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We Indian always look for value for money and when comes to expensive appliance like AC, it’s an obvious question that how is there portable air conditioner price in india? Many a time we take decision depending on cost so in this article we will be sharing best portable ac in India and its approximate price in market.

Portable air conditioner is a movable type of Air Conditioning unit, which can be placed anywhere near a window for an outlet. It is space friendly and consumes far less energy than central units. Most designs include wheels for easy manoeuvrability and these systems can be made to work through an easy installation of the exhaust through the window. In fact, most people can easily install portable ac by following DIY instructions.

Most Portable Air conditioners are quiet in operation, such that you barely notice they are working making it easier to have conversations with people in and around you. This very fact makes this product a great choice for saving money while cooling/heating your house wherever you want.

These units can also be used as primary air conditioning unit in smaller spaces or rooms. Additionally, with portable Air Conditioner, you can avoid having a big unit hanging out of your window and blocking the beautiful view outside. AC is necessary yet an expensive home appliance, therefore we have listed down best portable AC in India with price for your reference.

Best portable AC with price in India

1. Blue Star Portable AC 1 Ton

portable ac 1 ton

Blue Star’s Portable Air Conditioner is a plug and play device which can be assembled in mere 15-20 minutes in one of your windows for the outlet. It is an easily accessible device that can be moved around at your ease, fixed to an outlet and you can enjoy the cool air instantly.

Blue star portable ac comes with warranty of 1 year on product, 1 year on condenser, and 5 years on compressor. With Cooling EER energy efficiency ratio) ratio of 2.56 this portable AC exhibits highest level of energy efficiency among its peers.

Let’s discuss some of its features:

  • High efficiency rotary compressor for maximum cooling and less power consumption

  • Pre-installed dry Mode which is useful in humid conditions as it helps in removing moisture rapidly

  • Automatic shutdown feature

  • Specially designed filter which collects dust from the air and also contains bactericide (an Anti-bacterial coating for stopping bacterial growth)

  • Sleep Mode ensures a pleasant experience through the night. The user set temperature automatically increases for a short while to balance for the temperature drop at night

  • Pre-set timing options through programmable hours

  • Integrated Anti-freeze thermostat with Hydrophilic golden evaporator fins

  • Tank full alarm to let you know when it is the right time to drain the tank, thus preventing overflow into the surroundings


  • Compact and portable

  • Tank Full Alarm

  • Feather touch electronic panel

  • Remote with Glow in the Dark buttons

  • Low noise level of 52 dB


  • Ideal for only small to medium rooms

  • Manual Water drainage

This Blue star one ton portable air conditioner price in india is in the range of INR 24,000 – 28,000 .

Concerning consumer response, its efficiency and cooling capacity. In our view, this justify its price tag.

2. Portable AC Lloyd 1 Ton

portable ac lloyd

Lloyd’s Portable Air Conditioner is an easily accessible device build for purpose. It can be made to work using simple installation techniques taking little time to self-assemble. It comes with 1-year warranty on compressor and works on environment friendly R410A refrigerant.

Lloyd portable AC comes with Blue fin coil protection. Condenser coils does the heat exchange task by conversion of high-pressure hot liquid to the cool liquid. One way to protect air conditioner from rusting and eroding is to coat them with anti-corrosive materials. Blue Fin coil protection involves coating of the coils with anti-corrosive materials to prevent all types of corrosion thus increasing life of condenser coil.

Lloyd portable AC usages new-age Air Filters for healthier air and rotary type compressor which produces low noise vibration and suitable for providing cooling over a larger area. 


  • Blue fin coil condenser

  • Two Way Swing: Useful for directing the air flow horizontally by opening the air vent in counter clockwise direction

  • High efficiency Cooling Tube

  • High density 100% Copper tubes for better rate of heat transfer, high pressure resistance, Anti-corrosion, durable, and low maintenance


  • Good build quality & cooling efficiency

  • Corrosion-resistant condenser coils

  • Filters room air while cooling

  • Auto-restart and timer control option.

