Lock-down Realisation: 10 things that my home needs urgently


I have never been so close to my Home as I became during this lockdown time. We do have weekend to spend time at home and with family but that comes with a countdown timer of Monday, like few hours of recess period. I think most of you would agree you came a step closer to your family and your home during this lockdown time.

I came to know or to be precise came to realise about very small things that I never bothered to look at regarding my home. For many of the things I used to see was actually just the end results only, be it Food, cleaning, Waste disposal, Home decor etc. Never bothered about the process, the steps and effort involved behind all these.

So during this lockdown period, I finally got enough time to not only participate in every activity at home but also I upgraded various basic yet daily required essential goods. In this post, I am highlighting 10 most basic things that every house needs and makes your life much easier and safer.You might be having these or might be looking for upgrade. Let me know about how you feel about these.

1. Lizol Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Citrus

I guess it’s obvious to understand significance of clean floor in house. Specially if you have kids or you prefer lying on floor during family talk or for small games. For cleaning purpose use of Phenyl or detergent is outdated. It does not serve your purpose. Gives you unwanted smell and slippary surface.

We replaced detergent with Lizol this Lockdown and this not only suited to our hygiene better but also our home started smelling refresh.
I think this product is pretty good for cleaning floors. Don’t know how much it disinfects the floor in terms of percentage about which it claims of getting rid of 99.9% germs but it’s good.

Fragrance is fresh and pleasant, not strong. Scent is refreshing and good.
We find it better than Patanjali and Dettol floor cleaner liquids. I you are detergent fan who like soapy cleaning material, good thing is that Lizol is Soapy and it cleans all the stains like milk stains and cooking stains in kitchen and other stains like muddy dust and rust marks very very effectively.

2. Nimyle Herbal Floor Cleaner

Nimyle Herbal is a floor cleaner that derives its efficacy from natural ingredients and contains powerful and efficacious Neem extracts. Its unique Chlorine free formulation & 100% Natural action ensures germ free floors for children & pets protecting them from germs that cause 100 diseases.

Most of the home care products contain chlorine based chemicals which are prone to breakdown, to form dangerous reactants/gases if accidentally mixed with other acidic cleansers in the home or exposed to extreme conditions of heat.

Nimyle, has advantages over conventional chlorine based systems. This disinfectant contains natural ingredients, delivers 100 percent natural action, cleans well and is safe to use on floors leaving it hygienic for the family. It is an ideal product for daily household “anti-bacterial” use.

The long-lasting natural fragrance of the product keeps your floors smelling fresh for a longer time. Floors that are hygienic & safe for Pets and Children

3. Airwick Freshmatic Air Freshner Kit

Air Wick Freshmatic freshener adds charm to your home by inducing fragrances in the air instantly. The Air Wick Freshmatic device automatically releases bursts of continuous fresh fragrance, so that your home always smells beautiful.

The diffuser is all white with good build quality and looks good in your room. The diffuser has a back hook point which allows you to fix it on your wall. It has 3 modes (30mins, 20mins and 5mins) with one off position. If you were using Godrej diffuser and looking for upgrade then you can use Godrej refill in this one.

One box consists of air wick diffuser, one fragrance refill and 2 AA batteries. It provides up to 60 days of fragrance.

4. Spin Mop for floor cleaning

The ace spin mop comes with a microfiber refill which absorb 3 times more liquid than normal cotton and is more durable. The handle of the mop is very sturdy, made with good quality plastic material and is long lasting.

The major advantage of this Spotzero mop is the quality and durability which is assure by hamilton. This ace spin mop comes with and handle to lift the bucket easily and a water outlet to remove dirty water. Its twin bucket is convenient for wringing and drying the mop thus aiding to the efficient cleaning.

Ace spin mop is the only mop in its category which carries 1 year manufacturer warranty. Ace spin mop handle is very sturdy and long lasting. The mop is 360 degree movable and can perform deep cleaning. 

Compared to flat mop, this spin mop is easy to refill and you can use any refill available at local store or online.

5. Harpic Flushmatic Twin In-Cistern Toilet Cleaner

Harpic Flushmatic Auqamarine provides continuous cleaning, easy to use with no mess, cleans with Blue action.

Harpic Flushmatic is a drop-in tank tablet which can be used for any accessible cistern. It works from inside the cistern to release a dose of powerful detergent with every flush. Distributing the liquid across the bowl, it helps you maintain a hygienic and deodorized toilet and prevents the build-up of stains giving you a continuous clean toilet. 

useful home products

If You have been using traditional way of cleaning through liquid and acid, you must try this and I am sure you will find it beneficial and effortless.

6. Colin Glass Cleaner Pump with shine Boosters

To keep your windows, appliances, cupboards and furniture tip-top, the Colin Glass and Surface Cleaner is a must-have among your household cleaning products. 

Colin is perfect choice for cleaning all kinds of glass and generally shiny surfaces as simple as a breeze. Colin cleans every surface thoroughly by cutting through all kinds of dirt, oil and grease stains. Colin glass and surface cleaner is perfect for use on glass surfaces, wash basins and toilets, window grills and pipes, taps, bath tubs and showers, fridge, TV, oven, kitchen cabinets, ceramic floors and wall tiles.

Important thing to keep in mind is that It is not disinfectant so not to assume any anti-bacterial or anti-germ performance like that of Lizol or Nimyle

7. Vim Dishwash Gel

If your is the family like mine who have been using the Vim bar for generations and still never gave any second thought on Dishwash gel then Its time now.

During lockdown we experimented a lot in kitchen and not all experiment went successful . Instead of delicious taste and exotic look, some dishes turned out living burn stan on our favourite utensils.

I realised dishwash bars not only leave white residue on utensils after wash but also can be damaging to expensive cookware’s delicate surfaces such as non stick or ceramic. Use of that Iron/Steel scrubber is itself scary for such cookware.

Upon trying I find Vim gel removing toughest of grease with ease without damaging cookware. Lemon fragrance, easy to use bottle, high efficiency and the best grease cutting ability all these make Vim Gel a preferred choice.

8. Cherry Blossom Wax Polish Black 

Liquid polish may seems very convenient to apply which going to office in rush but It is better to avoid liquid polish, although it puts a fast shine on shoes, it dry out and crack the leather.

Shoe wax polish, on the other hand having blend of special oils and waxe, is best for polishing, covering scuffs, and sealing and protecting leather. I get enough time to treat my shoe like my puppy, spending time and bruhing. I felt the difference and liked the impact that wax polish left on leather.

I find it protective and shining than liquid polish.

9. Woogor Multipurpose Plastic Washing Bowl and Strainer

I know you would have felt something like this many time while doing your kitchen job.

This is a multipurpose kitchen bowl is quite useful in washing and sieving pulses, vegetables, fruits etc. It is made of durable quality plastic that is resistant to breaking and is perfectly sized to be stored easily in the kitchen. The fine draining holes drain only the water and soluble impurities. It keeps the contents inside from washing down.

Cleaning is quite easy and it does not catches any oily or greasy substances. 

10.Bathla Boost 5-Step Foldable Steel Ladder

It is not easy to reach out to all those cabins and boxes at height in home. Be it servicing or cleaning fan or installing AC unit, you need something with proper support apart from chairs. Balancing on stools and wobbly chairs can make even simple tasks seem difficult. 

Having a ladder helps you in reaching out to even the farthest places easily and safely. Built from the highest quality corrosion resistant materials, this Bathla Boost ladder is incredibly light, compact and portable.

It is easy to use, easy to move and neatly folds into a compact version of itself for easy storage.

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