Top 10 Best Table Lamp for Home

Best table lamp

Table lamps add a great ambiance to the room while illuminating with warm light. You can use them for studying, reading, work, or just for decorative purposes as well. A great lamp may help you relax after whole day’s work. 

In this article we have listed down best lovely, inexpensive, and designer table lamp to meet your basic fashion Lighting needs. These are perfect choice for living room, bedroom, office, kids room, or college dorm. Comes in wide choice of material like wood, pvc , bamboo etc.

Best Table lamp for room

#1. Homesake ® Antique Vintage Solid Timber Turned White Table Lamp

wooden table lamp

It has a great lighting fixture that is highly efficient for studying or reading books. Comes with a sturdy and durable wooden base topped with a hardback shade made of the crisp black linen fabric. It helps the light to illuminate while casting a warm and soothing light all around the room. Perfect to place beside your sofa or bed.

Equipped with a 1.5-meter long wire, it gives you the freedom to place it wherever you feel like without having to worry about a nearby socket. This table lamp has been tested and approved for safe lighting and comes with a quite convenient ON/OFF switch.


  • Convenient lighting fixture
  • Good aesthetic value
  • Tested for safe lighting
  • Long wire


  • Fixed brightness

#2. Grab Classy™ – Mini Folding Book Lamp India

designer table lamp

An innovative and beautiful mini folding lamp that turns into a book-shaped lamp as soon as you open it. It runs on a rechargeable battery and takes up to 1-1.5 hours to fully get charged. The backup is decent, giving about 5-6 hours of run time. Has a great aesthetic value and it’s highly portable. Decorate the wall with the Grab Classy book lamp when you invite guests over or use it for your reading sessions. It can be a great option for gifting purposes as well, be it a wedding or someone’s birthday!

Each side of the lamp has strong magnets that help to hold the position you place it in. Hence, it can be used to 360 degrees. You can hang it on any metal surface and it won’t come off due to the powerful magnets. Really lightweight and can easily fit inside a bag. The leather cover and hard cupboard make this one durable as well.


  • The great aesthetic and decorative value
  • Convenient and highly portable
  • Wireless
  • Can be a great gift


  • The battery back-up is average
  • Magnets may decay

#3. Voroly Home Decorative Wood Night Table Lamp 

This oval-shaped decorative table lamp is made of high-quality alloy that adds sturdiness and stability to the design body. Has a wooden base and a metal plating lamp cup that blends in with the room quite efficiently. The green linen flaxen lampshade provides a soothing and comfortable light.

The table lamp comes with non-slip mat at the bottom of the base which makes the lamp more stable and reduce the scratches caused by the friction between the lamp and the table. This lamp is compatible with 40W E27 bulbs.


  • Decorative yet durable body
  • Long wire
  • Great lighting fixture
  • warranty provided


  • Fixed brightness level
  • Requires buying a bulb separately

#4. Homesake® Classic Cubist Wooden Table Lamp

homesake wooden table lamp

Another classic handcrafted wooden table lamp that has a captivating and comfortable lighting fixture, suitable to place in both your bedroom or living room.

The crude burlap wrap around the crisp blue linen fabric of the round hardback shade gives out a soothing light around the room. A durable wooden base provides stability.

This stylish table lamp comes paired with linen shade and comes with a convenient on/off switch and 1.5 meter long wire, with tested and approved standard for perfect and safe lighting.


  • Handcrafted
  • lightweight


  • Fixed brightness

#5. HAPPENWELL Moonlight Night Light Table Lamp

A truly fascinating and the most unique table lamp on our list, the Happenwell moonlight. it’s made of PLA material,  brings out the almost moon-like appearance. Best suited for the children’s room or as a beautiful glowing showpiece for various occasions. The matte finish surface material emits a soothing and comfortable light.

Comes with tap controls and there are two settings for warm yellow and cool white while you also get to set the brightness level from dim to bright. Extremely lightweight, and highly portable. Runs on a lithium-ion battery that gives 4-20 hours of illumination depending on the brightness settings. Ut’s chargeable through a USB cable.


