Top 10 Best Ironing Boards in India (2021)

Best Ironing board

An ironing board is an essential part of our daily routine. Built with heat-resistance cover, it is a quick as well as an efficient way, perfect if you are busy as it helps in ironing clothes quickly as well as handling all your ironed clothes.

Ironing board comes with wings on each side for sleeves to be ironed. Ironing can be tiresome process and while ironing you may take a pause as it has iron holder towards its end. 

You might be feeling all Ironing board looks like same, how to select best ironing bed for home?  You will find various range of ironing boards when you go through this article. You can make selection based on following criteria

  • Height: Ironing board with height adjustment feature is helpful in getting a comfortable elevation as per your height.

  • Size: It is better if you opt for board which suits your apartment space or you may say your laundry room space.

  • Weight: Lightweight and Portable ironing board are helpful in moving around.

  • Types of pressing board: Steel is favoured because of long built life but don’t compromise portability because of that.

Here are the top 10 ironing board available in India that you can opt for in 2021.

Best Ironing Board

Product NameSizeWarrantyDiscount Link
Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board143 x 42 x 10 cm2 yearsCheck Price
PAffy Steel Folding Ironing Board145 x 40 x 8 cm2 yearCheck Price
TruGood Folding Ironing Board Iron Table47 x 122 x 6 cm1 yearCheck Price
Plantex Extra Wide Ironing Board Table47 x 122 x 6 cm2 yearsCheck Price
Ivation Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

#1. Bathla X-Pres Ace – Best Table Top Ironing Board

ironing board bathla

The Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board is one of the best pressing board in the market. It has a heat-resistant material along with a wire manager and a tray for multiple functions.

The body of the iron board is hard in the sense that it does not break in case you drop it on the floor. The iron board is pretty durable apart from having an elegant look. Even after having a metal frame, the iron board is still not so heavy.


  • 2 year guarantee

  • Aluminium coating to prevent excess heat

  • Large holder tray with ease of use


  • Bit expensive

#2. PAffy Best Foldable Ironing Board

paffy ironing board

This ironing board by the PAffy Steel Floding brand has a foldable feature. A classic wire manager with a tray for holding iron as well as some clothes. Its height lever is adjustable.

One unique feature of this board is that it does not skid on any kind of floor due to the silicon rubber cap present for anti-skidding. The ironing board is light in weight and made of steel making it easy to use as well as carry from one place to another.


  • Exclusive wire manager

  • Holding tray for heated iron as well as clothes

  • Silicon rubber for additional safety

  • Adjustable height lever


  • If pressed hard may wobble

  • Not so long lasting

#3. Parasnath Heavy Folding Large Ironing Board Table

large ironing bed

This ironing board by Parasnath is fairly portable. Like other pressing boards, this iron board also has a holder tray for keeping your clothes as well as hot iron there. Not only this, but the board also consists of a safety lock so as to prevent the falling of iron board suddenly and therefore preventing any mis-happening.

It also has a wire manager, the feet of the board does not make marks on the surface and preventing spoiling your floor. It also has a shockproof material and is worth spending your money on.


  • Cotton base provides extra support

  • Feet can be rotated

  • Easy to use and store


  • Price range is a bit high

#4. TruGood Folding Ironing Board Iron Table with PRESS Stand

Long ironing bed

Foldable as well as sturdy is what this ironing board by TruGood is. This ironing board is like the traditional steam iron with adjustable height as well as a lever.

TruGood ironing board comes with cover which is of 100 percent cotton and also very soft.  Its steel plates are capped with rubber grips. This supports the iron board for a sturdy hold on the floor.

It can be folded making it easy to store in small places as well. It’s steel plates along with wooden board makes it a shockproof ironing board.


  • Affordable price range

  • Shockproof wooden board

  • Adjustable height


  • The base is light in weight, so shakes a bit

#5. Peng Essentials Titan Ironing Board

peng ironing board

A user-friendly ironing board, peng essentials titan is a highly recommended iron board. It is highly durable with a foldable feature advantageous for compact spaces. The bottom of the board has a silicon pad preventing any slipping from the floor.

The clothes do not burn as a result of their cottony surface. The board is also perfect for irons that produce steam. It comes at an affordable price and is durable as well.


  • Silicon padding with high durability

  • Cotton thickness preventing burning

  • Light in weight with wide base


  • Rods are non-durable and shiver

  • Low warranty period

#6. Bathla X-Press Lite Ironing Board

bathla ironing board

This one is a lighter version of the Bathla x-press ironing boards. Apart from the other similar features, this version has an adjustable height with high durability as well.

 It has superior quality steel along with being light in weight. It is a stable board due to its anti-skid PVC shoes. An iron holder as well as its durability makes it a recommendable product.


  • Modern holding tray

  • Relatively stable due to anti-skid material

  • Height adjusting options


  • Cloth is non-detachable

#7. Archana Wood Folding Ironing Board

Archana folding ironing board

Archana ironing board has an adjustable height along with being portable.

It has an extremely attractive yet sturdy look, if you are looking for something very classy to get fit in your monochrome marvellous room then this is it!


  • Safety lock preventing falling

  • Superior quality material

  • Wooden shockproof boards


  • Heavier

  • Takes up more space

#8. Plantex Extra Wide Adjustable Height Ironing Stand / Folding Ironing Board

plantex ironing board

Made up of a metal frame, this ironing board by Plantex is very strong as well as durable. It has a smooth surface with resistance to corrosion as well as rust.

It has additional padding making it a thick surface favourable while ironing clothes. It also has an anti-slid foot along with an adjustable height. Not only this, the ironing board is washable as well as scorch resistant.


  • Non-toxic coating

  • Thick surface

  • Anti-skid foot


  • High in price

  • Takes up considerable space

#9. Benesta Classic T-Leg Wood Ironing Board

With a classic shape of T-leg, benesta wood ironing board is made up of a wooden board helping to prevent any shocks.

 The legs of the board can be easily folded making it a portable ironing board. The board has two options for adjusting the height as per your convenience.


  • Superior quality material

  • Easy to use and portable

  • Height options available


  • Bit heavier in weight

#10. Stylbase RBRN Large Folding Ironing Board Table

Ironing board

Simple yet stylish is what this ironing board is. The cotton surface of the board is favourable for preventing the sticking of clothes on the iron. It consists of three options for adjusting the height.

The metal board makes it a light weighted board, easy to carry as well as foldable. Not only this, but it also has an iron rest so that the iron does not fall off suddenly from the iron holder.


  • Many height options

  • Large iron holder with tray

  • Fashionable board


  • Low sturdiness


If you are looking for an all-rounder option, we suggest you go for the Bathla X-Press Ace Ironing Board. The overall built-up and durable metal frame is quite sturdy. Also, the aluminium soft cushion at the top is great.

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