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water purifier India

The selection of water purifier for your home depends on the availability of quality of water in your city. India is diverse geographically and in term of availability of water as well. Many cities are located near sea, many are near lakes, rivers and many on hilly area.

Each of the water sources is having different properties. Therefore, it makes sense to select water purifier based on type of water in your area.

 A water purifier which is best suitable for treating physical parameters of water like high TDS, may not be equally suitable for the treatment of microbiological parameters. A water purifier which your cousins are using in Delhi is not need to be necessarily meant for you, living in Mumbai.

You can’t purify something if you don’t have any idea that what needs to be purified.

So before purchasing, out of the given list of best water purifier available, it is important to go for some warm-up task.

If you are in hurry and have basic understanding of water purifier type and their functionality, you can skip this warm-up task section and you can go for one of the following water purifier which is very much suitable for most of houses in general.

best water purifier

Kent Grand PlusBest RO Overall for small to mid sized family | 8 L

Kent ACE Mineral60-Watt RO + UV +UF | 7 L

Havells Max RO UVBudget RO suitable for all water sources | 7 L

Blue Star Majesto 8-Litre ROBlack and Silver designed RO | 8 L

Pureit Mineral ClassicBudget RO with Mineralizer | 6 L

AO Smith Z9RO with mineralised hot water Dispenser | 10 L

Aquatec plus Advance Plus 12L – Best featured RO in budget range

Warm-up task before selecting water purifier

Get your water tasted

If you really want to be sure of the quality of water you are drinking and get your pre-buying research done effectively to buy the most suitable water purifier, then the first thing to do is to test the water you receive at home.

This isn’t a difficult process.

You can contact water testing labs in your city. See if they have sample pickup service or not. Otherwise you can deliver water to their lab as per their instruction. Once they are done with testing,they’ll let you know the results.

In such testing three parameters are checked mainly

  • Physical parameter (TDS, TSS, color, odor, taste etc.)

  • Chemical parameter (pH, Hardness, Alkalinity, COD, BOD, pesticides etc.)

  • Microbiological parameter (E. coli, coli form, toxicity taste, plate count etc.)

The list of water testing labs is available on website of Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

In case you cannot take your water sample to lab, consider booking an appointment on Purity Portal. They offer doorstep sample collection at nominal cost.

If the lab taste results are within permissible range, then for you even basic water purifier will do the work. No need to put unnecessary expenditure on your head.     

In most of the cities we get municipal water. Municipal water is considered good to consume but comes with inherent risk of supply through corroded pipes, regular cleaning of storage structures etc. So having a basic water purifier here also is quite beneficial.

Best Water Purifier in India

Once you have developed a basic understanding regarding your choices, you can go for the best water purifier among following.

#1. Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura RO+UV+MTDS+Active Copper


  • 8 Stages of Purification Technology

  • Patented Active Copper Technology

  • Patented Mineral Guard Technology

  • Taste Adjuster (MTDS) controller

  • High Storage Capacity 

  • Long life RO Membrane

Eureka Forbes Aura Active Copper

With Aquaguard Aura, Eureka forbes brings superior design and advanced technology and gives you number of options to choose the best suitable water purifier for your home.

This RO water purifier comes with different combination of technologies like you can go for RO+UV+Active Copper or RO+UF+Active Copper or RO+UV with MTDS or all in one model. Water purifier uses copper for water purification as copper has antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties that help to support healthy metabolism . 

7 litres of large tank capacity along with patented purification technology brings goodness of copper that instantly infuses copper ions along with other essential minerals into the water.

Water wastage is a big concern and Aquaguard has handles that effectively. This Aquaguard water purifier saves Upto 60% water-Ordinary RO+UV water purifiers end up wasting 50-75% water.

#2. KENT Grand+ 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV/UF


  • White colored purifier with transparent design

  • KENT’s patented Mineral RO technology

  • ABS Food Grade Plastic container

  • Sediment, Carbon Block Filter

  • 8L storage with 20L/hr water output

  • 60W power consumption
best water purifier India
Why to buy this Kent water purifier?

