Best Machardani for home

Best mosquito net

Machardani, which is common term for mosquito net is essence of every home. Whether you are living in town or village, for protection from mosquito it is necessity of every home. Mosquito nets are as good, safe and essential for adult, kids as they are for baby can be used Indoors as well as Outdoor.

Machardani is essential not only for the comfortable sleep but also for keeping all forms of diseases away. From dengue to chikungunya, mosquitoes are the main source of them. Machardani comes in different sizes and style depending on usage.

While selecting best Machardani for your home you need to keep some things in mind like

Machardani net cloth material quality – especially if you are buying machardani for kids and new born.

Size – depending on your bed and number of people accommodating

Type- Classic or Foldable

Comfort Zipper – Some machardani comes with three side zipper and small Zipper for charging

In this article we will take a look at different types of machardani suitable for various usages. These machardani are suitable to use in all the seasons, they are comfortable and well ventilated. Explore their sizes, colors, and prices from the list and pick the one to protect yourself from insects and mosquitoes.

Best machardani for home

Machardani for baby

New born baby take 14 to 16 hours of rest every day therefore it is essential for them that they take sleep without any kind of external disturbances. Mosquito bites are dangerous and kids can get irritated all day if they fails to get required hours of sleep. For comfort of new born baby it is essential that you should look for cosy and comfortable baby machardani.

 Following are best choice to consider

#1 LifeKrafts Foldable Baby Mosquito Net

machardani for kids


  • Highly durable material with mesh fabric for breathability.

  • 100% fine premium honeycomb patterned.

  • Excellent design with maximum space for kids to take turn during sleep.

  • Secure base support steel wire for proper placement.

  • Easy to use, store and comes with bordered fabric.

In addition to mentioned key features this machardani comes with no spokes inside that the baby can pull and injure themselves reflecting excellent desing. This mosquito net makes no noise on opening or closing. The extra frills on the sides ensures there is no gap.

The frame is sturdy unlike the other mosquito nets and for safety the skirting on sides prevents bug bites even if the baby touch the edges while sleeping.

#2 DearJoy Baby Kick and Play Gym Mosquito Net for kid

machardani for baby


  • Excellent quality net with thick bedding

  • Easy to fold, store and wash

  • Comes with colourful toys, reposition able panel with tactile play

  • The mosquito net with two sided zipper

This play gym mosquito net comes loaded with colourful toys for your baby. It is soft and safe and helps your babies to start identifying colors and objects. The bedding set that comes with mosquito net have 4 cm thick cotton bedding for new newborn’s fun and sleep time along with a soft pillow to provide your baby with neck & head support while sleeping.

Machardani for double bed

You will require bigger machardani which is also easy to fold and store after use. For this purpose following are the recommended choice.

#1 Shoo Moski® Machardani for double bed

machardani double bed


  • Foldable Mosquito Net for bed, easy to setup and fold back.

  • Comes with three zipper openings.

  • Made with 100% polyester net fabric having holes dense and small.

  • PVC Coated Stainless Steel spring frame

This machardani is self supporting, requires no special assembly, and doesn’t require any hook or string. Machardani is easy to open and it gets pops up by itself and quickly comes to the shape of the tent.

It can then be held with the mattress with the help of the elastic band attached to the net at all the four corners. Mosquito comes with separate zipper for the cell phone charging cables.

#2 Classic Polyester material foldable machardani for double bed 

machardani for double bed


  • Elegant style and design, suitable for accommodating king size, Super King size bed.

  • Self supporting mosquito net so no external strings, hooks or suspension points required.

  • Easily to wash and store, its steel wires are corrosion resistant.

  • Made up of a fine see through mesh fabric.

  • No machardani stand required

  • Comes with large Zipper gates on two sides with inner and outer runner.

This double bed machardani is easy to fold, easy to carry and it offers a healthy and breathable environment to sleep in. Its soft fabric with tiny holes keeps not only mosquitoes out but also other insect out and yet allows breeze of air for comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Easy to use features like Zipper chains are double sided on both openings which is necessary & helpful to operate from inside/outside.

Machardani for single bed

#1 AL Sunnah Machardani for single Bed

Machardani single bed


  • Double interlocking (in and out) with Zipper.

  • The top hoop is steel built which is much durable than plastic hoops.

  • Excellent for indoor use for homes, single bed and for outing.