  • Innovative and cool design
  • Realistic 3D look
  • Adjustable and comfortable lighting
  • Highly decorative, lightweight, and portable
  • battery backup


  • USB charging takes a lot of time

#6. KraftInn Decorative Bamboo Table Lamp

A decorative LED lamp from KraftInn comes with an elegant design. It has a bamboo-like pattern of perforations, that has very tiny gaps for the lights to escape and illuminate the room with a warm ambient glow. 

The light spreads through the bamboo nets and provide a calm and eclectic ambience.  The lamp creates relaxing and inviting environment in any space of your room or office, etc.

The gorgeous and elegant design makes it the best decorative lighting solution for home table lamps, bedroom table lamps, living room lamps, family rooms, yoga rooms and office lamps.

Compatible with E27 bulbs and comes with a 2-pin round plug. 


  • Elegant design
  • Handcrafted and rust-free
  • Keeps the termites away
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good for gifting purposes


  • Bulb not included
  • Lacks the brightness adjustment option

#7. Ethic Handicrafts Bamboo Table Lamp

wooden bamboo table lamp

Enjoy the happiness of traditional bamboo nets lampshade which is 100% handmade. Premium quality bamboo adds value to your decoration by giving a modern and elegant look.

and keeps the place warm. 

The ground & lid of this product is made of wood while the body is Bamboo. You have to separate the base from its body to clear and to change Bulb. Maintenance is easy since the lampshade can be cleaned just with a damp cloth. Conveniently lightweight, its gift piece.


  • Elegant look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Rust free body


  • The lighting fixture is not very convenient

#8. Wowcrafts Handmade Fabric Round Shade Wooden Base Table Lamp

Wowcraft stylish table lamp

The perfect mid-century modern lamp shade looks accurate when placed just beside your bed or sofa. Wowcrafts introduces a beautiful bedroom lamp that has round shaped textured fabric shade that casts soft and even lights all across the room. It’s very lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another.

The wooden base stand adds more significance to the overall structure providing added stability. The maintenance is easy as well. Just wipe with a dry cloth or feather duster. 


  • lightweight
  • Beautiful aesthetic look
  • Soothing light fixture


  • None

#9. Logam Metal Hard Rock Table Lamp

designer table lamp

This unique table lamp comes with the popular trendy designs of geometry and industrial look. This metal wire table lamp has a cage-like structure that immediately catches the eye. 

Has a golden metal body that gives sturdiness and added stability to the lamp. You can use Edison bulb of your choice and feature it anywhere you want to shed a little light and a whole lot of vintage style.

This table lamp can be used for night reading with the Edison bulb but it’ll be not as bright and comfortable.


  • unique design 
  • Durable
  • High brightness


  • Not a good choice for a night reading lamp

#10. AmazonBasics Halo Rechargeable Table Lamp

rechargeable table lamp

A beautiful halo table lamp from AmazonBasics is a rechargeable lamp that consists of 40 LED lights. The 360-degree lighting along with adjustable brightness makes this one highly convenient for reading at night. Can be a great option if you’re working on your laptop and it doesn’t have a backlit keyboard.

Comes with 3 color option modes, warm white, cool daylight, and golden yellow light. Set it according to your requirement. Equipped with a BIS certified 1800 mAh Lithium-ion battery that gives a straight 3.5 hours of backup under the strongest light settings. Whereas at the lowest settings, it will easily give you up to 80-hours backup. A USB cable is included for charging the battery and takes about 8 hours to fully charge. 


  • 360-degree lighting
  • Highly convenient lighting adjustments
  • Long battery back-up
  • Safe lighting fixture
  • Highly portable


  • Takes a bit long time to fully-charge

The Verdict

All the table lamps are highly convenient for comfortable lighting along with having aesthetic value. Tested and preferred by many customers, you can opt for the one that suits you perfectly. If you’re looking for a traditional table lamp, go with our first entry, the Homesake ® Antique Vintage Solid Timber Turned White Table Lamp. If you want something innovative for your kids, what can be better than HAPPENWELL Moonlight Night Light Table Lamp? But, an all-rounder winner is clearly the AmazonBasics Halo Rechargeable Table Lamp, only if you don’t have any problem with it’s longer charging time.

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