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Are you looking for some essential food-making items that should be in your kitchen for sure, and then you are at the right place. Here we will look at some best stand mixers that will help you cook food freely and without tension. Making tasty food items like Manchurian, pizza, etc. It is not a difficult task because a stand mixer is mainly made for all kinds of stuff.

A stand mixture perfectly functions the raw materials or mixed the raw materials into a perfect finalized item. Nowadays, there are so many stand mixers that blend the raw food and perform chopping and slicing. 

Looking at the above description, it tells you that having a stand mixer can ideally relieve your hand and you from doing the tough job of slicing, beating, cutting, and blending. Not only taking relief but also the stand mixer helps you in various types for example, when you are making another food dish, the mixer will make ready your ingredients.

Concluding all points above clearly says that buying a stand mixer or adding a stand mixer in your kitchen can make a big difference and can help you in various things. So let’s have a look at some of the best stand mixers in India. 

Best Stand Mixer to buy online

#1 Inalsa stand mixer kratos 1000W

insala stand mixer

The Inalsa stand mixer kratos consisting of 1000 watts is a fully automatic stand mixer. The mixer is very well known as all in bakery appliances. The Inalsa stand mixer has all the abilities which help you to its full extent. The mixer can make several delicious and tasty items such as juices, pancakes, Chocolate pie, sauces, chutneys, and many more dishes. This Inalsa stand mixer kratos comes with High quality stainless steel whisker , stainless steel coated dough hook and high quality mixing beater to help you stir, whisking, mix, and with some kneading tasks.

This automatic stand mixer is a critical component in introducing new and modern stand mixers, which denotes selling your old mixer and getting this new one. 

The very best thing about this mixer is that it takes significantly less space and can be fitted anywhere freely.


  • Affordable stand mixer

  • 100% Copper 1000 W Motor with multi function capabilities

  • 8 Level Speed Control with pulse function.

  • Safety functions like lock and heat protection.

  • 2 Year Warranty 


  • None found.

#2 Black and Decker M 700 HAND MIXER

hand mixer in india

When it comes to the handiest, easy, and versatile product, then black and decker are the best and the right choice. The company has equipped this model to provide the full desired consistent performance every single time. The product only consumes 300 watt, which is excellent for whipping, blending, slicing, etc.

The product is fantastic for one who bakes on some festivals and for small parties.

It consists of a 3.5 l capacity and a rotating bowl which perfects the mixing. It also has many different speed settings turbo functions, which allows the mixing and dough hook with beater. These all essential are made up of steel. Most customers buy this product due to its compatibility, portable, light in weight, stainless steel, 5 l bowl, five turbo actions, and 2-year warranty. The only complaint that is being caught up the customers was its heating process that it heats up very quickly in few minutes. The product is reliable and suitable for all. 


  • It has a 5l bowl and five turbo actions. 

  • 5 speed with turbo function

  • The company gives 2-year warranty

  • Stainless Steel Beater and Dough Hooks


  • Stand material quality.

#3 Kitchen Aid Artisan Mini Stand Mixer

The new kitchen artisan product model number XGBU is an excellent product launched by the company in the market from necessary to modify the product has nearly every proper function, which makes the product more amazing. It is very effective for a technique like juicing, grinding, and blending. The model consists of only 240 W but still heats up quickly. 

The product is widely used for making chutneys and sauces. The company has provided only one extra jar with the consequence that the customers didn’t like it but featuring its functions and other prominent parts. The product is a good one and should be chosen for many as it is reasonable. 


  • It takes the mixing of food to another level. 

  • 575-watt motor with direct-drive transmission.

  • 2 years on product

  • Without tiring your hands, you can use this product. 


  • It is costly than a hand mixer. 

#4 Hi-tech Chef Master 101 stand mixer

Hi tech stand mixer

The Hi-tech brand has recently launched its latest product named the chef master 101, a brilliant stand mixer. The company has made all the improvements which their customers asked to do so. The product is made of stainless steel and considers wattage of 600 watts. It has the manual function of changing the number of speeds which lasts up to 6 numbers depending upon every speed. 

Comes with 3 blades which makes it perfect mixing: beater, balloon whisk and dough hook. Hi-tech stand mixer can be widely used for harsh grinding, such as turmeric, idly batter, etc.

The motor should be cooled down after using the product so that it cannot be overloaded. The burning smell in the first few attempts is typical due to the fresh piece and new motor use. The product is fantastic and affordable.


  • Improvement in all the fields which was disguised. 

  • Smooth Tilt Head Design

  • Planetary Motion for Perfect Mixing Result

  • Covered by stainless steel.  

  • 6 speed settings


  • None found

#5 Dash stand mixer

dash stand mixer

The dash stand mixer or the electric mixer is the only item that can be used in every home to make breakfast. It comes with six-speed options and with 3qt steel mixing bowl. The product is valid for beating eggs, dressings, frosting, blending, and slicing.

