Top 10 Best Kitchen Chimneys in India

best kitchen chimney online

Kitchen Chimneys in India have grown popularity and have become an integral part of our modern kitchen setup. There are several factors like effective suction power, filters (filtered or filterless ), easy cleaning, price to consider while buying a best chimney for Indian kitchen.

Generally, two sizes (60 cm and 90cm) of kitchen chimney are available in the Indian market with different suction capacity. Suction power of kitchen chimney reflects its performance in curbing the fumes coming out during cooking.

You can refer this quick guide on selection of chimney size and suction power depending on your kitchen size and cooking burner.  

2 burner gas stove + Small kitchen size + light to medium cooking = 60cm 1200 m3/Hr.

3 burner gas stove + Small kitchen size + medium to heavy cooking = 60cm 1500 m3/Hr.

3-5 burner gas stove + Medium kitchen size+ light cooking= 90cm 1200 m3/Hr.

These are the minimum requirement that you can go for choosing best chimney in India.

If budget allows, get more suction than 1200 suction capacity, kitchen chimney 1500 suction capacity is the best choice for most of home. When it comes to kitchen chimney size, 90 cms kitchen chimney is best if that matches with your kitchen size. So 90cm chimney with 1500 suction capacity is the idea choice.

Now let’s see the list of best chimney for Indian kitchen that you can buy online.

Best Kitchen chimney in India

#1. Faber Filterless Kitchen Chimney (60 cm, 1200 m3/hr)

Faber auto clean chimney

Faber which is an Italian brand keep Quality and Safety on top and this kitchen chimney of Faber is highly durable, powerful, and efficient. The chimney impressively removes the gas, oil, and other greases with the help of effective suction power of 1200 m3/hr. 

Along with the touch panel, it comes with gesture control and you can control suction-speed just by waving your hand. Gesture control allows you to control the unit without really touching any buttons, you can start the fan, change speed and shut it off, just with waving your hand. So there are no worries if your hands are dirty.

Annual energy consumption of the Faber 1200 suction capacity chimney is about 180 Kilowatt Hours. There are Dual LED Lights on both sides of the chimney to provide sufficient light at the time of cooking. Good thing is that it’s high suction power does not produce much noise during it’s operation time. Noise level of the chimney is 58 dB.

This Faber filterless chimney is next generation of auto-clean Chimney. With no filters, Faber filterless chimney ensures no cleaning hassles, which make it’s consumable and maintenance cost zero.

Coming to cleaning chimney, which can be done by removing the oil collector, and the panel which is attached via screws. Oil residue in the tray and in the panel can be easily cleaned with water and detergent. So very convenient compared to chimney with filters like baffle filter.

Regarded as one of the best kitchen chimney brand in India this Faber kitchen chimney is Ideal for Small kitchen with 2 burner.


  • Auto Heat Cleaning Technology

  • Gesture and Touch Control

  • Filterless Chimney

  • Oil Controller

  • Less Noise Feature

  • 1200m3/hr Suction Power


  • Installation and service support

#2. Hindware Filterless Kitchen Chimney ( 60 cm, 1200 Suction ) – best Hindware chimney in India

Hindware kitchen chimney

The Hindware Auto-Clean Angular Filter less Kitchen Chimney provides the maximum suction power of 1200 m3/HR. It’s sufficient enough for almost all type of Indian kitchens and the high suction power keeps the kitchen efficiently clean and tidy. The wall-mounted chimney is ideal for 2-4 burner stoves and suitable as chimney for small kitchen.

The Auto Cleaning Technology of this ductless kitchen chimney helps to remove the residuals and oil particles in just a single touch. There is an oil collector cup that collects all the removals. Power saving LED light works perfectly at the time of cooking.

With a stainless steel body, this chimney runs on 220 Volts and the power consumption is 180 Watts. Metallic blower ensures maximum efficiency and durability. You can handle this chimney effortlessly with the touch control features. 


  • Glass finish design with LED Lights

  • Touch Control Features

  • Ensures a Smoke-Free Kitchen

  • Filter less Chimney with auto cleaning Technology


  • Customers face servicing Issues

#3. V-Guard Filterless Kitchen Chimney (60cm, 1200m3/hr Suction)

filterless kitchen chimney for home

With a powerful suction capacity of 1200 m/hr, the V-Guard X10 60 cm filter less Kitchen Chimney is an affordable choice when it comes to selecting best chimney in India. It has an airtight plastic sealed motor with copper alloy winding that gives you 4-speed settings to adjust the power depending on your cooking.

