Best Telescopic Ladder in India

telescopic ladder

Telescopic ladders are wall inclining ladder, which are very compact in design and highly portable. A Telescopic ladder is mostly made of aluminium and is an ideal choice for cleaning windows, interior & exterior painting & decorations, all other house hold works & office works. If you need ladder that has to be regularly moved or to be stored in small area then go for telescopic ladder.

Telescopic ladder collapse down to a compact package and because of their compact size they can be carried in car boots. Using ladder is effortless as you have to just unfold it and extend to required height. The Telescoping ladder compacts down to quarter of its height.

In this article we have reviewed and shared details about best telescopic ladder in India.

Best Telescopic Ladder India

#1 Corvids Portable & Compact Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 10 ft

aluminium Telescopic ladder

Key Features:

Aerospace engineered 6063 T5 grade of aluminium alloy

Up to 150Kg load bearing strength.

Safety features like rubber shoes and step lock.

2 Year warranty

Corvids usages aerospace engineered 6063 T5 grade of aluminium alloy in manufacturing its telescopic ladder. The ladder sheet comes with 1.5 mm thickness & anodized silver finish that gives appealing premium look.

For connecting components and other purposes Corvids usages precision engineered HDPE components that gives maximum corrosion resistance property. Ladder is all weather friendly and can bear load of 150 Kg.

This compact telescopic ladder comes with specially designed angled rubber shoes & innovative step lock that gives unrivalled stability and ensures the ladders stays in its extendable form without shaking or wobbline while in use.

#2 EQUAL Portable and Compact Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 15 ft

equal Telescopic Ladder 15 ft

Key Features:

Made of Premium 6063 grade aluminium alloy

Upto 150 Kg weight capacity

Certified with ladder safety standard EN131

Anti-Slip Steps and rubber feet for safety and stability

One button retraction to fix height as per requirement.

Equal portable ladder is made of premium aluminium alloy which is aerospace engineered 6063 aluminium alloy with a clean touch anodised finish. Ladder is one of first telescopic ladder to get certified with EN131 international safety standards. Ladder can withstand 150 kg of weight capacity.

This Telescopic ladder is high quality construct that ensures that each section expands and retracts safely. It comes with Intelligent locking pins to hold the sections in place and prevent sliding and makes ladder retract smoothly and slowly.

#3 BUCKETLIST® Ultra-Stable Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 5 ft

bucketlist Telescopic Ladder

Key Features:

Built with aluminium alloy metal

Safety anti-slip rubber sleeve that gives support in climbing up and down

Non slip rubber angled feet and anti skid PVC shoes for added safety

Smooth retraction system

BucketList telescopic ladder is fantastically portable and convenient in term of storage and transportation that makes it ideal for many usages beyond house like for tradesmen, surveyors, building inspectors etc.

Ladder is designed such way that each run can be locked in place for desired height. Smooth retraction system provides a safe and easy collapsible action. For storage and transportation purpose the ladder comes with a hook and loop strap for securing when not in use. 

Slip resistant rung and non slip bottom cup helps you in convenient worry free usage.

#4 PRIME Wall Reclining Telescopic Ladder 12 ft

Telescopic Ladder 12 ft

Key Features:

Durable Aluminium Design

Height Locking Latches and Anti-slip PVC Shoes

Inward Slide Latches design for rung adjustment

Can bear weight upto 150Kg

Built with durable aluminium design, Prime telescopic ladder extends up to 12.5 ft. and is only 2.6 ft when compressed, making it the ideal space-saving ladder for your home.

Thanks to its innovative design that with inward slide latches, you can adjust rung by rung increments to reach and retract any desired height. Additionally ladder comes with height locking latches and solid anti-slip PVC shoes.

Ladder is easy to operate. For extension you have to just pull a section up when click sound comes, confirm both left/right locks are in place. Retraction is one-hand process, you have to just unlock one step and step, it will retract.

#5 Corvids Portable & Compact Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 20 ft

Telescopic ladder 20 ft

Key Features:

Aerospace engineered 6063 T5 grade Aluminium

Load bearing capacity of 150 kg

Safety features like angled rubber shoes & innovative step lock

2 year warranty

This 20 ft telescopic ladder weigh around 17 Kg and is well suitable for outdoor commercial activity. Ladder comes with load capacity of 150 Kg.

This Aluminium ladder usages aerospace engineered 6063 T5 grade of aluminium alloy with 1.5 mm thickness. Ladder comes with anodized silver finish and comprises precision engineered HDPE components to ensure maximum corrosion resistance.

Ladder is EN 131 certified for safety standard and comes with angled rubber shoes & innovative step lock for stability while in use. This 20 ft telescopic ladder can handle all climates and weather conditions and compacts down to quarter of its height to 3.4 ft.

#6 Lukia Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 10 ft

Aluminium Telescopic Ladder 10 ft

Key Features:

Built with corrosion-resistant quality aluminium alloy

Up to 150 Kg load bearing capacity

Safety features like anti slip foot board and bottom cap for stability on wet surface

If you are looking for telescopic ladder for home usages then Lukia is a good choice. It is convenient, lightweight and portable. The most magic thing is that just pull it and its height will be increased step by step up to 10.5 ft , but when folded, it retract to only 2.63 feet.

This telescopic extension ladder is made of corrosion-resistant quality aluminium alloy and can support up to 150 kg.

Ladder is equipped with essential safety features like grip handle. safety lock, self locking mechanism etc. With securing cap you can keep the ladder intact while it is not in use.


Telescopic Ladder is the state of the art technology with compact and robust design which can very well be conveniently carried and used for indoor and outdoor purposes because of its unique feature of easy portability.

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