Best Ottoman Footstool To Buy Online

Ottoman foot stool

Ottoman footstools which are of form stool without backrest but provide optimal comfort. Some of these ottoman footstool come with storage and also be used for various purposes. Often known as footstool for chair, these Ottoman stool have a great aesthetic value as well. Can be used stand alone as stool or as complement with chair, these Ottoman for chair adds to your comfort while you relax on chair. Let’s have a look at some of the finest ottoman to buy online.

Things to prioritise while looking for a best ottoman foot stool for home/office usage

  • Easy to store in a corner or by the bed.

  • Good looks and comfort-ability.

  • Storage space or without storage space.

  • Built quality materials.

Pouffes & Ottomans Stool are now becoming the focal point of the room and serving the function of all. In addition to furniture, it is actually an decorative item for your living room and would be catching eyes of all visitors. From tufted fabrics, to rich textiles and fabrics. Pouffes & Ottoman Stool look casual in a rustic room, or extravagant and lush in an affluent setting.

Here is our list of most recommendations, which are best ottoman footstool to buy online, you can go for one as per your preference.

Best Ottoman Footstool To Buy Online

1. PSYGN™ Perfect Posture Iron Pouffes and Ottomans Stool online

Ottoman Footstool

The beautifully designed ottoman footstool with cushion from PSYGN is highly popular for its proper planned design base and seat. More than one person can share this seating. The thick padding of high-density foam can bear up to 250 pounds. Kid-friendly flat surface fabric can also be used for playing games like board gaming.

The overall structure gives a touch of mid-century style with a unique design. There are an array of color options available for this chair. Made of durable iron metal, PSYGN™ ensures that the set of stools will last for long years. Minimal maintenance is required. This modest and lightweight footstool for living room or any corner of your home, suits perfectly with any kind of home decor design.


  • Comfortable Seating

  • Sturdy and Elegant Design

  • Impressive weight-bearing capacity

  • Light Weight and Modest


  • The gold bottom part may not be suitable for all interior designs if you are looking for wooden material.

2. Kridhay Natura Life Printed Ottoman Cushion Footrest Stool

ottoman foot stool

This Kridhay Natura Life Printed Ottoman is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy ottoman online that suits perfectly with every placement. The printed cushion is well crafted with exclusive leather that ensures durability and longevity. The vintage-looking ottoman chair has a low-level height of 13 inches but a width of 16 inches promises a spacious seating area.

Wooden legs blend in contrast to the printed upholstery. This one is quite popular in office spaces as well. For cleaning the stool use wet cloth than using machine cleaning. Weighs about 11kgs due to the sturdy design and build material. Aesthetic and will fit quite well in your living room or small places.


  • Sturdy and durable design

  • Spacious cushioning

  • Aesthetic leather fabric

  • Suitable for both residential and office spaces


  • Bit heavier in comparison

3. Columbus First Furniture Britto Ottoman for Living Room

ottoman foot stool

With a decent sitting diameter of 15 inches, this ottoman stool offers elegant looking furniture to add to your home or office decor. With a decent Pu foam padding, the upholstery is made of faux leather that gives a premium feel to the stool. It has a plastic buffer at the bottom.

Apart from black, there are several other colors available to choose from according to your interior preference. This one doesn’t require any assembling. It has a decent height of 17 inches which is quite ideal as extra seating and limited space areas like the trail room or in front of the dressing table. The body is made of high-quality wood, it’s quite sturdy and offers balanced stability.

If you are looking for something to be used in conjugation with chair or sitting arrangement then this footstool for living room is an excellent choice.


  • Elegant and sturdy design body

  • Premium leather upholstery

  • Ideal for commercial use

  • Suitable for compact places


  • Not for the long sitting duration

4. Zilver Handmade and Handcrafted Premium Cane Wood Apple Chair Sitting Stool

ottoman foot stool

Get a vintage-looking stool for both indoor and outdoor gatherings with your friends and family. The cozy style offers outstanding durability along with it. Built with 100% eco-friendly material soaking cane pieces, the exterior looks like a fine piece of work.

The contemporary and sophisticated design is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with just a wipe of a wet cloth. Being lightweight you can carry it from one place to another. It can be a perfect piece of gift for any festival occasion. The stool will let you feel warm and cozy. It can carry a load capacity of up to 80 kgs. If you are looking to buy ottoman online and big fan of wooden furniture then this choice won’t disappoint you.


  • Handmade, eco-friendly and toxin-free foot stool

  • Aesthetic and enhances ambiance

  • Lightweight

  • Impressive load capacity


  • None

5. Samaaya Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf Floor Ottoman

Samaaya ottoman foot stool

It’s a handmade beanbag ideal as a footrest or can be used for comfortable seating as well. With over 250 thread count, it’s 100% cotton braid cord which is completely hand-stitched.

This lightweight pouf offers optimum comfort which you can also use for keeping things on it. Comes in a round shape and it’s available in bright red color. Use dry cleaning if required. This one is ideal for floor sitting of children due to its compact size. Provides optimal comfort while watching tv or playing games. Works great as a living room decor as well.


