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Using a seed oil extractor machine ensures that we use only pure and organic oil which is free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Adulteration of food is not a new phenomenon but it has been causing increasing amounts of health hazards.

An oil press/oil extractor machine extracts 100% pure oil from edible items such as nuts and seeds. Thus we can ensure that only organic oil which is free from adulteration and chemicals is utilised by us. Before using these essential oil extraction machine make sure that seeds should be free from stone, dust and other impurities and the moisture content should be below 5 %.

If you are looking for best oil extraction machine machine for home use with 100% natural and safe, worry not, here is a list of some of the best essential oil extraction machine in India.

Oil extraction machine machine for home

#1 Gorek Technologies GT-OT Oil Press, Oil Maker Machine 600 watt

Gorek technology is an Indian manufacturing brand that is very popular in the industry for its sleek design and styling. They have a variety of seed oil extractor machines, having a variety of features and respective prices.

The machine comes with digital temperature control so that you can choose between a hot press and a cold press. You can extract oil from all types of seeds such as sesame, sunflower, almonds, etc. Additionally, the product comes with one year of warranty for the motor and gearbox. 

Being quite small in volume so it’s easy to mobile from one place to another. Though this multi functional oil press machine is recommended for home but you can also use it for small business. It has capacity of extracting 4-8 kg of seeds on hourly basis.


  • Digital temperature control

  • 1-year warranty

  • Dual cooling system


  • Limited company service centers

  • Doesn’t work for coconuts

#2 Savaliya seed oil maker machine SI-702-temp 400 watt

Savaliya oil maker machine

Savaliya oil maker machines are extremely popular and in a variety of ranges. Savaliya’s most popular product is its oil extractor machine.

The silver machine is made out of food grade stainless steel and has a power of 400 watts. It is a three-way press machine that offers cold, hot, and frying settings. The compact machine is perfect for household use.

Using this machine is very convenient, you just have to feed the seeds into the hopper, then press start, it would automatically process. Coming to the performance, this oil extractor machine can process 3 – 6 kg of seeds per hour basis. This oil extractor machine is excellent in term of oil yield and it gives you oil yield >95% of oil content of the seeds. So no wastage.

While using machine pay attention to hopper also because some seeds like ground nuts are locked sometimes in hopper and may slow the process.


  • Hot and cold press options

  • Good material used in construction 

  • 2 years warranty


  • 50% oil yielding capacity 

#3 Savaliya Industries 400 W-Hexa Essential Oil Maker Machine

oil extractor machine

Similar to the previous oil extractor machine, this one is also manufactured by Savaliya industries and both these machines have the same capacity i.e-400W. However, this one comes in a Hexa-design and is much more appealing to look at.

Instead of the standard funnel USD in most machines, this one has a tray to put in the nuts and seeds that you wish to extract oil from. With low of the same qualities as the previous machine, this oil extractor is perfect for the young generation who want to maintain aesthetics.

This 400 watt oil extractor machine comes with hopper capacity of 1 to 2 kg and generate outcome of 1.3 Liter per hour.


  • Sleek designing

  • Small and compact

  • Can run continuously for 4 hours


  • Need to be cooled for an hour before using again for 4 hours.

  • Heavy(13 kg)

#4 Gorek GT-4T stainless steel automatic oil maker machine 400W

Automatic oil maker machine

The GT-4T oil extractor model of Gorek Technology is amongst its most successful models in this range. Earlier we had reviewed model GT-OT which higher model compared to GT-4T. This GT-4T oil extractor machine works comes in smaller wattage and capacity. The machine comes with 400 watt industrial grade motor that can run for as long as 3-6 hours with its dual-cooling system.

The machine comes equipped with a digital temperature controller as well as a one-year warranty for the motor and gearbox. It can be used for oil pressing peanuts, almonds, coconuts, etc.

Compared to GT-01S series, GT-4T series comes with simplified temperature controller Display. Capacity stands at 3-6 Kg/hr.


  • Dual cooling system

  • Temperature control

  • 1-year warranty


  • Difficult to find spare parts

#5 EPS TC 602 600W Stainless steel automatic oil press machine

automatic oil press machine

EPS is a good oil extractor machine for household usage. It allows you to extract oil from approximately a hundred kinds of seeds. This small and compact machine comes with a stellar motor, powerful enough to fulfill the household need.

The extractor is easy to clean, operate, move as well as store. It is a cool press machine that weighs around 13 kgs. The capacity for the machine is around 3 to 6kg per hour depending on the type of seed being used.

