Best Induction cooktop in India

best induction cooktop stove India

Indian kitchens are getting smarter with the innovation of several modern gadgets. It’s power-efficient, easy to use and involves a lot less hassle for the user. Induction cooktop or Induction stove has made cooking a lot convenient and worry free, no flame and no smoke.

Conventional cooking method have evolved much after long usages of petroleum products through Micro-oven and induction stove. Both serve different purpose. Having a best Induction stove is the safest option that you can have for cooking.

It is often misunderstood that you required to have a induction base utensil only to use for induction stove but that’s not the case. You can use any Induction base or flat bottom utensil. Also even after milk or oil spillage there is no issue with induction stove.

Considering the auto-start to safety-lock features, we have shortlisted the 10 top-ranked best induction cooktops/ stove in India that you buy at convenient price in India. 

Best Induction stove in India

1. Pigeon Induction cooktop by Stovekraft 1800-Watt (Black)

Made of microcrystal plate the  Stovekraft Cruise 1800-Watt Induction stove by The Pigeon is a must-have for the modern kitchens.  This product provides amazing features within an awesome price. Small and easy to operate induction cooktop suits perfectly to the Indian kitchens.

Let us begin from the  Dual heating technology that allows the customers to cook effectively.   It comes with a 7 segment LED screen, displaying the power and temperature. 

You can also set the menu type of any dish with the preset menus. Just set the timing in advance and leave the rest for the cooktop to do.  Most importantly, the induction comes with a 93% energy-saving technology.  It consumes about 1800 Watts of power.  A long-lasting, effective, and powerful cooktop at an affordable range. 


  • Double Heating Technology

  • Automatic Power Off Feature

  • Shockproof Body

  • Light Weight

  • Soft Push Button

  • Smart Thermo Regulator

  • 1 year of warranty


  • Not fit to handle heavyweights

2. Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

philips induction stove

With electromagnetic induction technology, It has a modern design and the power consumption is 2100W which makes this induction highly efficient for faster cooking.  

It comes with an eco-friendly design. There is also an auto-off option for the safety of the food. The Philips Viva induction cooktop is particularly introduced keeping the style of Indian cooking in mind. Suitable for cookware with a bottom diameter of more than 12cm or less than 20cm.

This Philips induction stove comes with weight limit of 8 Kg so while using make sure that total weight on its top should be less than 8 kg. Timer comes with 0 to 3 hr of setting for accommodating needs of different kind of cuisines.


  • Timer Facility

  • Auto-Off Techniques

  • Fast Cooking Facility

  • Dustproof Keys

  • Premium Design Quality

  • Lightweight


  • Repairing issue 

  • Has a bit start noise

3. Prestige Iris 1.0 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop with Push Button (Black)

prestige induction cooktop

Cook your favourite dish with this Prestige 1200 Watt Induction Cooktop. Prestige offers a model with power-saving technology that provides faster cooking while consuming significantly less power.

It comes with the Indian menus options.  You can prepare Idli, dosa, curry, or chapati on this cooktop. Automatic voltage regulators keep a track of both the high and low voltage variations.

The Prestige Iris 1.0 runs on 1200 W power consumption. The energy-saving technology helps to get safe power that automatically reduces electricity bills. This cooktop automatically adjusts the temperature so that the food is cooked properly. 


  • Automatic Voltage Controller

  • Double Heating Sensor

  • Soft-Touch Buttons

  • Proper Voltage Protection

  • Anti-Magnetic Body

  • Power efficiency


  • Not suited for longer use

4. Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900- Watt Induction Cooktop with Push button (Black)

prestige induction stove

The Prestige PIC 1900 watt Induction Cooktop is a user-friendly cooktop that offers high heating and effective consistency. Soft push buttons make the cooktop more accessible. Prepare your favourite Indian dish from an array of options available in the device.

Runs on 1900W power consumption that ensures fast-cooking and has a power saver technology to reduce electricity bills. The aerodynamic cooling system is there to prevent any unwanted mishap.

The dual heat sensors are there to keep the food warm and fresh. Has Pause and Resume buttons along with an automatic regulator that helps to adjust the cooking voltage. Power-saving technology adjusts the temperature properly. 


  • Power Saving Features

  • Double Heating Sensors 

  • Anti-Magnetic Walls

  • Easy Maintenance 

  • Indian Menu Cooking Options


  • Not suitable for longer use since it has some minor heating issues.

5. Usha Cook Joy (3616) 1600-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

A budget-friendly option with a lot to offer. The Usha CookJoy Induction Cooktop comes with auto-power saving mode that prevents overheating to save energy. Also, has a pan sensor technology that switches off the induction whenever it senses no cookware on its surface.

Runs on 1600 Watt power consumption that is quite sufficient and doesn’t pose a surge in electricity bills. The metal code varistor protects the induction during a voltage fluctuation measuring up to 1500 V.

Usha induction stove features 5 preset menus and manual controls allowing the user to cook as required. Comes with anti-skid feet and this induction is compatible with almost every Indian kitchen cookware.


  • Power Saving Technology

  • 5 Preset Cooking Options

  • Pan Sensor Technology

  • Anti-skid feet to prevent slipping incidents

  • Automatic Timers


  • Timer menu is restricted

6. Prestige PIC 15.0+ 1900-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black)

prestige induction stove

The Prestige PIC Induction Cooktop comes with a full-glass body and the new Intelligent Computer Control Procedure. This feature can automatically adjust the power and temperature for various recipes according to the requirement while saving time, effort and energy.

The cooktop has a feather touch control panel and it’s water-resistant. It’s responsive and easy to use. Also, has an automatic voltage regulator to prevent the cooktop from any harm during voltage fluctuations. However, this is to be mentioned that this cooktop is compatible with only induction-friendly cookwares.