  • 100% cotton for optimal comfort

  • Lightweight

  • Kids-friendly

  • Quality hand-stitching


  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance

6. Vetronix PU Leather Ottoman Foldable Organizer Stool Box

Ottoman stool box with storage

Designed for smaller spaces, Vetronix ottoman footstool with cushion makes effective use of your space. The footrest further offers an extra storage space where you can keep some of your essentials or even your favourite novel. Sturdy wooden legs ensure to provide further durability. The stool also provides a perfect height (38 cm) for sitting.

The top of the footstool is well cushioned for providing proper comfort to the users. You can choose your pick from several color options. Dust proof lidded box is easy to maintain and the lightweight build makes it much portable. Premium quality MDF and PU Leather make the stool more unique. It can bear up to 100 kgs weight.

The top portion also provides an extra space especially when you are hosting your guest. The collapsible ottoman can also be folded flat and stored in a cabinet. The stool assembles within a few seconds and it is also easy to maintain. It can also be used as a footrest, coffee table, or additional seating for your room.


  • Comfortable cushioning

  • Premium design and feel

  • Easy hidden storage

  • Impressive load capacity

  • Portable and can be easily stored


  • Requires assembly

7. Kridhay Natura Life Printed Ottoman Cushion Footrest Stool Pouf

The fine wood furnished ottoman provides ultimate comfort to users of all ages. Cushion wrapped foam core makes the seat look unique and also durable enough. Not only for your living room, but this footstool can also be used in your office room, study room, or dorm.

You will also get a suitable sitting height of 13 inches with this footstool wood legs. It can also be used as the footrest for chair or table in living room or any corner of your home. Perfectly suits are small spaces, the ottoman is also perfect as a gift for your dear ones. Just with the help of a brush, you can remove the stain and with the help of a cloth, you can clean the overall stool. Uniquely printed upholstery is a perfect contrast with the wooden legs.


  • Multipurpose usability

  • Elegant and luxurious upholstery fabric

  • Stable and sturdy

  • Easy cleaning


  • A bit short in height

8. Jindal Cotton Knitted Pouf Ottoman Foot Stool/

Add style and elegance to the corners of your room with the Pouf Ottoman Foot Stool. This lightweight cotton knitted rounded ottoman stool brings both fashion and function to your room. Being portable you can take this stool outdoors too. A convenient alternative to footstool bean bag.

Round twisted rope design is easy to carry and maintain. Sturdy in design, It can hold a weight of about 100-150 kgs. Use a soft cloth to clear the ottoman. Available in a wide range of solid colors, you can easily choose your pick from them.


  • 100% cotton for optimal comfort

  • Lightweight and portable

  • Fashionable

  • Impressive load capacity


  • Requires regular cleaning and maintenance

9. Rishal® Home Ultimate Poufs footStool Ottomans

ottoman foot stool without storage

Available in two beautiful puffy patterned designs, this ottomans stool by Rishal ensures extra stability. The 4 wooden legs are slightly stretched and have an adequate finish.

This ultimate poufs ottoman stool offers comfort and flexibility to use it the way you want. Be it just for seating or as a placement surface added to your home decor, this one blends in perfectly. The cushion has decent padding and its aesthetic value is prominent.

The height of 40.64 cm makes it quite versatile and you can use it conveniently in front of your dressing table, living room, or even in a commercial space. Being lightweight in design, it quite easy for you to move it frequently according to your requirement.


  • Added stability

  • Beautiful and aesthetic

  • Multipurpose use

  • Lightweight and portable


  • Fabric quality is not up to the mark

10. MIB Ottoman Pouffe for Living Room with Storage

ottoman foot stool  with storage

The Indian company MIB offers a completely handmade ottoman stool made of recycled tires. It’s both comfortable and eco-friendly. Comes in the beautiful yellow and teal color combination and steel legs. The ottoman footstool comes with a storage space in the middle and adds great aesthetic value to your room or anywhere you place it.

Round in shape, it has 53 cm of a spacious area that you can sit on or keep multiple things to use it as home decor. The sitting cushion is detachable and you can use the space to keep books or other stuff in there. The upper material used here is cotton ropes all over the recycled tire which can be dry-cleaned for maintenance.


  • Unique design and aesthetic

  • Decent storage space

  • 100% Handmade

  • Eco-friendly material

  • Spacious and lightweight


  • Its low height foot stool

The Verdict

All of the above-mentioned ottoman stools are quite unique and beautiful in design to buy online. You can opt for the PSYGN™ Ottomans Stool if you want something with a premium look. If your priority is storage and you want a little bit of elegance in design, go for Vetronix PU Leather Ottoman Stool Box. Consider your options, compare the usabilities, and determine your selection accordingly.

Fun Facts

How did Ottoman got its name Ottoman?

We all know Ottoman word from our history chapter as Ottoman Empire. The question arise why does we have a furniture called Ottoman?

Ottoman which is used for padded footstool, was firstly observed in use in the Ottoman empire time. People in the home and in empire house, furniture which were being used were have padding on the top of the cloth or foam kind of material so as to feel comfortable especially for long hour sitting. It was also used for storing stuff inside it.

Such furniture were used to be of large sized where same can be used for sitting and storing items. Later this design were adopted in Europe and were used in various different region as per convenience. Ottoman footstool is one of the variation of the original furniture being used by turks.

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