1. If you are looking for durable water purifier for homes and offices usage where there is supply of brackish/tap /municipal water.

2. If you are looking for RO based purifier that has features like TDS controller and UV/UF to remove biological impurities and gives you pure water with proportionate mineral content.

Why not to buy this KENT water purifier?

1. If you don’t need RO water purifier. Not every type of water needs RO water purifier. If TDS content in your water is low then simply having UV/UF water purifier will do the work.

2. High water wastage.

What is the warranty coverage and AMC for this Kent purifier?

All Electricals and Mechanical parts, RO Membrane & UF Membrane come with 1 year filter. Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter & Post Carbon Filter is having 6 month warranty period.

Now Kent purifier comes with 3 year of free service. During this period technician visit or service charges will not be charged. After that per visit charge is Rs. 300.

Any external accessories required?

Pre filter is an external filter that is not included with ro purifier.  It increases the lifespan of the purifier.  Filter needs to be replaced in a year.

#3. Havells Max RO+ UV+ Mineralizer, 8 LTR


  • Wall corner mountable white and sky blue colored design

  • 7 stages purification with germicidal UV

  • Consumer-friendly smart alerts 

  • Mineralizer to enhance RO water taste

  • Electric power tip protection for low and high voltage

  • 45 W power consumption with 4W UV lamp

havells water purifier in India hozone

Why to buy this water purifier?

This smart featured water purifier from Havells is Suitable for bore well water. It removes microbes and Hard Water TDS. Go for this if your water is having high TDS and you are looking for purified mineral water with excellent taste.

Why not to buy this Havells water purifier?

If you are having low TDS content in your water and prefer non RO water purifier.  If you are looking for low budget water purifier than this might be out of bucket.

What is the warranty coverage and AMC for this Havells purifier?

Havells offer you two type of AMC (Filter Plan and Comprehensive plan) and you can choose one as per your preference.

For this Max model Filter plan will cost you around Rs. 2500 while Comprehensive plan will cost you around Rs.5000.

Comprehensive plan covers you all electrical, electronic parts charges and visit charges. Comprehensive plan also covers replacement of sediment cartridge, mineral cartridge twice a year and RO membrane and other consumable once a year.

While in case of Filter plan all the consumables like cartridge is covered except for RO membrane, electrical and electronic parts.

#4. HUL Pureit 6 litres Mineral Classic RO+UV


  • 6-stage water purification

  • Compact design purifier with water-level Indicator .

  • LED indicators and Advance Alert System

  • Up to 35% water recovery with 20 L/Hr water output

  • 55 W power consumption
best water purifier India

Why to buy this water purifier?

  • Most affordable RO+UV water purifier with 6 stage purification process. Pre-Sediment Filter, Pre-RO Carbon Filter, Mini Filter,Reverse Osmosis Membrane, UV and Post-RO Carbon Filter.

  • With long filter life of around 6000 litres this Pureit Classic Mineral water purifier features higher water recovery of up to 35%, whereas normal RO water purifiers recover around 25% water.

If your supply water is having TDS value under 2000 ml/L and has max iron content 0.3 mg/L.

Why not to buy this HUL pureit water purifier?

If you are looking for higher capacity tank for mid sized family then this purifier might not be much convenient for you.

If you are looking for added minerals in water. In general RO water lacks essential mineral content and this HUL Pureit is neither having TDS controller nor Mineralizer. Although our body doesn’t need minerals from water specifically and we usually met those requirement from food.

What is the warranty coverage and AMC for this HUL Pureit?

As per the company claims, this water purifier almost doubles the filter life and reduces the maintenance cost to less than 50 paise/litre.

Product comes with 1 year pure-it India warranty. You will be required to replace Germ Kill Kit (GKK) in a year and including that maintenance cost will be around Rs 2500.

What are some extra features?

