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best cloth steamer machine

Garment steamers are used to remove wrinkle from clothes and are much convenient compared to ironing. Given its convenient usage finding a best garment steamer in India could be tricky considering varieties of options available online.

Handheld garment steamer works in simple way. Water in a garment steamer is heated, and then the water turned into steam. Steam is then passed through a nozzle which when applied to clothes relaxes the compound present in the fabric, and that eliminates wrinkles.

Ironing is always a heavy task. From setting up the bed sheet on the floor to ironing hard to remove the wrinkles first and then work on crease. During whole time be alert to not let any thing touch that hot iron plate. However, If you wants something instant then garment steamer comes very helpful.

In this article we have studied different features of garment steamer like

  • Heating element

  • Safety features

  • Convenience of use

  • Durability.

Based on these features, we have recommended best handheld garment steamer in India for you.

Best Garment Steamer in India

There are many different brands which have quality products. You can find garment steamer from Philips, Usha, Black & Decker, russell hobbs etc in market. Which one is the best garment steamer in all respect?

We have listed down best garment steamer in India that you can buy online.

Note: Use only distilled or RO water in steamer for smooth functioning and long life. Using Hard water or any other liquids or oils can damage the steamer.

#1 Techne Direct 1000 Watt Usha Garment Steamer

garment steamer usha

Usha 1000 watt garment steamer is the perfect choice for removing wrinkles from suits and saris even without removing them from the Hangar. It delivers steam output of up to 21 gm/min, which is powerful enough to remove tough wrinkles by moistening up the strands of fabric.

Usha garment steamer cares for you and comes with overheat safety shutoff to protect from accidents due to overheating. It has indicator lamp to indicate operational readine. These additional feature makes this garment steamer one of the best garment steamer in India.

This is a handheld garment steamer and to eliminate your overhead, Usha steamer comes with 1.8 meter long 360 degree swivel cord for easy manoeuvrability. Easy to move around and use. If you are going to use this cloth steamer for horizontal steaming, prefer to use hanger.


  • 200 ml Water Tank

  • Detachable Brush with Lint Removal Facility

  • Overheat Shut-Off Thermostat

  • 360 Degree Swivel Cord for Easy Maneuverability

  • Indicator Lamp for Power On/Off

  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Not suitable for horizontal steaming

#2 WisTec Garment Steamer 1500 Watt Handheld

portable garment steamer

WisTec garment steamer is equipped with powerful 1000/1500 Watts steamer and delivers unmatched efficiency. It does task excellently by deodorising clothes, disinfecting your house from virus, germs and killing acarid. WisTec garment steamer does the task of removing wrinkles from your garments, upholstery, drapery, bedding, table linens and more.

This portable steamer is built with high-end thermostat that control temp and comes with a thermal fuse that cut off power supply if temperature rises beyond threshold limit.

Its steam head plate is made of ceramic sole plate which gives you direct comfort of Horizontal ironing like conventional iron and make sure Water Tank is always Full while Horizontal Ironing as compared to other steamers.

This reliable garment steamer comes in two power wattage range 1000w and 1500 watt. 1000 wattage cloth steamer comes with 260 ml water tank while 1500 wattage comes with 300 ml water tank. 

The 260ml water tank is sufficient to work on 5-7 garments with just one refill. Its ergonomic design makes it user-friendly. The new jet lock function helps you relieve your finger when on a longer period of use. The grip on the handle is quite secure to keep you safe from unwanted accidents.


  • High-Temperature Automatic Power-off

  • Horizontal and Vertical steaming friendly

  • Jet Lock function

  • Stainless steel bucket head

  • Supplementary brush head


  • None

#3 Rossmann Handheld Garment Steamer

portable garment steamer

Rossmann portable steamer heats up in just 25 seconds and its heated ceramic soleplate with 30 gms of continuous steam gives your fabric a fresh, crease-free look.

Its an excellent choice for cotton, silk, linen, polyester, wool, velvet, and other common blends and weaves. More to this steamer comes with 2-in-1 fabric and lint brush which is an excellent combo.

Fabric steamer is having electronic pump system which stops water from spitting and spilling. Its automatic shut-down system gets activated whenever the steamer is too hot, or the water level is too low thereby keeping you safe from every kind of accident.

Comfortable to use it over embroidery and saris. If you travel and have enough space, it is nice one to have with you. It is not very heavy, but still bulky.


  • Auto cord rewind feature

  • 1500 watt

  • Auto shut off feature

  • 35g/mn steam generation

  • 1-year warranty 


  • A bit expensive

#4 Homeberg Portable Handheld Garment Steamer 

portable garment steamer

Homeberg portable steamer deliver excellent steaming action by generating steam output up to 21 gm/min. This powerful steam kills germs and remove dust and tough wrinkles.

Steamer can be used for both vertical and horizontal steaming. Use vertical steaming when the clothes are on hanger and horizontal steam when you have to apply steaming on the clothes kept on table or any horizontal surface. The steamer is comfortable and safe with all types of clothes and fabrics.

Its features like water inlet cover, detachable fabric brush, steam lock button etc is quite handy while using. Fabric Brush helps to remove wrinkles and dust from the clothes, steam button lock the steam and gives immersive experience whereas water inlet cover makes steamer spill proof.