  • 360 degrees stitched & protected wit base sheet.

  • Very fine mesh design which is excellent for protection form mosquito.

  • No machardani stand required

This machardani is suitable for bedding, floor, camping, trekking, adventure, indoor, Outdoor, and more. Fully portable foldable and easy to hang or carry, which can be used in all the seasons. Machardani can be folded and unfolded multiple times without breaking, unlike nets.

This machardani is made of non-toxic material and 360 degrees surrounded by the entire yarn design.

#2 Divayanshi machardani for single bed

machardani single bed


  • Superior quality polycotton fabric

  • Comes with cotton border at bottom for long life

  • Quick to wash and quick drying

This classic design machardani is most commonly used at homes and outdoor. being light weight and easy portable, this mosquito net is easy to carry around.

It is easy to put on and equally easy to remove. Easy to wash, it offers a clean environment top sleep in. The mesh size is small enough to keep out bugs when used as directed, but big enough to allow for good air flow. The untreated polyester (no insecticides) is a superior grade that is strong and durable.

Dulhan machardani

#1 Classic Mosquito Net Hanging Mosquito Net for Double Bed 

dulhan machardani


  • Suitable for King size, Super King size bed.

  • Easily Washable because of steel wires are corrosion resistant.

  • Net is built with chemical free material.

  • Easy and convenient to install.

This dulhan machardani type is good for use at home and for travel. Mosquito net comes with hanging kit (Hook, Fastener, Ribbon) and is easy to install. Its excellent design adds grace and beauty to your home decor. 

Since it is a self supporting mosquito net so it does not require any external strings, hooks or suspension points. Its extra fine embroidery fabric serves as a natural repellent to insects and provide proper air circulation. If you want to decor it on occasion of birthday, Propose & anniversary celebration, it will give charming romantic look in room.

#2 Homecute Embroidery Decorative Canopy mosquito net

canopy dulhan machardani

Homecute mosquito net is foldable, light-weight and easy to carry. This mosquito net offers maximum ventilation to you while you are sleeping. Now no need to suffer from side effect of mosquito sprays, coils, mats and repellents.

Homecute mosquito net can be easily hand washed and not to be shrinking, colour fading. However, do not use bleaching, dry wash and harsh detergents.

This dulhan machardani enhance your bedroom look and homes decor by providing a draped canopy over your bed.

How to wash machardani properly for long life?

You will need a bath tub to wash net especially those which comes with steel frame and are self sustaining. If you haven’t one in your bathroom I would suggest you to get a large plastic tub in which the net can fit in it’s folded state.

Simply fill it with water and detergent and allow the net to soak in it for 15 minutes. Thereafter rinse the folded net a couple of times in plain water and allow the net to dry. It is suggested that you wash this net every 3 or 6 months depending on how quickly dust accumulates on the net. 

Types of Mosquito Net

#1 Classic Type Mosquito net

Most commonly used in home, these classic mosquito net provides you the right kind of defence against mosquitoes. Classic mosquito comes as per size of bed and have double stitching having more than 12 hooks that can be tied to wall. You can use mosquito stand at the corner of bed to give it support as well.

It is most spacious mosquito net that is available and most lightweight as well. Cost less also and is highly portable.

#2 Hanging type classical mosquito net

Hanging type classical mosquito net also called as canopy mosquito net is designed to have a good night sleep by protecting from the mosquito bites. It gives and elegant look to interior and brings royal look to your home.

This type of mosquito net usages PVC Coated circular steel wire ring on the top to hang thin mesh around the bed. A self supporting mosquito net requiring no external strings, hooks or suspension points. It brings excellent look with embroidery design and breathable fabric.

For installation of hanging type canopy mosquito net, you will need hook and wall plug that comes with package installed on roof.

#3 Foldable self sustaining mosquito net

Foldable mosquito net helps prevent dreadful diseases like malaria, filaria, and dengue by preventing entry of insects. These mosquito net is made from spring steel technology frames that make it flexible and safe to sleep in.

Foldable mosquito net comes equipped with both side zipper that allows easy entry and exit and strong flexible steel frame that allows you to hang it properly without the need for additional machardani stand. The foldable mosquito net can be folded easily and store in a carry bag for space-saving storage and travel purpose. It is an ideal pick for travelling and camping. Being built of cotton and fine material these mosquito net can also be washed easily to maintain hygiene.

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