Heat, Dust & fluctuation proof
5 piece glass lens

2. UNIC UC46 Portable 1080P WiFi LED Home Projector

Unic projector hozone

This Wiki projector by UNIC is handy, portable and convenient for home theater entertainment, projecting screens or presentations in schools and office. UNIC UC46 gives superior TFT LCD color display having output of 16.7 million colors.

Technical Features:

  • It comes with native resolution of 800X480 p and support up to 1080p with 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • It has a projection size of 34-130″ from a projection distance of 1.07-3.8meters.

  • 20000 hours of LED lamp life and delivers approx. 1200 lumens brightness.

Unic UC 46 projector supports various connectivity options and all essential video and audio formats. It needs a power supply of 100-240V at 50/60HZ and has a power consumption of 55W (Max).

The projector also has multi-chip coated optical glass lens with keystone correction ad lens adjustment mode.

Pros Cons
Multi-chip coated optical glass lens Heat up fast
High brightness and resolution in range
Budget Friendly
Build quality

3. BenQ MS531P DLP Home Projector

The benQ MS531P DLP is a projector with good built quality and has dual HDMI inputs for multiplatform digital connectivity, thus has a low cost of ownership and low maintenance.

Technical Features:

  • BenQ MS531P DLP Home projector supports 1920 X 1080 full-HD resolution and a native SVGA resolution of 800 X 600 with 3300 ASNI Lumen brightness.

  • You can enjoy up to 100” of full HD projection from 3 meters throw distance, with a high native contrast ratio of 15000:1.

  • Easy and Flexible Setup with 1.2x zoom and offset >100 percent.

It comes with 3 dedicated picture modes, sports mode, vivid TV mode, and cinema mode and you can choose any one of them.

Pros Cons
Dual HDMI & VGA ports Low Built in speaker sound
1920 X 1080p full HD projection
3 Predefined picture mode
3300 ANSI Lumen‎ high brightness

4. Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector

Epson projector hozone

Ideal for the meeting and huddle rooms, the affordable Epson EB-S41 projector is a multi-functional, packed with features and the perfect choice to present true-to-life images.

Epson EB-S41 is having shut down shutter that can help in screen size adjustment for small meeting rooms too. It comes with the easy-to-use sliding Horizontal automatic keystone adjuster, screen corrections and helps you in delivering powerful presentations anywhere in the room.

Technical Feature:

  • Boasting stunning brightness of up to 3,300 lumens and a high contrast ratio of 15000:1

  • RGB liquid crystal shutter projection system

  • 60 inch minimum projection distance

  • Native resolution of 800X600 and support upto 1080p resolution.

With the auto power on function, projection starts automatically once a projection signal is detected via VGA cable or USB cable, providing you with an easy and hassle-free presentation.

Thanks to 3300 lumens brightness it delivers good picture quality even in brighter light. You can make it work wirelessly with Anycast WiFi for connecting with phone, table or laptop.

Pros Cons
High Contrast Ratio Heat outflow
Easy Lamp Replacement
2 Yr Manufacturer warranty
WiFi enabled

5. BENQ MS 535P Projector

Benq projector

BENQ comes with SVGA picture quality featuring 800 x 600 pixels resolution that reveals the acute details in your content in crystal-clarity without any distortion so that you can make an ever-lasting impression on your professional associates. 

The unique combination of a high contrast ratio and Lumens ANSI brightness in BENQ MS 535P allows for a flawless representation of small text, dark colours and fine lines. 

This projector saves a hefty amount of your precious money with the Smart Eco Power Saving Technology of the MS 506-P DLP Projector that targets increasing the projector’s lamp life by offering up to 10,000 hours of lamp running time.

Technical Aspect:

  • 3300 ANSI Lumen High Brightness for Stunning Presentations

  • 15,000:1 High Native Contrast for Crisp Readability

  • Active 3D Projector. It uses active 3D glass.

  • Dual HDMI inputs for multiplatform digital connectivity

  • Supports VGA(640 x 480) to WUXGA_RB(1920 x 1200)

  • 1.2 X zoom and 2W speaker

BenQ 535P projectors produce the truest blacks and unmatched readability with every character, graph, and chart crisply defined. High fill factor increases clarity for black and white or color images and reduces eye strain for presenters and audiences to stay focused on the content.

Pros Cons
SmartEco™ Mode Heat outflow
DLP Projection Technology
Active 3D projection
Easy-Access Top Lamp Door

6. WOXAN PORTABLE projector with HDMI / AV / VGA / USB / TV

home projector hozone

The Woxan portable projector is easily compatible with your PC for Windows or Mac and usages TFT+LCD technology for display. Projector comes with projection size of 50 to 140 inches.

It supports keystone technology of 15-degree physical correction. There are various connectivity ports and supports various video, audio and image formats. Projector has a power consumption of 120W and features 3 piece glass lens which is of good quality.

Technical Features:

  • WOXAN projector has native resolution of 800 X 480 p and supports till 720 X 1080 p

  • Projector comes with contrast ratio of 1000:1 and has a changeable aspect ratio of 4:3 & 16:9.

  • Lamps Type: LED 100W, 50,000 hours life

Woxan portable projector is one of the best projectors out there in the online market right now when compared among lower-lumen product. With 2000 lumen, you can project it in a dim room. But best you will get best results if you use it in a dark room, or during night.