The dash company is doing pretty well for the last few months since they had started launching some new and generalised stand mixers. The product is fully versatile and compact, which offers its customers almost everything needed by an electric stand mixer. 

Dash stand mixer is lightweight and small. It is so good for storage and comes with two beater types for cakes and doughs. Even comes with a book of little recipes.


  • It offers you more significant power than a standard mixer. 

  • Versatile and compact product. 

  • 6 Speed setting

  • Dishwasher safe


  • Takes more space in comparison with other stand mixers. 

#6 Hamilton’s beach stand mixer

hamilton stand mixer

The product saves your time and money while offering you several benefits to enjoy. Hamilton’s beach stand mixer has also won many awards for their mixers. It is made up of all-metal appliances, which provide excellent control and performance. 

For the best Versatility, the company also provides the best hand or stand models to make the use of a hand mixer. It considers only 300W and gives you everything from slicing, blending to the chopping thing. It has seven speeds, which is a unique part of this model and is not founded in many stand mixers. The product is an excellent choice for the customers. 


  • Provides seven speeds wit. 

  • Makes chopping easier. 


  • The company is not launching more products which are affecting their respect. 

#7 Morphy Richards total control 800 W stand mixer

Morphy Richards stand mixer

This new response technology product has significantly impacted all other companies and has become more vital in the market. The total control 800W stand mixer is the easiest way of cooking food. It allows you to make delicious food items and some baked bread too. It has six programs for egg whites, whipping, slicing, and grinding. 

The total control product allows you the mixing process with an easy and simple touch of a button. It also has some automatic options which directly grind, slice or chops the food. This new technology Morphy Richards total control, is an affordable product that a customer can wish to buy. 


  • No tiredness of hands-only; one button has to be press. 

  • Affordable product. 


  • Cleaning several parts are complex. 

#8 Kenwood KM240SI 900W Stand Mixer

Despite the product is not much in use but awards the people about the new generation products. The Kenwood GBMY 900W is an electric stand mixer that consists of 900 warts. It is designed with stainless steel and is very easy to use and cook. 

The product is an absolute thing which all customers demand. It offers you all the compatibility and Versatility to the full extent. Kenwood GBMY 900 W stand mixer is a little bit expensive product. Still, according to its features, it is reliable as it possesses following generation features. Don’t miss the opportunity and get your Kenwood GBMY 900 W stand mixer now. 


  • Helps in grinding, slicing of food just by automatic use. 

  • Helps in saving money and energy. 


  • Sometimes, the new generation product gets defective, and then it’s tough to remake it. 

#9 MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer Tilt Head Food Mixer

mysa stand mixer

MYSA SM-1502 Stand Mixer has a steel frame and full metal gears for driven mechanism. Stand Mixer has 800 W high performance motor with 6 optimised speed and time function to create different varieties of recipes.

Its unique tilt head design is best for easy to install and uninstall bowl and attachments that comes with splash guard. For stability and safety, stand mixer comes with 4 anti-slip rubber cap fixed at the bottom.

Along with 3 high quality stainless steel and aluminium attachments you get wire whisk, dough hook and flat beater to make batter and dough for cake, bread, cookies, biscuit, pastry, muffin, pizza, pan-cake and much more.


  • ABS Housing

  • 6 Speed Control with Pulse Function

  • 1 year warranty

  • Full Metal Gears for Driven Mechanism

  • Tilt Head for Easy Operation

  • Planetary Mixing Action

  • Low Noise Level


  • None found

#10 Russell Hobbs 400 Watt Turntable Stand Mixer

russell hobbs stand mixer

Russells Hobbs stand mixer comes with unique swivel movement which during operation ensures more efficient mixing results. Stand mixer comes with auto rotation of the bowl to ensure all the ingredients are evenly distributed and mixed. This stand mixer mixes and whips ingredients more thoroughly and comes with 2 years warranty.

If you’re looking to whip Marshmallows or egg whites or any frost and butter creams then this is the best stand mixer in the budget range. Must to go for if you’re a home baker, does excellent work as cake mixer and whipping cream.

Its stainless steel bowl with stainless steel dough hooks and beaters comes with only downside is that the bowl is flat and not round from the bottom.  Stand mixer comes with 5 speed settings with eject button and detachable hand mixer.


These are some of India’s best stand mixers, don’t wait for anything or don’t miss any opportunity, and get your electric automatic best mixers now! If you are looking for the powerful one then 800 watt Morphy Richards total control stand mixer , Inalsa stand mixer kratos and Kenwood KM240SI 900W Stand Mixer will excellently server your purpose.

For most of work any stand mixer with 400 watt power motor is sufficient and you can look for Kitchen Aid stand mixer or Russells Hobbs stand mixer  for best all round result.


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