  • Convenient, Fast and effective for clothes

  • Portable and Handheld

  • Shock Proof & Heat Resistance

  • Thermostatically Controlled

  • Continuous rapid steam


  • None

#5 RYLAN Handheld Garment and Facial Steamer

garment steamer

This handheld steamer is designed keeping multiple usages in mind. It does task of cloth steamer as well as it can be used for facial steaming. Being used as facial steamer for face and nose, this steamer effectively moisturise your skin, eliminate fatigue and make skin stay vitality. Quite useful for caught and cold.

Handheld portable garment steamer of RYLAN, produces a powerful and consistent steam, remove wrinkles from your garments and is perfect for home or travel. Steamer comes with three different attachment and gives out good amount of steam. 

Quick to use as it gets steam-ready in less than 60 seconds. Steamer is spit and drip proof for vertical steaming of clothes. It comes with 200 ml water storage capacity and delivers fifteen minutes of continuous steam.

This handheld steamer comes with safety auto shut-off protection that shuts the steamer for security protection when the water level gets too low or when the unit becomes too hot paving a path for worry free usage.


  • Double safety protection

  • Facial steaming + Cloth steaming

  • Built-in visible water level tank.

  • Manufactured from high quality ABS plastic material.


  • Durability

#6 Black+Decker Handheld Portable Garment Steamer 

garment steamer black and decker

Black+Decker handheld garment steamer is perfect solution to take care of your clothes. It is fast, effective and convenient to use. The steamer is ready to use in less than a minute and provide non-stop steam at rate of 21gm/min continuous steam output till the water runs out.

The power of 1500W really makes a difference and if you would have tried 1000W and 1200W steamer in the past then you will clearly be able to find the difference.

If you are planning to steam more than 3 items then you need to refill water again. It comes with 260 ml detachable water tank. It is good for 4-5 clothes max depending on the size of clothes also. The unit is heavy and you will start feeling it after doing a couple of clothes but it is not a major concern.

Black and decker garment steamer comes with universal bottle adapter for ease of portability and travel. Its perfect steamer for party wear clothes and blazers.


  • On/Off and adjustable steam setting options.

  • Lockable steam button

  • Universal Bottle Adapter 

  •  2 years warranty


  • Higher cost

#7 Russell Hobbs 1500 Watt Garment Steamer

handheld garment steamer

This garment steamer from Russell Hobbs is one of the best garment steamer in India among the ones mentioned here. With 1500 watt power this garment steamer works excellent on most fabrics, such as cotton, silk, linen, polyester, wool, velvet, and other common blends and weaves.

Garment steamer russell hobbs works wonderfully in the vertical angle and helps to keep your suits crisp without harming the fabric. It comes with quite a large tank (250 ml), thus reducing your efforts of refilling.

As a part of extra accessories, its detachable brush head comes along with the steamer to help you get rid of the unwanted lint. Its swivelling power cord make handling of steamer very comfortable one.


  • 250 ml water tank

  • Non-binding 360 degrees swivel cord 

  • Instant high-temperature heating

  • Detachable brush head

  • 1500 Watt power core

  • Automatic shut off feature


  • 1.75kgs weight makes it a bit heavier

#8 ORPIO Portable 1500W Handheld Garment Steamer

Orpio handheld portable steamer generates continuous ejection of high-temperature and high-pressure steam that can be used for ironing, sterilization, cleaning, etc

Equipped with 1500 watt, steamer produce continuous, high temperature and high pressure steam in two minutes.  Being compact and portable, this handheld steamer is perfect for home and travel.

This garment steamer is equipped with an ironing brush, in addition to ironing, but also it does sterilisation of clothes and removal of odours.


  • Stainless steel bucket head

  • Lint brush

  • Horizontal and Vertical steaming

  • Jet Unlock

  • Power button indicator

  • Measuring cup


  • Outer built material could be better

Garment Steamer buying guide


If you are having occasional use or less amount of clothes, then better to go for a smaller or a portable clothes steamer. There are steamers which can produce steam for 15 minutes, you can prefer those. If you need a steamer for heavy fabric steam, then you should choose a large clothes steamer. 

Fabric Type

For light and delicate fabrics like silk, prefer to buy a steamer which produces lower steam output. Avoid going for full-sized steamer. It will cost you more. Full-sized steamers are good for steaming heavy fabrics. Within a couple of seconds, it can remove the hard wrinkles.

Steamer Vs Iron

Iron and steamer are used for different purpose. Steamers smooths the wrinkles from clothes. Make it look wrinkle free, however a steamer will not offer the pressed look on the clothes which only can iron offer. If you need to have a sharp creases and pleats crisp, then go for iron.

Steamer never burns your cloth as can be case with Iron and also you get rid of ironing board but steamer is not a replacement of Iron.

Hang Ironing Vs Flat Ironing

Also termed as vertical ironing and horizontal ironing, is the way to ironing, steaming different types of product. For clothes like suits, blazers, tops vertical ironing is suitable as you can hang them with hanger and can apply steaming or ironing.

Flat ironing require an iron board or some horizontal surface where you can apply ironing on clothes.

Steam cleaner Vs Steamer

Garment steamer cannot remove stains or odours. If you are looking for solution to stains, you will need a steam cleaner.

Types of garment Steamer

There are two types of garment steamer that you will find in the market

  • Handheld Steamer

  • Upright Clothes Steamer / Floor Steamer

Handheld clothes steamers can be used conveniently and is portable, budget friendly. These cloth steamer consist of water tank of various size depending on power of equipment. Mostly used in home.

Upright or floor steamer comes with a stand and larger water tank. Often used in commercial space and can be move around with wheel at base. Compared to handheld steamer, floor steamer comes with a hose to which the steaming head is attached for steaming. 

Top floor steamer


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