The heat-resistant and rust-resistant curved glass body is durable. The intelligent auto-clean technology is designed in such a way that it cleans itself automatically after every 30 hours. There’s no filter in this chimney. Instead, it comes with a highly-efficient filter less technology that eliminates the hassle of cleaning the filter every time.

Compared to general trend of 3 speed settings in kitchen hood, V-Guard’s X10 Chimney comes with 4 speed settings which allows you to adjust the chimney power as per the cooking style. So for deep frying you can change setting for efficient working. Features make this as choice of best chimney for Indian kitchen.

The detachable oil collector tray is easy to clean as well. You can easily use the feather touch controls to operate the chimney and ON, OFF and Speed Control can be done with simple gestures. Comes with the Pan India installation and service that provides on-demand support.


  • Advanced filter less mechanism

  • Corrosion resistant premium finish

  • Oil and water proof for durability

  • Budget-friendly

  • Gesture control


  • Issues reported with installation service

#4. Faber Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney ( 60 cm, 1500 m³/HR ) – 1500 suction Chimney

faber curved kitchen chimney for home

Faber offers a 60 cm wall-mounted kitchen chimney with a massive suction capacity of 1500 m3/hr which is best among chimney in India in this range. It can easily clean and get rid of oil and fumes right away. This one is most suitable for 2-4 burner stoves.

Comes with a curved glass body and feather touch controls. Easily operable. It has 2 baffle filters that are especially suitable for Indian kitchens. The filters must be cleaned every 6 months.

The auto-heat clean technology comes with an easily detachable oil collector. The max noise production is 58 dBA. There is an installation fee and a ducting kit charge required. The company will contact within 36 hours of your purchase.


  • Highly-efficient power suction of 1500 m3/hr

  • 2 baffle filters

  • Less frequent cleaning required

  • Cost-efficient

  • Easily operable touch controls


  • A bit noisy at highest settings

#5. Glen Kitchen Chimney Auto Clean ( 60cm, 1200 m³/h )

Glen auto clean chimney

The Glen 60cm Auto Clean kitchen chimney is suitable chimney for small kitchen (100-150 sqft). It’s a wall-mounted pyramid chimney with a suction capacity of 1200 m3/hr. This one is sufficient enough for medium frying and grilling purposes which is need of most of Indian kitchen chimney.

The designer black hood is made of toughened curved glass that ensures durability and adds aesthetics to your kitchen. The baffle filters provide powerful airflow. The LED lights are eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Glen auto clean kitchen chimney comes with touch sensor control which is quite dynamic. The thermal auto-clean function removes all traces of oil and fumes. The three-speed settings allow you to set the power according to your need.

The max noise production is 58 dBA which is quite low though may seems a bit more for relatively lower suction rate. Glen surprisingly offers a lifetime warranty (conditions apply) with this kitchen chimney, which is really great to have.

For suction, its housing and fan are made of flame retardant plastic for utmost safety and low noised smooth movement. This whisk away all the traces of fumes or grime in seconds.


  • Suitable for smaller kitchens

  • Durable and aesthetic

  • Bright and power-saving LED lights

  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not suitable for bigger or modular kitchens

#6. Prestige Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney (60 cm, 1100 m³/HR)

Prestige kitchen chimney for home

This one comes with brand value. The Prestige 60 cm Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney has a turbo suction power of 1100 m3/Hr. Along with a baffle filter, this chimney is more than capable to keep your kitchen oil and odour free. Perfectly suitable for heavy frying and grilling in small kitchen.

Prestige kitchen chimney has a U-shaped tempered glass body finish that looks absolutely fantastic. There’s a digital control panel to control the 3-speed selection to eliminate smoke.

Prestige Kitchen chimney auto clean technology comes with a blower function that stores the wastage in the oil-collector tray. The baffle filters are cone-shaped and made of stainless steel which requires cleaning every 6 months. It’s long-lasting and keeps the appliance clog-free.

Prestige kitchen chimney comes with the motor which is having an extended warranty of 10 years unlike other chimneys on this list and the max noise production is 63 dBA.


  • The powerful suction of 1100 m3/hr with turbo technology

  • Hassle-free maintenance

  • Heat-resistant body

  • Unique and sturdy design

  • Extended warranty for the motor


  • Not suitable for bigger kitchens

#7. Glen Glass kitchen Chimney (60cm 1000 m³/h) chimney for small kitchen

glen ductless kitchen chimney for home

The Italian motor of Glen 60 cm Glass Chimney offers a suction power of 1000 m3/h that is efficient enough to remove all fumes or odours. It’s perfectly suitable chimney for small kitchen with the size of 100-150 sqft. The powerful 155W motor collects all the oil and deposits without obstructing the filter. 

