Best LINT Remover for Sweaters, Blankets, Jackets

lint remover machine

Lint remover is an excellent choice to have especially if you have expensive sweaters and blazers. Very effective against lint and extremely easy to use, these lint remover machine are super value for money.

Some lint remover machine comes with batteries and doesn’t require electricity to operate it. Its very easy to carry and operate to remove lint from your clothes. Lint remover comes with stainless steel floating blades that removes lint, pills, bubbles & fuzz of all sizes.

Best lint remover for clothes

We have reviewed some of the best lint remover machine that allows you to easily and quickly remove fabric pills from all types of garments. All your garments, whether it is your sweater or your blanket, will look like new again.

You can go for best one as per your choice.


Lint remover from Nova, removes bobbles from woollen and cotton both. This Nova high power electric lint shaver cum fuzz remover for woolens sweaters and cloths comes in smart design with large shaving head, detachable lint catcher and comfort grip handle.  It works like magic on the wobbling and makes your cloth look like new.

Its adjustable height spacer protects your garments from being cut or snagged or caught. It also protects and reinforces your hands from accidentally touching the shaver foil. Good thing with this lint remover is that it comes with a cleaning brush that help you easily clean your appliance after use.

In order to use this lint remover, slide downward its shaving head to release the lint catcher gently to remove and clean the collected lint. 


  • Quick and efficient

  • Runs on an inbuilt battery

  • Smart design With large shaving head


  • Low Battery life

2. Philips GC026 Fabric Shaver, Lint Remover

philips lint remover machine

Philips gc 206 lint remover easily removes fabric fluff, fuzz, bobbles, pills, burr or roye from all types of garments and fabrics. Gives your clothes and fabrics to a fresh new look.

Philips lint remover comes with 8800 rounds/min blade rotation for effective removal-Suitable for all garments. In contrary to most of devices which comes with single sized hole to remove lint, Philips gc 206 comes with 3 sizes of holes in the mesh to tackle all sizes of pills.

For effective and efficient removing this philips lint remover machine comes with large blade surface for covering a large area at once and height adjustment cap for the most delicate garments.

As part of accessories it comes with a tray where all the lint gets collected and also it has got a cap which you can put after using it. 


  • 3 sizes of mesh holes

  • High speed blade rotation

  • Large blade surface area

  • Height adjustment cap


  • None

3. Pick Ur Needs® High Range Rechargeable Lint Remover

lint remover machine

Excellent choice for woolen clothes, socks, bedding sets, sweaters and even for cotton clothes. Works efficiently and just switch it on and gently run the shaving head over the surface of the clothes.

Lint remover comes with comfortable grip handle that allows the lint remover to fit comfortably in your hand, giving you a good and control as you de-fuzz your garments.

There is some chances that if not handled properly, garments could gets damaged. To protect your garment from that it comes with adjustable height spacer that protects your garments from being cut or snagged or caught. 


  • Dual PowerFull Rechargeable Battery

  • Rotary 3 blades

  • Durable plate net


  • Battery life

4. Personic Rechargeable Lint Remover machine

Best lint remover machine

Personic Lint remover is excellent machine that removes lint effortlessly and one can see a clearly visible difference in the fabric. A definite must buy to get rid of lint and keep your clothes ,mattresses and curtains lint free and looking new. It is to be charged with a USB cable hence no additional battery cost.

This travel friendly lint remover is easy to carry and works well after charging. Flawlessly removes excess loops or threads on your sweaters/winter coats, scarfs & more.

Built with utmost craftsmanship, ergonomically design with honey-comb mesh cover and have ultra-sharp 6-leaf blades that are made of stainless steel for durability.


  • 6 leaf SS blade for fast result

  • Lint collection box

  • 2 adjustable height

  • 1 year warranty


  • High battery charging time

5. Nova Lint Remover NLR 208

Nova lint remover

This fabric lint shaver is especially designed to shave off fuzz, threads and many pills to revitalize your clothes and fabrics. The device comes in 3 different colors and is shipped randomly.

It is advised not to use this lint remover on human body. Make the trimmer slide slightly on it a smoothed over fabric for best results. It comes with stainless steel sharp blades that does the work efficiently. The mesh holes are of equal in size and picks lint effectively.


  • Fibre & lint Storeroom

  • Hassle-Free

  • Low power consumption

  • Remove the lint quickly

  • Rotary Sharp Blades


  • Plastic built quality

Frequently asked Questions

How to remove lint from clothes?

Slowly move device on cloth where you want to remove lint, do not press device hardly on cloth.

After applying, all the lint will be deposited in the chamber of device.

You will find marks on both side of chamber on upside.

Slowly press those marks and pull it downward to remove chamber from device where lint is deposited.

This is how you can remove lint from cloth and clean the device as well.


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