You can prepare food faster with 1900 Watts of high power consumption. Not to mention the anti-magnetic wall and keep-warm feature that can keep the food warm up to 4 hours. The Indian Menu option is also a handy feature that comes with this induction cooktop.


  • Automatic voltage regulator as an added safety

  • Indian menu presets

  • Stylish design and extremely lightweight

  • Keep Warm feature


  • Consumes high power

  • Not suitable for all sorts of Indian kitchen utensils

7. Philips Induction cooktop Viva Collection HD4938/01 2100-Watt

Philips induction cooktop

Comes with 10 preset menus for various Indian recipes, the Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 is seemingly one of the best induction cooktops in the market. Provides a hassle-free experience and easy-to-use cooking options. The time setting option allows you to set the timer anywhere between 0 and 3 hours according to your requirement.

This induction cooktop has a 2100 watt power capacity that ensures faster-cooking and it’s suitable for a longer period of usage. Comes with a premium quality glass panel design which looks great and it’s easy to clean. The sensor touch control panel provides a premium feel.

The Philips Viva Collection HD4938/01 has an auto-off and cool-to-touch surface that provides added safety to the user.


  • Sturdy and premium design

  • 10 preset menus

  • Cool-to-touch surface for safety

  • Suitable for longer use


  • Higher electricity consumption

8. Havells 1400 watts Induction Cooktop

Havells induction cooktop

Packed with 4 various cooking options, the Havells Insta Cooktop is suitable for both fixed and variable cooking. You can set the timer for up to 2 hours and have variable power level controls.

Along with a plastic body, this cooktop has soft touch switches for faster user operations. The 1400 watt power consumption is sufficient for faster cooking and it’s energy-efficient as well. The digital screen displays temperature and timer settings. The LED indicators come in handy for easy operations.


  • Compact and lightweight

  • Manual Temperature Control

  • Low maintenance

  • Simple functions


  • No smart touch

  • Not suitable for family use due to its size and less functionality.

9. Bajaj Majesty Slim 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop

A premium induction cooktop by Bajaj that comes with a 2100 watts higher range of power for faster cooking. 

The Bajaj Majesty Slim Induction Cooktop is slim in design and made of power glass material. There are multiple functions available from where you can set the timer, temperature, and power according to your need. It further has a preset timer to ensure convenient cooking.

There are 8 auto cook presets perfectly suited for Indian dishes. The feather touch controls add a premium touch to its aesthetics. With this Bajaj allows you to conveniently use induction cooktop.


  • Premium look and feel

  • High power efficiency for faster cooking

  • Auto-off facility

  • 8 auto-cook presets for Indian cooking


  • High electricity consumption

  • Overheat issue

10. Wonderchef Induction Cooktop, 1800Watts, Push button control

wonderchef induction stove

The Wonderchef Power Induction Cooktop comes with a sleek design and various advanced technologies to provide an effortless cooking experience. The 11 preset functions are specially programmed for Indian dishes along with turbo functions for faster cooking.

The cooktop is made of A-class micro-crystal that ensures longevity. The 5 amp switch makes it easy to use, though you can use with 15A switch for better safety. Induction stove comes with in-built indicator function that allows you to see the temperature and voltage input. Due to its fine built quality, the Wonderchef power induction can withstand utensils weighing up to 5 kgs.

Additional features include; the 0 to 3 hours delay timer, advanced dual layer coil for better heat dispersion, and intelligent power consumption along with high-quality IGBT for energy efficiency. Also, provides overheat protection and prevents harm during voltage fluctuations.


  • Precise and easy to use controls

  • 11 preset menus

  • Overheat protection

  • Can withstand the weight up to 5kgs

  • 2 yr extended warranty


  • The ceramic plate is not scratch-resistant.

THE Verdict

All the modern-day inductions come with in-built safety features that make this appliance a safer choice for your kitchen.

If you’re looking for an induction that is highly efficient for faster cooking, you can opt for the Philips Viva Collection HD4928/01 2100-Watt Induction Cooktop (Black). An all-rounder choice can be the Prestige PIC 16.0+ 1900- Watt Induction Cooktop with Push button (Black) that provides faster cooking along with energy efficiency and tons of other features. Or, if you’re looking for a truly budget-friendly option, the Wonderchef Power Induction Cooktop is a perfect choice.

Determine your priority and consider all the aspects before buying the suitable one for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Induction Cooktop or Gas: Which is Better?

Induction cooktop or stove vs LPG gas, which is the most efficient solution for your kitchen. Here is the comparison for the same.

Energy Efficiency80-90%40-50%
Safety Features Has in-built safety featuresNo such function
Weight LightHeavy
Capital CostModerateHigh
Comfortable FactorHighLow
User ExperienceUser-friendly and easy to useModerate

If you are having uninterrupted electric supply, you can definitely go for any of the best induction cooktop that would a better choice.

How does induction cooktop or induction stove works?

Induction is short term used for referring electromagnetic induction which means generating electricity using magnetism.

Induction stove is having coil inside of it. When electricity is applied then it produces constantly changing magnetic field around stove and mostly vertically above it. Why it produces constantly changing magnetic filed because of AC current property that it keeps changing its direction in sinusoidal form.

When cooking pan is placed on top of powered induction cooktop then metallic body of cooking pan comes in contact of constantly changing magnetic filed. Both base and sides of the pan comes under influence of changing magnetic field that produces electric current inside pan body.

This electric current is different from what flows in our house electric cables. It’s kind of whirling, swirling electric current with lots of energy but nowhere to go. Within minutes it generates enough heat that metal pan gets hot and heats up whatever food is inside it.

So theoretically, you won’t feel electric current upon touching Induction base or pan kept on top of it but you should avoid doing so because of heat that may burn your skin.


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