The modern design of this ductless kitchen chimney with toughened glass looks elegant. Built with trendy black kitchen hood having fusion of stainless & curved toughened glass. It is designed to blend with the interiors of your modern kitchen. Equipped with a Thermal Overload protector, the machine automatically gets switched off when it is heated up excessively.

The effective Flame Retardant Plastic (FRP) housing technology ensures safety to the homeowners and longevity of the motor. The stainless steel baffle filter ensures dynamic airflow and it’s easy to clean.

Sticking of grease, oil, and dust bits in the cavity of the kitchen chimney reduces the lifespan of kitchen chimney but thanks to its innovative technology that eliminates these pilled up substances by warming and melting those and collecting them all in the oil gatherer.

The built-in dual-LED Lights comes in handy while cooking. Glens chimney has an easy-going push button that helps to regulate the suction power. This product is most suitable for economical small kitchens. 


  • Push-button controls 

  • 3-speed levels

  • Dynamic airflow

  • Overheat Protection

  • FRP Housing for longevity and safety


  • Not suitable for bigger kitchens

#8. Eurodomo Curved glass Kitchen Chimney ( 60 cm 1050 m³/hr )

Eurodomo curved glass kitchen chimney

This curved glass made 60 cm kitchen chimney from Eurodomo offers a 1050 m/hr of suction power. It’s convenient for 1-3 burner stoves and kitchens with a size of 200 sqft. Heavy grilling and frying won’t be an issue with this curved shapes kitchen chimney.

The glass body finish over stainless steel offers an elegant look which is suitable for modern Indian kitchens. The high-quality baffle filter creates an impenetrable barrier for oil and grease and it requires low maintenance (once in 6 months).

This wall-mounted chimney has easy to access 3 speed push buttons. It runs on 220 Volts and consumes 190 watts of electricity. Designed with 2 LED Lights that helps in brighten your cooking area to offer effortless cooking experience. The max noise level is 58 dBA.


  • Aesthetic design body

  • High-quality baffle filter

  • 3 fan speeds

  • Budget-friendly


  • Lack auto clean feature

#9. Faber Auto Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney (90 cm 1500 suction chimney)

One of preferred choice in kitchen chimney 1500 suction capacity, the Faber 90 cm auto-clean kitchen chimney is perfectly suitable for heavy frying and grilling. Suitable to be used for 4-5 burner stove, this ductless kitchen chimney comes with high-quality stainless steel three-layer baffle filter to provides a smoke-free and clean kitchen. One of the best chimney in India if you are looking in 90 cm size.

The black glass curved design looks elegant and its size makes it efficient enough for kitchens with a minimum 200 sq.ft. space. The touch-typed controls are easily operable which comes with 2 energy-efficient LED lamps.

The auto Head Cleaning function is just a single click away. Both the baffle filter and the oil collector are easy to clean. Since the filter is made of stainless steel, it’s extremely durable. The operation is almost noiseless since the max noise level is 58 dBA.


  • Elegant design

  • Noiseless operation

  • The effortless suction power of 1500 m3/hr

  • One-Touch head cleaning technology

  • Three-layer baffle filter for efficient cleaning


  • Small sized Control buttons

#10. Kaff AMBRA Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney for Indian Kitchen ( 60 cm 1180 m3/H)

Kaff auto clean kitchen chimney

This one comes with a wider suction area that is powerful enough to remove oil and residue completely. The max airflow of 1180 Nm3/h clears out the smoke and fumes with Baffle filter to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. Baffle filter work efficiently and are also easy to clean.

The Kaff Kitchen Dry Heat Auto Clean Chimney comes with a beautiful matte black finish. The front panel is made of black curved tempered glass that makes this chimney extremely sturdy. The frosted LED lights are bright and extremely helpful in saving electricity bills.

The touch controls are flawless that comes with a digital display. The filters are made of stainless steel. It ensures longevity and the filters are easy to clean. There is an oil collector as well.

The best part? This chimney’s highest noise production is 58 dBA which almost works in silence creating no disturbance at all. Overall, a smart buy at a reasonable price.


  • Durable built

  • Suitable for modular kitchens

  • Very low noise

  • Energy-efficient LED lights


  • No such in particular. However, few customers complained about poor servicing

The Verdict

Modular kitchens are almost incomplete with an effective kitchen chimney. There are several options to choose from. Like, if you’re looking for a great performance with powerful suction power, you can opt for Faber 90 cm 1500 m3/hr Auto-Clean Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney.

