Know about the 24 carat gold plated crockery set from Noritake that Ambanis choose for their Home

Noritake India Ambani

We all love our new home and don’t leave any stone unturned in decorating and equipping home with best possible items. We at Hozone has always suggested the best of the best available items for your home. In this article we are going to let you know how Nita Ambani went beyond the border to bring her favourite essentials for her newly constructed home Antillia in most Indian way.

This story highlights essence of buying that we as Indian always look for whenever stepping out for shopping, which is buy cheap and best.

So year was 2010, when for she was looking for buying crockery set for her home. Undoubtedly she could afford any of the world’s luxurious brand. Unlike us, budget was not an issue for her true but not only she went on to buy crockery set of the most Japanese luxurious brand, Noritake, but also she did smart shopping and saved millions of rupees.

Nita Ambani opted for Noritake, a 106 year old Japanese tableware brand that make crockery items.

The 24 carat gold/platinum-trimmed porcelain crockery of Noritake is epitome of luxury and has fans across the world.

You will find Noritake items in world’s most luxurious hotels and restaurant. Its perfection and precisely crafted beauty make this 110 year old brand most desirable when it comes to buying tableware items.

In 2010, Noritake was not having any large scale presence in India although products were available in some of the selected stores. Nita Ambani needed some 25,000 pieces of different crockery items, costing approx. $200,000 which is roughly 1.5 Cr in Indian currency.

The Mumbai store which was handling orders from India was unheard of any such large order before this. Call went on to the Sri Lanka where Noritake was having one of the largest manufacturing unit and they ship products from there to all over the world. It was first of such a large enquiry for them as well. It took months to them to complete the order as per requirement.

Luxury items attracts more taxes and including all other handling and shipping charges, the cost of Noritake products was 3x, 4x in India compared to what was in Sri Lanka.

Noritake tableware are made using 24K gold on highly translucent, pure white porcelain. A 50-piece dinner set with 24 carat gold/platinum trimmings could cost $300-$500 in Sri Lanka while the same was be priced between $800 and $2,000 in India in 2010.

For 25,000 pieces you can calculate price difference, which would be in Crore. She choose the Best and now in order to get it at the cheap rate she flown all the way to the Sri Lanka in her private jet, picked up the order and flown back to her house.

Commenting on that Shobhaa De said “If she is indeed buying her crockery from Sri Lanka, I would say that she is a practical Gujju housewife, cost-conscious and sensible and I admire her for it,”

Ms De said. “Why should she pay five times more for something here? She is setting a good example for others to follow!”

After 2013, Noritake started settling up exclusive and partner stores in India and currently Noritake has presence in all of the India’s metro city. You can also get Noritake tableware items through online from marketplace like Amazon Noritake store.

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