Pros Cons
TFT+LCD technology 3.5 mm audio jack
3 piece glass lens
Keystone technology
Long life bulb

7 Myra® TouYinGer X7 Led Projector 1800 Lumens

Myra projector hozone

The Myra TouYinGer X7 LED projector is best for you if you are looking for home cinema experience. It uses TFT- Single LCD Panel LCD+LED technology. It gives you flexibility to use and you can easily mount it on a rear ceiling mount use it as tabletop mount.

This projector is mainly for home usage and is not recommended for Office presentation and Educational use because of its contrast ration range.

Technical Details:

  • Resolution: Native : 800×600 support 720p x1080p

  • 37-130 inches range of projected screen size with 1800 Lumens brightness

  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 and LCD Contrast ratio: 1000:1

  • Projection Screen Size (inch): 37-130inchs,

  • Projection Distance (m): 1.2-3.8meter

Myra TouYinGer X7 LED projector supports even 3D format. It supports red-blue 3D glasses optical resolution of 800 X 600dpi and also comes with 2 red & blue 3D glasses.

Myra TouYinGer X7 LED projector has no AC3 Audio not support. For better result of its projection it is advised to use this projector in dark environment. Although it supports 37 – 130 inches range of projection screen but delivers it best when used under range of 80 inch.

Pros Cons
Affordable pricing for its features Lack Wifi Connectivity
20000 Hr LED Bulb life
3D: Support red blue 3D glasses
Small size, low noise

8 EGATE i9 MIRACAST LED HD Projector – HD 1920 X 1080 HDMI

egate miracast projector

Change your living room into movie theatre by getting this European designed Egate info-tel Multi-screen / Miracast Projector installed which displays true colour.  For home projection you would be requiring a projector with minimal maintenance cost. Equipped with 30000 Hr long LED life, It reduced overhead cost.

Technical Details:

  • EGATE i9 MIRACAST LED HD projector comes with an HD feature providing 1920X1080 and 800X480 native resolution.

  • It comes with 1000:1 high contrast ratio and a 120” large screen

  • 30000 hours long LED life

  • The 1800 Lumen. 120 ANSI brightness that don’t let your eyes stressed out much

With various pre designed picture and movie mode you can chose the best that suits you or customize its as per your desire. Screen Mirroring – Miracast / All Cast / Airplay The i9’s powerful processor & Wifi makes it easy and buffer less for most Android or iOS device like apple laptop, android mobile or iPad to connect and display on your i9 without wires. 

It is heat and dust resistant and comes with a fluctuation proof feature, making sure that you get an uninterrupted experience even at temperatures as high as 50 degrees.

Pros Cons
Multi-Screen & Streaming via Miracast Lack Wifi Connectivity
Heat Dust and Fluctuation proof
30,000 Hr long LED life
Direct play from USB
16k colors display

9. Sony MP-CD1 Compact Pocket Size Mobile Projector (Black) 

The Sony MP-CD1 Compact Pocket Size Mobile Projector is the true led projector, which is well suited for movies, presentations or training, anytime, anywhere. The MP-CD1 is impressively compact and highly portable with sleek design.

Just connect the HDMI cable from your PC and press the projector’s power button. The MP-CD1 boots up in only 5 seconds, so you can go straight into your presentation.

The MP-CD1 features automatic keystone correction. You can place it directly on a table or desk and project a full-screen display without any need to prop it up or use a tripod.

Technical Details:

  • 105 ANSI Lumens (enough bright yet causes no heat issues)

  • DLPR intellibright technology for managing the image quality

  • 5,000mAh battery, WiFi Connectivity along with HDMI dongle connection available

  • 854X480 resolution with 80 inch max projection

It project large image at even short throw distance. Even for the maximum size (120 inches) you only need 11.48 feet giving you Perfect resolution in long distance.  You can get the MP-CD1 to put 120-inches on a wall, but it’s a much better, tighter and brighter image if you restrict it to 80-inches. 

The HDMI port on this projector is compatible with standard HDMI/MHL inputs. You can connect via cable to laptops, gaming consoles, Android devices, and also Apple devices. You can attach a HDMI dongle to provide wireless connectivity for many laptop computers and smartphones.

Pros Cons
Fast USB-C Charging High Price
Premium Aluminium design Output speaker sound
Media Streaming With HDMI Dongle
Auto focusing feature

10. Unic Uc40+ LED Projector 1920×1080 Pixels

Unic projector home projector India

Unic 40+ is a mini portable high definition LCD projector. For projection it usages TFT and LCD technology.  UC40 is the older version of UC40+. Apart from the addition of ‘+’ in the original name, the only difference between these two models is the addition of VGA port in the new UC 40+.

Along with VGA support, Unic 40+ comes with various interface such as, HDMI / AV / SD / USB almost fit all of your consumer experience. 

The features and The installation is also quite convenient, you can just put it on the table, or hang to the ceiling. Ideal for business, education application or residential uses. 

Technical Details:

  • Unic 40+ projector comes with an HD feature providing 1920X1080 and 800X480 native resolution.

  • It comes with 800:1 high contrast ratio and a 130” large screen

  • 20000 hours long LED life

  • The 1800 Lumen ANSI brightness

UNIC UC40 plus’ LED lamp is capable of emitting up to 800 lumens of intensity which is about 3X of the conventional LED bulbs. In addition, the lamp has a lifespan of 20,000 hours, double than any LCD bulb.

It support WiFi connectivity and you can buy HDMI wireless display dongle, then connect to it’s HDMI port.

Pros Cons
Sealed design, less maintenance None
Exchange from 16 : 9 to 4 : 3
1080p Full HD
HDMI wireless connectivity


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