Top 10 Best Humidifiers to Buy Online

Humidifier for room

A humidifier in room helps in putting moisture in to the air around you. This is an additional benefit of having a humidifier is in winter. Humidifier prevent your lips, nose, eyes as well as skin from drying out. Below are top 10 best humidifiers for room that you can buy online. The list consists of such humidifiers that are affordable, can be used for babies and yet of top notch quality.

With humidifier, it is often seen that people usages essential oil and any other oils but such usage are not recommended in humidifier. Most of the humidifier are made of ABS grade plastic to ensure hygienic mist generation. These may react with essential oils (like Citrus oils) to diffuse harmful and reactive mist.

If you’re looking to have humidification and aroma diffuser in one unit, You can go for 2-in-1 ultrasonic diffusers and humidifiers that are made without bpa plastic and are safe to use essential oils and other aroma and maintaining humidity in the interiors.

Best humidifier for room

#1 Allin Exporters Cool Mist humidifier

humidifier for room

Allin humidifier uses ultrasonic vibration technology which features ultrasonic frequencies that convert molecules of the water into a mist that is very fine and cool. It also have feature of air ionization. What means is that the cool mist has negative ions which helps in neutralising harmful microorganisms as well as protect you from diseases that are borne from the air.

This humidifier for room humidify the air, helps you in breathe easier and relieve you from cough and sinus congestion due to colds, allergies, and flu.


  • Extra-large 2.4L tank capacity allows 12 hours working time under highest mist mode.

  • Allow you to adjust the mist intensity as per room size.

  • Operates on lesser energy than a standard bulb. 

#2 iBELL HU1003L Humidifier & Oil Diffuser

humidifier and oil diffuser

This is another great humidifier as well as essential oil aroma diffuser. What sets it apart is that it comes with a warranty of one year. The operation is as follows – there is a nob that allows you to set the amount of missed that you want to generate. It works from minimum to maximum.

It also comes with 2 LED indicators- Blue and red. The blue indicator shows that the humidifier is on while the red one is for the warning when the water levels are low.


  • Operating it is very simple.

  • Low Water Indicator, Water Shortage Protection

  • Highly critical during sleep & working in office / watching TV etc.

#3 Deerma F628 Humidifier

Humidifier for room

Deerma humidifier makes sure that it breaks down the water into micro size particles. These particles can easily penetrate the layer of the skin and helps in making the cells moist.

Humidifier is helpful with issues like dry eyes, sore throat, nose irritation, chapped skin, congestion due to sinus etc. Furthermore, it is perfect for using aromatic liquids that are water-based. It is also extremely affordable.


  • It can run for a whole day and knows how to adjust the flow.

  • Large 5L water hold capacity.

  • Comes with active carbon filter inside the air humidifier that cleans micro dust particle.

  • 360 Degree wide spread room distribution

#4 Allin PH906 Exporters Cool Mist Humidifier

Allin room humidifier

The Allin Exporters Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier tops the list for a lot of people. It uses ultrasonic vibration technology which features ultrasonic frequencies that convert molecules of the water into a mist that is very fine and cool. It, further, improves the quality of the air, along with purifying the air.

Allin exports humidifier comes with maximum mist output up to 380ml/hr, the flow rate of this Ultrasonic Humidifier can be adjusted. Comes with features like auto- shutoff that is having advanced fail-safe mechanism, this Humidifier will be shut off automatically when it will detect low water level .


  • It settles down the particles of the dust to clean breathing air for you.

  • Extra-large 2.0 L tank capacity allows 12 hours working time.

  • Filter-less humidifier. 

#5 Dr Trust Facial Steamer Vaporizer Room Humidifier

Trust facial steamer

It is both a humidifier and a diffuser. This diffuser breaks down the water droplets as well as the mixture with a essential oils into very small, fine particles with the help of ultrasonic vibrations. This mixture gets dispersed into the air as a very fine and fragrance missed that helps in refreshing the air, soothing issues like dry skin, itchy eyes, have sent preventing allergies.

The vaporiser allows you to steam your blocked nose and relieves sinusitis. It’s effective in treating flu and cold by expelling out mucus from the nasal as well.

Works with 3-in-1 features, this humidifier for room is compact & portable device. Equipped with special kind of heating elements, the device heats up the water quickly and produces 18,000 times finer steam particles. 


  • It helps in relieving stress as well as improve sleeping patterns and quality.

  • With 225 ml water tank, it can give you 15- 40 minutes of regular working.

  • Works as facial steamer, humidifier, and towel warmer.

#6 Kampes Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser & Humidifier

diffuser and humidifier

Kampass humidifier is a great option for people who want both humidifier and a diffuser in one. This humidifier cum diffuser uses vibration that is ultrasonic so that the water as well as the oil is dispersed in a way that the water vapor is very fine.

When you use essential oils with this, it will help in moisturising your skin, promoting better sleep patterns and relaxing you. It also operates as an ionizer, helps in purifying the air that you breathe.


  • Effective in eliminating the smell of the pets, smell of smoking, smell of cooking etc.

  • Device comes with a water tank capacity of 300ml and can run continuously for 8 – 10 hours.

  • Manufactured using perfect BPA free abs grade plastic and works well with all blends of essential oils.

#7 Upscale 2 in 1 Integrated Cool Mist Humidifier

upscale humidifier diffuser

Upscale humidifier is a 2 in 1 humidifier cum aroma diffuser is that, further, it produces both cold as well as warm mist. It is also a hassle-free humidifier even though there is a top fill built.