EPS oil press machine does not do any chemical mix during the process so you get pure oil. Being small land occupancy this machine won’t take you much kitchen space and can be easily moved.


  • Small and compact

  • Suitable for all seeds

  • Digital Temperature Controller

  • 18 month warranty


  • Low grind speed

#6 Vivian Global stainless steel press oil maker machine

stainless steel press oil maker machine

Vivian provides a promising oil extraction machine in the form of the VGI-401 model. The machine has a capacity of 2-3 kg per hour and weighs an average of 13 kg. This Oil extractor machine features 3 way press,which are hot, cold pressing, Frying. Oil press machine is designed with built in thermostat heating device.

It can be used for extracting oil from multiple seeds like almond, walnut, coconut, mustard, peanut, soya bean, etc. The oil press is easy to use, store, and clean. This single phase oil extractor gives you 35-55% of oil extracting rate.


  • 2-year warranty

  • 3 Way Press (Hot,Cold Pressing, or Frying)

  • Stainless steel material

  • Compact


  • Little heavy

#7 Vishwas oil maker 600W Automatic extract oil

Automatic oil extract machine

The Vishwas oil maker VI 582TC is made from 304 food-grade stainless steel casting material as well as has a completely rust-free body. The machine is extremely easy to operate and also comes with digital temperature controller and compact attractive design.

The machine has a handling capacity of 4 to 8 Kg per hour depending on the type of seed. The motor has a power of 600 W and is good for using even harder materials like coconut. The machine also comes with easy-carry handles.


  • Suitable for tougher materials like coconut

  • 4 to 8kg/hr production rate

  • 45-50% yield rate

  • Digital temperature controller


  • No warranty

#8 EcoSmart 600 Watt Stainless Steel Temperature Controller Oil Press Machine

Temperature Controller Oil Press Machine

EcoSmart is a home electric appliance brand that is completely eco-friendly. The oil extractor machine weighs around 13 kg but is small in size. This small oil press machine is less expensive and much easier to operate.

Machine comes with advanced technology with compact attractive design. This machine has higher Efficiency with stand by up to 8 hours machine Motor is industrial motor that it can continue working for more than 5 to 6 hours. 

The oil extractor machine works for all types of ingredients and is made of completely food-safe material. It has a motor of 600 W and can run for 4 to 8 hours at a time. Oil extractor comes with 18 month warranty. The Machine is perfectly suitable for home use. You can easily extract pure oil for home consumption. Looks classy and comfortable to use.


  • Less noise

  • Eco-friendly

  • Digital temperature control


  • Few service centres


Edible oil extraction machines are quite useful for home usages. These often called as Cold Press machines are the best machines for those who uses pure oils with full nutrition value. Coming to best choice, Gorek technology GT-OT model and EcoSmart Oil press machine are useful for different type of Oil seeds like Peanuts, Sesame, Soybean, Walnuts etc.

These machine has advanced technology with compact attractive design. Vivian Global stainless steel press oil maker and EPS oil maker machine works excellently and are budget friendly as well.

Benefits of Oil press machine at home

Oil press machines are quite handy and there are many benefits associated with portable home use oil press machine.

These small oil press is less expensive and much easier to operate than bigger oil press machines.

There is no any chemical mix during the process so you get pure oil.

Light in Weight and less noise.

It is very convenient that can help you make oil from different type of oil seeds like Peanuts, Sesame, Soybean, Walnuts, Mustard seeds, Almond, Sunflowers seeds

These home oil press can process 3 to 6 kg of seeds per hour continuously for 4 to 5 hours with non-stop.

These edible oil press machine won’t take you much kitchen space and can be easily moved.

How to preserve oil obtained from seeds

Once you use your oil extraction machine for seeds, it will separate oil and thick liquid automatically. No need of any type of filtering. After that you can put into fridge or keep it at room.

Oils should be stored in lightproof, airtight and moisture-proof containers in a cool place for longer shelf life. If you are keeping oil on some place which have exposure to sunlight, tin coated cans, glazed pottery, coloured glass are some of the suitable type to store when container is properly sealed.

If you are noticing oil developing an unpleasant flavor that may be because of moisture, bacteria or enzymes or exposure to light, heat, air and some types of metals.

Never use copper containers for storing edible oil as it promotes rancidity. Stainless steel, galvanised iron, enamelled iron or aluminium are suitable.

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