Pureit Classic Mineral water purifier is having 2 LED indicators for storage tank full and SF/GKK change. SF/GKK change indicator will starts blinking 15 days before expiry of sediment filter or GKK. The Auto shut-off feature stops water purification if the filter is not changed.

#5. Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier


  • 6 Stage Advanced Purification System

  • Retains essential minerals after purification

  • Elegant and Sleek Design

  • Purification process and full tank indicators

  • 12 L/Hr of purification capacity with 70 GPD membrane

Best water purifier India

Why you should buy this Liv pure water purifier?

  • Liv pure water purifier comes with 6 stages of filtration – sediment filter, pre-activated carbon filter cum absorber, RO membrane, UV disinfection column, silver impregnated post carbon filter and mineraliser.

  • This system eliminates bad taste, odour, hardness, salts, viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances from water, making is pure and safe for consumption.

  • If you are mid sized family and water supply is from borewell, tap, tankers or municipal having TDS content < 1500 ppm

Why you should not buy this Liv pure water purifier?

If your supply water is having TDS content more than 1500 ppm then you should avoid buying this water purifier as it won’t be able to purify those completely. For that you can go for HUL Pureit or Kent Grand plus

What is warranty period and AMC for this Liv pure water purifier?

Your Liv pure water purifier comes with 1 year warranty period. During warranty period, two free preventive maintenance services is provided at an interval of 150 days & 300 days. Any consumables like carbon filter, sediment filter, UF Cartridge is on chargeable basis .

Post warranty of the machine you have two choices for service contracts ACMC (Annual Comprehensive Maintenance Contract) AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract ).

Under ACMC all the spares including the consumables are replaced free of cost on as when required and in AMC only visit of customer care representative is free and spares are charged extra.

#6. Aquatec plus Advance Plus 12L RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier 


  • Built-in TDS balancer with Auto cutoff when base tank is full

  • 12 L wall mountable purifier with 15L/hour

  • High TDS filtration capacity of up to 2000ppm

  • Double carbon filter in addition to sediment filter

  • 42 W power consumption with 11 Watt aluminium UV barrel
best water purifier India

Why to buy this Aquatec water purifier?

  • This Aquatec plus water purifier comes with pre-filter which makes it suitable for water supply with high TDS value 1000+ and purification of brackish, tap, bore well  and water having significant turbidity. If you are looking for water purifier under 10000 which is having excellent feature then this is the one for you.

  • If you are having small to medium sized family this water purifier is best one that is available with such high capacity in this budget range. Go for it.

Why not to buy this Aquatec water purifier?

If you can go for a bit higher budget range then you can have purifier with excellent features and build design than this Aquatec water purifier.  If your water is having relatively less TDS content then going for RO won’t be a good idea considering water waste.

What is the warranty coverage and AMC for this Aquatec water purifier?

Aquatech water purifier comes with 1 year India warranty. You will be required to change filter every year, including with total AMC cost will be around 2500-3000.

#7. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV


  • Elegant black colored design with superior performance

  • User alerts like purification alert, tank and low pressure alerts

  • 6 stage RO+UV purification

  • Aqua Taste Booster optimizes water pH and mineral content

  • 36 watt power consumption
best water purifier India

Why you should buy this Blue Star Aristo water purifier?

  • Features like Aqua Taste Booster, Child Lock Button, UV Fail Alert, Low-Pressure Alert, 7 Litres Storage Tank and high purification capacity of up to 12 litres/hour make Blue Star Aristo most desirable water purifier for Indian home.

  • Blue star Aristo comes with copper impregnated activated carbon filter to effectively remove all kinds of organic impurities that may result in bad smell and odour in the purified water.

Why you should not buy this Blue Star Aristo water purifier?

Blue Star Aristo comes in three variant. you can choose any of these. With change in purification process there is slight variation in purifier cost. Know here different type of water purification process.

What is the warranty and AMC of this Blue Star Aristo water purifier?