Unlike any noisy device, this humidifier which is based on ultrasonic technology the humidifier works quietly with less than 35db noise and provides a comfortable sleep environment for your family.

Humidifier comes with first of its kind USB charging port and it can be charged anytime and anywhere thus making it one of the most portable option.


  • Cleaning this is very easy as the opening of the water tank is very wide.

  • Comes with large water tank capacity of 3 litre and have runtime for 8-10 hours. 

  • Auto shut off in-case either short of water or no water.

#8 Dr Recommends Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

ultrasonic mist humidifier

when it comes to one of the best humidifiers in this industry, doctor recommends ultrasonic cool mist humidifier stands among the top competitors. This humidifier provide relief to people who are struggling with issues like dry skin, symptoms of sinus, dry throat, issues related to breathing, irritated eyes as well as other physical discomfort which happened as a result of lower humidity levels in the atmosphere.

Apart from this, there is a different slot in this humidifier for the aromatic oil which is placed at the bottom of the device. This cool mist humidifier provides 3 levels mist ( Low/Medium/High) to choose from as per room size for office, bedroom, baby room, living room.


  • It has a water tank of 2.4 L which is usually enough for medium to large rooms and functions for up to 12 continuous hours.

  • Comes with 4 Time Settings & 7-Color Night Light.

  • Help soothe dry, itchy skin by ensuring your home remains above the recommended 43% humidity level

#9 KACOOL Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Oil diffuser humidifier

KACOOL is a renowned brand which is known as baby brand however they have made some amazing household as well as electronic appliances and their essential oil diffuser and humidifier is one of them.

This one again is a ultrasonic humidifier which releases the way poor of the water that helps in eliminating the dryness, sore throat, helps in reducing, congested nose. To enjoy the benefits of the user, you just need to add a few drops of therapeutic oils that are soluble in water.

Comes with 7 different light setting, You can press the LIGHT button to shift from one color to another or set it on a specific color. You can set to use the mist without light or use light without mist.


  • Purifies the air that you breathe and also helps in stopping the growth of bacteria as well as fungus.

  • Comes with large 500ml water capacity that runs for 8 hours in high mist mode.

  • Easy to operate and best part is it has remote control.

#10 Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

vicks mist humidifier

Vicks is a brand that has a trust for decades now when it comes to elements like cold, flu and cough. In the way it works is that it sends the cold water into a boiling chamber which further turns that water into steam that is absolutely pure. This tin then mixes with the cold air that is present inside the cooling chamber in the humidifier and thus a warm moist air is released from the humidifier.

This way, it is ensured that whatever moisture is being released by the humidifier becomes 95% germ free as well as safe to inhale for the people.


  • It is a great option for relieving congested nose, cold, throat and treating cough.

  • Releases up to 95% bacteria free, visible, warm mist to help temporarily relieve cough and congestion.

  • 2 output settings for ideal comfort

  • Medicine Cup for use with liquid inhalants such as Vicks VapoSteam

Final Words

Portable humidifier are easy-to-use and affordable. Selecting a humidifier for room depends on if you prefer warm or cool mist or want an evaporating or ultrasonic machine. Allin Exporters Cool Mist humidifier is overall good choice if you are looking for humidifier to be used with water and which is portable.

Deerma F628 Humidifier and Upscale humidifier are humidifier cum aroma diffuser that gives you cold as well as warm mist. Whereas Kampass humidifier is a great option for people who want both humidifier and a diffuser in one. 

What is your preferred choice? DO let us know in comment.

Frequently asked questions

#1 Does humidifier require RO water or distilled water?

No essentially but it is recommended to use RO or distilled water. Humidifier does not require any filter water as such but if you are using normal water, it is advise to do weekly cleaning to keep minerals from building up.

Using distilled or RO water saves you from this weekly cleaning task.

Know More: Best RO water purifier under 10000

#2 Can we use oils in humidifier?

Many humidifier comes with 2-1 functions such as working as humidifier as well as Oil diffuser. What matters in this is the quality of plastic material being used in humidifier.

Most of the humidifier are made of abs grade plastic to ensure hygienic mist generation. With such humidifier it is said avoid using essential oils as these may react chemically. Humidifier which are manufactured using perfect BPA free abs grade plastic works well with all blends of essential oils as diffuser & humidifier.

#3 How humidifier works?

In general definition, humidifier emit water vapour or steam to increase moisture levels in the air (humidity). Some humidifiers are self-regulating which means as humidity increases, the humidifier’s water-vapor output naturally decreases.

#4 How to use humidifier?

  • Put this Humidifier in a horizontal upward position.
  • Lift up the cap of the humidifier; fill the water tank with purified water.
  • Add 3-4 drops of aromatherapy/essential oil into the water tank.
  • Connect the humidifier to power source and press “MIST” to choose your desired mode.
  • Close the cover and tight it.

#5 What is the Ideal humidity level?

T he amount of humidity in environment varies depending on the season, weather and where you live. Depending on weather, humidity levels are higher in the summer and lower during winter months.

Ideal range for home should be between 30% and 50%.

#6 What is difference between Air purifier and Humidifier?

Air purifier and humidifier are two complete different devices. Air purifier whereas remove allergens and contaminants from air through specialised filters whereas Humidifier may or may not contains filters and adjust only moisture content in your air.

Humidifier has nothing to do with air quality improvement directly. Which one you need? If you are living in areas where you are having exposure to pollution, allergens etc then you should go for air purifier. Here are recommended list Air purifier for Indian home

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