  • Standard 1-year warranty


  • Louder in operation

  • Suitable for small room

Lloyd is a renowned brand in home appliances and this portable air conditioner of Lloyd is price in india in range of INR 25,000 – 27,000.

3. Eurgeen 4 in 1 Portable AC 1 Ton

portable ac for kitchen

Eurgeen Portable Air Conditioner is a 4 in 1 seasoned portable model offering cooling, Heating, Dehumidifying, and fan modes. This portable AC covers up to 120-150 sq ft of area with proper cooling, suitable for medium sized room.

Its portability make it easily movable between rooms. Eugreen doesn’t load your pocket much as it is having very less power consumption of 1320 watt and comes with 1 Year Product Warranty, 2 Years compressor warranty.


  • Drained water automatically evaporates using exhaust pipe

  • copper coil condenser

  • 4 in 1 functions: Cooling (AC), Heating, Dehumidifier and Fan

  • Rapid cooling and heating

  • Flexible water hose exhaust system with 1.5-meter pipeline for window outlet.


  • Quick Cooling and Heating

  • Remote controlled with sleep and timer features

  • All weather operation

  • Portable


  • Complicated in operation

  • No Warranty on condenser

Compared to Lloyd and Blue star, Eurgeen portable air conditioner price in India on higher side and it comes in range of INR 34,000 – 36,000. Although it comes with 4-1 features, we find this price range a bit more and if you can grab this on offer at lower cost, that would be perfect buy.

4. Honeywell Portable AC

portable ac honeywell

Honeywell 1.15 Ton portable AC provides quality cooling. Even though it’s on the heavier side, but its integrated wheels still render it quite the capability to move around.

If you live on the top floor and have direct sunlight then this portable ac is sufficient for room up 150 sq ft size otherwise it can do cooling up to 200 sq ft conveniently. This honeywell portable ac does not comes with BEE rating as other portable AC but it is electricity efficient.

Honeywell portable ac comes with 1 Year product warranty and 5 year compressor warranty.


  • Multiple Fan Speed setting High, Medium, Low

  • Powerful air flow of 410m3/hr

  • Air Vents Automatically Open/Close and On/Off

  • Continuous Drain System-Drain Tube Included

  • LED display with soft touch controls

  • Programmable Timer (Set to turn ON/OFF in advance from 1 to 24 hours)


  • User friendly digital display

  • Auto-evaporation system

  • Washable Air Filter


  • higher price

Price range: INR 36,000-39,000

Final words

After going through all these portable ac price in India, you might have figured out best one as per your budget and requirement. Portable AC from Lloyd is overall best choice as for 1 ton AC range. Being in the perfect budget range this portable is suitable for your room and even if you are looking for portable air conditioner for Kitchen.

Frequently asked questions

How does portable AC works?

Portable AC does the two basic work as any air conditioning system does

  • Cooling room by extracting heat out of the room

  • Removing Humidity from room

Comparatively portable AC are very convenient to install compared to split ac or window ac unit.
Three basic component that every portable AC unit have are

  • Fan ( for extracting hot and infusing cold air)
  • Refrigerant ( Chemical substance that does cooling work)
  • Compressor (to compress the refrigerant)

There are two somewhat various methodologies with regards to how compact AC units work. Two common type of portable AC units are single-hose and two-hose units. They are both dependent on a similar principle.

What is Single-hose portable air conditioners? How they work?

Single hose portable AC got its name because of single hose attached with AC unit, which is used as exhaust vent in AC.

An AC is compose of two coil components. The evaporator and the condenser. The evaporator expels cool air and the condenser expels hot air. Air most flow past both coils for a unit to work.

Single hose is the simplest functional way to cool the air inside room. Room air is taken in and passed by the evaporator coil to expel cold air in the room. Now air is also needed to pass by the condenser coil. It too is also sourced from the room and push past the condenser coil and expelled outside via the single hose.

The single duct AC unit draws in more outside air than it delivers cools air to the conditioned space. So it creates negative pressure in room and for effective cooling you should close any opening in your room. Also Single hose portable ac does effective cooling for the area directly in front of the unit.

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