Blue star Aristo water purifier range comes with 1 year warranty on product. Blue star offers you 3 AMC plan and you can choose one as per your convenience Essential (Rs. 999), Advanced (Rs 1599) and Comprehensive (Rs. 4499).

Essential AMC plan covers free service only and any expense including electrical parts or component of purifier will be chargeable. Under Advanced AMC plan all your free service charge and electrical spare charge are covered. Comprehensive AMC plan covers Filter components, RO membrane cost in addition to what is covered under Advanced plan.

#8. Eureka Forbes Aquasure RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier


  • 6 L purifier with advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification

  • Smart Energy Saving mode with voltage fluctuation protection

  • Membrane Life Enhancer to prevent scaling 

  • Water taste enhancer to replenish the minerals lost

  • 45 Watt power consumption
eureka forbes best water purifier

Why you should buy this Eureka Forbes aqua-sure water purifier?

  • This Eureka Forbes water purifier comes with superior craftsmanship and is suitable for water from different sources. It can purify water of turbidity upto 15 NTU, which means it is perfectly suitable for purifying water that lacks transparency.

  • Lack of taste in RO water is big concern because of which people don’t prefer RO water but this purifier is having TDS controller that enables adjustment of taste depending upon the source of water.

Through its 6 stage water purification process it removes finer suspended particles such as dirt and sand, excess chlorine, foul odour and dissolved organic impurities.

Why you should not buy this Eureka Forbes aqua-sure water purifier?

This purifier is having capacity of 6 L which is generally not enough for Indian family. With similar feature and higher capacity you can go for Liv pure water purifier or Havells purifier

What is warranty and AMC of this Eureka Forbes water purifier?

Eureka Forbes purifier comes with 1 year product warranty. AMC cost varies as per your usage volume as this determine the life of membrane. In general AMC for Eureka Forbes water purifier is available in the range of Rs 2500-4000.

#9. AO Smith Z9 10-Litre Green RO Series Water Purifier


  • Aesthetically premium design with drip tray.

  • 8-stage Green RO purification system.

  • Instant mineralised hot water with electronic faucet

  • Digital display, smart alerts and night assist.

  • One touch water dispensing

  • 60 Watt power consumption
AO 9 water purifier

Why you should buy this AO smith Z9 water purifier?

  • AO Smith is an international brand that has some of the best featured water purifier. This purifier not only ensure 100% RO purified water through its 8 stage purification but also save 2 times more water than an ordinary RO water purifier with its innovative Advance Recovery Technology™.

  • Through its official website, AO purifier claims that Z9 model “recovers the highest amount of water as compared to other water purifiers in India. More water saving.

  • It is only RO in India that gives you purified hot water with added minerals at two temperature choices of 45°C and 80°C, which can be used to make quick cup of tea, preparing baby food, soaking cereals, soothing sore throat, etc.

Why you should not buy this water purifier?

If you are looking for low budget or mid budget range water purifier. In that case you can go for Kent Grand plus or HUL pureit

What is warranty and AMC of this AO smith Z9 water purifier?

This AO smith Z9 purifier comes with 1 year comprehensive warranty including all filters and RO membrane, for complete peace of mind.

#10. Eureka Forbes Aqua-guard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier


  • Electrical & Non-storage water purifier

  • Unique e-boiling+ purification technology 

  • Mineral Guard ensure availability of mineral in water

  • Purity sensor system with Auto shut off features

  • 18 Watts power consumption with water flow rate of 2 Litre / Minute

Why you should buy this Aqua guard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier?

  • The water purifier has a stunning European design, with a sober silver finish which gives it a modern aesthetic appeal. It comes with electronic eye that monitors the purification process and stops the flow of water immediately if the level of purification isn’t a 100 percent. 

  • If water supply in your home is having low TDS value < 300 ppm. This purifier eliminates all disease-causing micro organisms through UV purification process and maintain the essential mineral content in water.
  • Its 3 stage UV purification gives you pure water free from impurities. In the first stage, suspended particles like dust, rust, and mud up to 5 microns are filtered from water.

