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Sprout maker India

Nutrition rich food sources are not so conveniently available in the age of burgers and French fries, this make sprouts a great source of nutrition. Easy to have and full of nutritional value. The last thing that you would want to compromise with any food items for your family, is its freshness. Having a best sprout maker in your home is key to healthy living and you enjoy fresh sprouts sitting at home any time.

Normally you would be using wet cotton cloth for growing sprouts. Hang the seeds in there overnight. This may make your seeds waterlogged and sprouts may get spoiled. However with sprout makers growing sprouts is quicker and hassle-free for you.

Sprout Maker adapts traditional method of practice of germinating seeds to grow sprout beans & pulses in the most hygienic way and at the same time keep the freshness intact. You don’t need any additional electricity or power to sprout the seeds. Sprout maker is complete organic and natural way moulded in scientific design to grow sprout.

While selecting the best sprout maker in India we priorities on following parameters that makes sprout maker most suitable for your day to day usage

  • Material Build (Steel, Plastic grade etc)

  • Compartment & Design

  • Durability

  • Price

This article suggests best sprout maker online in India for your day to day usage

Best Sprout Maker in India

#1. JN-STORE Plastic Unbreakable 4 Layer Sprout Maker

sprout maker

JN-STORE Sprout maker is among best quality sprout maker online as it is easy to use and is a superb quality product for all your sprouting needs. Made with BPA free food grade plastic, JN-STORE sprout maker eases your task of sprouts making because of its unique transparent body design.

You need to have proper moist environment for efficient sprouting and this JN-STORE sprout maker provides balanced amount of moisture through its layered design. It adds flexibility for using dry or wet beans and pulses.

For dry beans and pulses you are required to add just little water in each compartment and very less water in bottom one. You can directly use soaked beans or pulses in sprouting box.

Each of the layers of this sprout maker has a red knob which can be adjusted opposite to each layer for water and air passage efficiently. The container is very spacious and you can prepare sprouts for 2-3 days in a single effort thus saving you time.

#2. VR Plastic Healthy Sprout Maker

sprout maker

VR Plastic Healthy Sprout Maker is specially designed for providing air ventilation and humid atmosphere for the grains to sprout easier and faster. This Sprout maker is made up of food grade BPA free plastic and its good quality plastic ensures no smell in the grains.

VR Plastic sprout maker is highly durable as the plastic material is temperature resistant and is safe for the Microwave, Refrigerator usages. If have used Tupperware products it matches those quality in sprout maker. This sprout maker has three transparent compartments which is quite helpful in easy identification of sprouts in case you sprout different variety of grains at the same time.

Efficient water flow system of VR Plastic sprout maker down the compartment ensures that beans get proper moisture for sprouts and it didn’t get any odour because of water logging in layers.

#3. Anjali Sprout Maker Double Decker

sprout maker

Anjali Sprout maker comes with 2 growing trays and 1 water collection tray along with lid. Its stackable growing trays allow you to sprout different varieties at the same time.

This sprout maker which is available online is simple to use and clean because of its well finished design and works great with all kinds of sprouting seeds. Anjali Sprout Maker is made of 100% food grade material.

This Sprout Maker consists of unique siphon system with air and humidity control for hygienic sprouting system and making low-calorie salads. Anjali sprout Maker container is having strong built thus making it high resilient towards scratch and suitable for long term usage.

#4. Slings Plastic Sprout Maker

sprout maker

This white colored slings sprout maker comes with matte finish design that scores high not just on the aspect of utility but also in terms of looks.

Slings sprout maker is having high grade plastic built and lets you enjoy sprouts in a clean and hygienic way.  This Sprout Maker consists of 4 layers of containers as a part of a classic design which makes it having capacity of 500 ml.

In order to facilitate efficient water and air flow, it comes with knobs in the compartment. It is helpful in efficient water and air flow when the knobs of adjacent compartments are positioned diametrically opposite. The sprout that it yields is fresh and hygienic.

#5. Kreyam’s Sprout Maker

sprout maker

It comes with 3 large bowls to grow different sprouts. Top two transparent bowl can be used for sprouting while water as a result of circulation get collected in bottom one.

Kreyam’s sprout maker is very spacious and can be used as Grocery Container or Utility Box as well. Kreyam’s sprout maker is made of 100 % Virgin food grade plastic and is BPA free.

This sprout maker is trendy light in weight so is easy to work with and is dishwasher and freezer safe for use.

#5. PIKASO Plastic Health Plus Sprout Maker

sprout maker

This organic way of homemaking sprout maker is easy to use and simple in cleaning. PIKASO sprout maker is freezer safe, dishwasher safe.

This beautiful sprout health maker is scientifically designed keeping air ventilation and availability of humid atmosphere, for the grains to sprout in mind. Transparent container helps you in easy identification of sprouts. Using this PIKASO sprout maker different variety of grains can be sprouted at the same time.

PIKASO Health plus plastic sprout maker is made with quality plastic which is not only lightweight but also has elevated durability. Six months of warranty is included against manufacturing or mechanism defects.

#6. ATMAN Plastic Hygienic Sprout Maker Box with 4 Container

sprout maker

Shreeji sprout maker is having 3 big and a spacious container which allows you to make sprouts for 2-3 days in one go.

This sprout maker has efficient water passage design. Each compartment has a hole covered by a knob through which water slowly seeps into the compartment below that which keeps your seeds in moisture environment.

ATMAN sprout maker comes with fine finished pink coloured tight lid that ensures the sprouts are neither spoiled nor spill outside. With its white colour and matte finish, the ATMAN sprout maker scores high among sprout maker online not just on the aspect of utility but also in terms of looks.

