Best Orthopaedic Mattress for back pain

orthopaedic matress

A mattress is an important part of our bed and lifestyle. You and your family spend largest chunk of time over this for peaceful sleep so it needs to be comfortable.

A good night’s sleep is important for our health. But it doesn’t always happen. A best quality orthopaedic mattress can help you sleep better and have less aches and pains in the morning, so you can start your day refreshed.

So what are the best orthopaedic mattresses for home?

There are many different types of mattresses in the market, so what is the best mattress for back pain? This article will compare different types of orthopaedic mattresses and give you recommendations for what to buy based on your needs.

Best Orthopedic mattress for back pain

The comfortable sleep surface should be tailored to your specific needs. This means paying attention to size and firmness preferences when selecting orthopedic type of bedding for you. The most common bed sizes are single (up to 6’x6’) and double (up to 6’x8’), king or queen sized bed.

In this article we have listed some of the best mattress for orthopaedic problems online. These mattress are available in all sizes. Depending on your bed size you can go for them.

#1 SOLARA Orthopedic Mattress for Double Bed

solara orthopaedic mattress back pain

SOLARA mattress is perfect for people who have back pains and any orthopaedic issues. It is designed though strict testing process. With the help of doctors and experts the mattress is fine tuned for its foam density and firmness to eliminate any back pains. Also, “Certi Pur” foam with which this mattress is designed adjusts to your body and this eliminates any back pain.

Key Features:

  • Cool gel memory foam that regulates body temperature.

  • Porous, open-cell design for comfort.

  • High Density Support Base for spine

  • Comes with Free pillow

#2 Flo Ergo Orthopedic Mattress King Size

flo mattress for back pain

Flo ergo is built with Flo responsive Foam and high resilience PU foam for back support. So mattress is one side medium soft and one side firm. Flo memory foam regains up to 4 times slower than other low cost brands, thus providing greater pressure relief.

Mattress comes with aloe vera gel infused skin friendly cover which can be easily removed and machine washed. This orthopaedic mattress for back pain comes with 3D air flow technology.

The foams are infused with white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from your body. This warmth then travels to the periphery of the mattress where it gets released away.

#3 Doctor Dreams by Nilkamal Orthopedic Mattress

nilkamal ortho mattress for back pain

Doctor Dreams Orthopaedic mattress provides required comfort and support to your back and helps relieve pain while soothing joints. The mattress has medium firm feel that offers optimum support and comfort as it can easily adapt your body weight and shape.

No matter how you sleep, this mattress takes care of your posture and provides utmost comfort in all positions. This orthopaedic mattress takes care of your back and knees while you’re enjoying a restful sleep. There is no body pain/back pain when you sleep on it and you will feel refresh on waking up. No heating issues.

Available in different size of single bed and double bed, this orthopaedic mattress promises you excellent sleeping experience with long durability.

#4 Duroflex Orthopedic Single Size Mattress

duroflex ortho mattress.

As per Duroflex, this orthopedic mattress is recommended by the doctors at National Health Academy for its orthopedic support and many health benefits. Mattress is having 5 zoned orthopedic support layer and memory foam together offer contoured support and a plush feel.

The right level for firm body support to protect the back from curving, eliminating pressure build-up and improving blood circulation.

Key Features:

  • Most advanced back support and help with posture and spine alignment.

  • Right level for firm body support to protect the back from curving, eliminating pressure build-up and improving blood circulation.

  • Built with knitted fabric material with memory foam quilting

#5 The Sleep Company Ortho King Size Mattress

orthopaedic mattress for back pain

The SmartGRID mattress is crafted with multiple layers of ingenuity; where each layer is scientifically designed to provide firm support for back and knitted with super-soft fabric for the ultimate comfort.

Transmission of heat from mattress is essential and SmartGRID orthopaedic mattress with 2500 air channels and temperature neutral technology does this excellently and keep you cool & comfy. Mattress comes with premium cotton viscose cover that ensures further softness and cool touch.

Mattress is built in multi layer fashion and is intelligently designed to relieve body pain by supporting and aligning your spine at the right points, irrespective of how you sleep.

Best Orthopedic mattress for side sleepers

Side sleeping is one of the most common form of sleeping. Side sleeping also has major benefits including reduced back pain, improved breathing, and better digestion.  It is often seen that side sleeper complains of shoulder pain and lower back pain if mattress is uncomfortable and not supportive to sleeping posture.

If you are a side sleepers you’ll need a unique balance of cushioning for your shoulders and hips in addition to support for your lower back. It is also essential that you should be able to switch positions at night without sinking into the bed.

Orthopaedic mattress does the task on most of the instance and it give you proper support and relief from any kind of pain if you are side sleeper. However if you tend to sleep at the corner of bed then we recommend go for spring based mattress with proper support.

When you are laying on your side, you should be able to feel the mattress touching the side of your body all the way from your ribs to your pelvis, if you are getting that experience then you are with right mattress.

#1 Pepperfry Mattress Orthopedic Memory

Clouddio nor’s memory foam promotes a healthy sleeping posture and its free airflow, bounce back & dual comfort feature gives you a relaxed back!

Ideal for side & back sleepers and people suffering from joint pains this mattress is soft on your key pressure points. It helps with the spinal alignment and provides body-hugging comfort with motion absorption (that means no partner disturbance).

Contour foam mattress provides contour support and adds comfort and provides motion transfer resistance. A side sleeper needs proper support on shoulder, hip and feet area. Pepperfry mattress adapts to your body and give your proper support while sleeping and movement.

#2 SleepyCat Plus Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

mattress for side sleeper

Sleepy cat memory foam mattress gives you right balance for peaceful sleep. This plus mattress with its top get memory foam maintains your spine curvature to support your position of choice whether you are side sleeper or you sleep by stomach.

The built pressure of the mattress is medium soft (it’s takes a couple of day’s for one to get adjusted to it softness of the memory foam and the overall performance in balancing one’s body on this product) eventually the body registers the balancing fundamentals and all falls into place.

This orthopaedic mattress comes with Innovative inner fabric that allows airflow between the layers, and the anti-skid base helps keep the mattress in place.

What is the science behind orthopaedic mattress?

Generally, orthopedic means ‘firm’, any orthopedic mattress can have different level of firmness as every manufacturer has their own level of ‘firmness’. It is important to keep in mind that not all orthopedic mattress could be best for help in case of body pain. If your mattress is too firm it will push onto the main pressure points on your body.

Pressure points on body while sleeping.

human body pressure point

You mattress should be soft on the pressure points. Because of inherent property, memory foam mattress is regarded as best choice if you are looking for mattress that give proper support. A full memory foam mattress (not a topper) will mould to your body perfectly as it reacts to both pressure and heat.

Orthopaedic memory foam mattress for back pain is designed with proper firmness on the top, middle and bottom section such that it support your body on key pressure point. Orthopaedic memory foam mattress ideal for people in need of advanced and more personalised sleep support.


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