  • The purifier then absorbs organic impurities, foul smell, lead, pesticides, and VOCs from water. In the third and final stage, the UV rays deactivate bacteria, virus, protozoa, and other disease-causing microorganisms so you can be sure that your drinking water is always safe for consumption.

Why you should not buy this water purifier?

If TDS value in your supply water at home is high then avoid purchasing this. This purifier is not mean to give you a low TDS water for that you can go for RO water purifier.

If electricity supply in your area is inconsistent as you can’t use this if there is no electricity.

What is warranty and AMC cost of this water purifier?

Aqua guard crystal plus gives you warranty against defects arising from faulty designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of installation.

#11. KENT Ultra Wall-Mountable UV Water Purifier


  • UV +UF water purification
  • Double purification, first by UV, followed by hollow fibre UF membrane to completely filter out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts.
  • 60W of power consumption and 60 L/hr water output
  • CE and ISI certified water purifier
  • ABS food grade plastic body
  • High power 11 watt UV lamp to deactivates all the micro-organisms from water.

Why you should buy this Kent Ultra UV+UF Water Purifier?

If you are looking for Non-RO water purifier then this Kent Ultra wall mountable water purifier is one of the best option available. Equipped with both UV and UF technology, this water purifier delivers pure water.

Purifier is CE and ISI certified and is fully automatic in operation. Built-in SMPS handles the voltage fluctuation and saves your purifier from any electrical damage.

Why you should not buy this Kent Ultra UV+UF Water Purifier?

If TDS content in your water supply is above threshold limit. you can read more on TDS content here.

What is warranty and AMC cost of this water purifier?

Installation is free of cost and your 1 year product warranty starts from the day of installation. Kent provides warranty of 1 year for all electricals and Mechanical parts while for consumables like RO Membrane & UF Membrane – 1 Year and for consumables like Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter & Post Carbon Filter for 6 Months .


If you don’t have any budget constraint and looking for a purified water from a reliable technology you can go for either Havells Max RO+ UV+ Mineralizer  or AO Smith Z9 10-Litre Green RO Series Water Purifier. Whereas Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier is the most preferred choice in mid budget range. For those who are looking for water purifier other than RO purifier Eureka Forbes Aqua-guard Crystal Plus UV Water Purifier is evergreen choice.

What’s your opinion on these? If you are using water purifier currently, How’s your experience, do let us know in comment.

Selecting Water purifier  Technology

Reverse Osmosis (RO) purifier

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles from drinking water.

This is the most commonly use tech in water purifier and indeed most effective also. The term RO has become synonym with water purifier now a day, thanks to the marketing strategy of some brands.  Find out detailed functionality of RO purifier.

best water purifier India

RO Water Filter Requires electricity to operate and requires relatively high maintenance.

Ultraviolet (UV) purifier

The Ultraviolet (UV) Purifier uses the UV Rays to kill the Bacteria, and other microorganism present in the water.

In UV technology a high dose of ultra violet light energy at a wave length of 254 nanometers destroys microbes. The UV waves affect the DNA of microorganism and prevent multiplication of micro-organisms. Because of this within 20 to 25 minutes time microbes present in your water die completely.

UV energy adds nothing to the water or does not generate any byproducts, neither does it changes Water chemistry.

UV Water Purifier requires electricity, but it doesn’t need additional power to boost the Tap Water Pressure. It can work with Normal Tap pressure.

Ultra Filtration (UF) purifier

Ultra filtration (UF) uses home water pressure to push water through a semi permeable membrane which removes any contaminants. Unlike reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration retains minerals in the water, while filtering out bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

It does not need electricity to operate and works well with the regular pipe water pressure.

The only lag about the UF water purifier is that it does not remove the Dissolved solidsin the water. So, you can use the UF purifier only when water at your home is having TDS value under 500 mg/L.


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