#7. Deep Wish Box Plastic Hygienic Sprout Maker

sprout maker

Deep wish sprout maker helps you to have constant supply of sprouted food, full of nutritive value. It prepares sprouts in the most hygienic odorless convenient way and mimics nature’s process in a scientific way.

This sprout maker is made by 100% Food Grade Material. It consists of unique siphon system with air and humidity control for hygienic sprouting system and making low calorie salads.

The sprout maker is manufactured using high grade food material to ensure durability and temperature resistance. Scientifically designed containers facilitate easy and hygienic sprouting of beans.

#8. BAY Plastic Sprout Maker

sprout maker

This high grade plastic made sprout maker comes with 3 container jar. It is having two transparent containers for growing seeds and one bottom most containers for collecting water.

Made with food grade plastic this BAY sprout maker, with easy to use sprouting system is hygienic solution for making low calorie salads. The sprout maker is manufactured using high grade food material to ensure durability and temperature resistance. 

Being spacious, BAY sprout maker container is useful in storage of various kitchen products like dry fruits, condiments, namkeens etc..

#9. Primeway® Sprout Maker Organic Home Making Sprouts

sprout maker

This sprout maker is specially designed, providing air ventilation and humid atmosphere, for the grains to sprout easier and faster. Thus preserving Organic way of Home making Sprouts for better nutritional value.

Transparent Container of this sprout maker is helpful in easy identification of Sprouts and gives Fast, easy & hygienic way to Sprouts with no smell. Different variety of grains can be sprouted at the same time.

Primeway is one of the best sprout maker having 100% Food Grade Virgin High Quality Plastic and Unique Product features ensures no smell in the grains. Additionally it is Microwave Safe, Refrigerator / Freezer Safe, Dishwasher Safe (Top Rack).

#10 Gambit Plastic Sprout Maker – Medium (1.5 Liter)

sprout maker

If you have been on the lookout for a sprout maker, you must consider opting for the Gambit virgin plastic sprout maker.

Thanks to this sprout maker, you can enjoy highly nutritious sprout. It is all that you need to get sprouts in a clean and hygienic way. This is precisely what makes it a must-have in every kitchen. Moreover, the fact that it is easy to clean makes it even more desirable.

Basically each compartment has a hole covered by a kNOb through which water slowly seeps into the compartment below that. Put grains/pulses in the compartments, keep lowest compartment empty.

Make sure the kNObs of adjacent compartments are positioned in diametrically opposite directions. Fill the compartments with water , NOt exceeding the level of the kNObs. Wait for 12 to 24 hours to enjoy the nutrition rich sprout.

This sprout maker can also be used as a germinator grow Sprout seeds, beans, pulses, moog. 

Best Sprout Maker Steel

There is no any sprout maker available online which is completely made with stainless steel as this will not only make the product expensive and also it does not server the transparency feature that helps you identifying sprouting with time. Here are few closest options that you can have for steel sprout maker.

#1 Vuffuw 304 Stainless Steel Lid Sprouting Jar

Plastic sprouting kit screens often trap water, screw on loosely, and break over time. This 100% stainless steel sprout maker kit is designed to enjoy a lifetime of heavy use. It comes with doubled wire size over a standard mesh to ensure it won’t bend or break over longer use.

The rings and screens of this sprouting kit is easy to clean as it get separate easily and can be boiled or sterilised after each use and are dishwasher safe completely.

Sprout maker by Tupperware

Tupperware has establish it self as one of most sought after brand when comes to kitchen and home accessories products. The lightweight and innovative design would have you fall in love with the tupperware. Tupperware doesn’t specifically have sprout maker under its brand name but you can use other products having similar design for sprout making. Alternatively sprout maker available online like Slings Plastic Sprout Maker, Kreyam’s Sprout Maker, Primeway® Sprout Maker are best in quality serve purpose very well.

#1. Tupperware Tupper 2 Tier Multipurpose Steamer

Built with high quality, food safe, virgin plastic, this multipurpose steamer can be used as sprout maker. It comes with 2 tiers making it easy to sprout 2 different beans at once.

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Final Words

Sprouts are generally eaten raw but also these sprouts can be used in varieties of dishes. You can store them in your fridge and they will be available for later usage.

Sprouts are proved to be best for good health and growing sprouts at home is the most hygienic way. Choose the best sprout maker for your family and don’t miss your daily nutrition requirement.

Frequently asked question

How to make sprouts in sprout maker?

You need to have proper moist environment for efficient sprouting. Sprout maker comes with different compartment layer and you can put wet or dry beans and pulses in these compartment and add small water in each compartment. Don’t use much water as it will make beans waterlogged.

How to use sprout maker step by step?

In first step, prepare your beans and pulses by washing. Get rid of any unwanted material if present.
2. keep the soaked bean in bean bowl of sprout maker.
3. Sprout maker comes with red syphon caps. Place this in each bowl so that no two compartment kept above each other. Keep lowest compartment empty.
4. Place all bowls of sprout maker on water container and cover with lid
5. After 12-24 hours of sprouting, give your sprouts a final rinse and drain them well before storing in refrigerators.

How sprout maker works?

Sprout maker is clean and hygienic way of sprouting. It works in the same natural way of seed germination. Beans or pulses are placed in compartments of sprout maker and with availability of humid atmosphere and water, seed germination take place in 12-24 hour. Giving you pure, healthy organic sprouts.

Where to buy bean sprout maker?

Most of sprout makers are available online and you can order your choice of sprout maker on Amazon

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