If you want something more suitable for a smaller kitchen, the Glen 60cm 1000 m³/h Designer Hood Glass Chimney can be a smart choice. The V Guard X10 60cm Filterless Kitchen Chimney with 1200m3/hr Suction and the Kaff Kitchen Dry Heat Auto Clean Chimney 60 cm 1180 m3/H are more of budget-friendly options with effective performance.

Overall, it’s up to you to choose the right one for yourself depending on your budget and requirement!

Kitchen chimney filter types

#1. Baffle Filter

Baffle Filters are metal sheets that are intersected to control the direction of airflow.  Most commonly used in commercial & residential kitchen chimney for its efficiency in grease filtration and lower fire risk rate.

Baffle filters are though expensive but are Heat, flame & grease proof. Works perfectly fine in high working temperature and because of its durability it serves cost effective in long run.

#2. Charcoal Filter

Charcoal filters are one time use filter which is made of charcoal and usages highly porous nature of charcoal to trap the fumes, oil particles and smoke generated while cooking.

Charcoal filters are effective in curbing cooking odour and are effective against oil and smokes. It is expensive but less durable.

#3. Mesh Filter

Mesh Filter is like woven metal wire or plastic strands and stops particles having too large sizes passing through. Usually built of multiple layers of Aluminium mesh, these filters can trap grease, oil particles from smoke and pass those to grease trap for extraction.

Mesh Filters are relatively less expensive but are noisy in use, also Mesh filter can’t stand with high temperature.

Frequently asked Questions

What is Kitchen Chimney hood?


Hood meaning an outer covering in general term. Kitchen chimney hood, it is an covering device containing a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove or cook top in the kitchen. It serves as passage of kitchen air and works by removing fumes, smoke, heat, and steam from the air.

Some kitchen hood exhaust kitchen air outside while some recirculate them after filtering. The kitchen hood which exhaust air outside completely is termed as ducted kitchen chimney as whole and the kitchen hood which recirculate air after filtering termed as ductless kitchen chimney.

What is filter less chimney?

Filters in kitchen chimney are used to trap the oil and other particle in smoke. You will find filters in most of the ductless kitchen chimney. Different types of filters are used like Mesh filter, Baffle filter, carbon filter etc. With the time the pulled up particles from kitchen air like smoke, oil particles gets pilled up and starts impacting performance of chimney.

Filterless Chimney is next generation of Auto-clean Chimney. With no filters, Filterless chimney ensures truly no cleaning hassles, which make it’s consumable and brings your maintenance cost zero. 

This state-of-the-art technology allows for higher suction efficiency and a clear path for smoke and fumes to escape. It also saves you from the frequent hassle of cleaning a filter while delivering a powerful and consistent suction for extended periods.

What is Ducted and duct less chimney?

Ducted chimney, comprises of extractor hood having blower motor attached to a duct system, which terminates outside the building. It is one of the most common form of kitchen chimney in used in most of the commercial places and home that have access to outside ventilation. It pulls smoke that is generated on top of the kitchen hob outside.

Ductless kitchen chimney consist of a filter that have material like activated charcoal which removes odour and smoke particles from the air first then releases the cleaned air back into the kitchen. It actually recirculate the air rather pushing the kitchen air outside.

What are differences between ductless and ducted kitchen chimney?

Following are key differences between ducted and ductless kitchen chimney :-

  • Installation: Installation of ductless kitchen chimney is easier and less trouble some compared to installation of ducted kitchen chimney.

  • Working: Working of ducted kitchen chimney and ductless kitchen chimney are different. Difference is how the kitchen air/smoke etc get handled for ventilation.

    Ductless kitchen chimney recirculates the kitchen air/smoke that it capture from stove or cook top by filtering that first. Ducted chimney pulls out the kitchen air/smoke through duct having opening to outside.

  • Noise: Ducted kitchen chimneys make less fan noise when compared to ductless chimneys.

  • Maintenance: A ducted kitchen chimney is easy to use and easy for maintenance compared to ductless kitchen chimney which require periodic change and cleaning of filter.

What is Auto Clean technology in Kitchen chimney?

Auto Clean technology is used in most of the modern chimney now. You can do auto cleaning of your kitchen chimney one in a while by press of button or in some chimney it comes auto programmed. These chimney are having a Aluminum non-stick turbine blower which when powered, collects the oil particles stuck on wall of chimney to separate detachable oil collector bowels. Otherwise you would have require to de-assemble chimney to clean it properly.

Which is the best kitchen chimney filter for Indian home?

Most of the Indian house cooking practice involves frying, deep frying, masala fry cooking, oil and butter based cooking which produces smoke having much of oil content. So compared to different types of filters used in kitchen, baffle filters are the most suitable one. Easy to use and clean, effective and less maintenance.


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