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Magnetic mosquito net for doors does brilliant task of keeping mosquito, insects and fly away from your room while allow fresh air and cool breeze through the doors. It saves you from rubbing harmful chemicals on your skin, buying refill packs and spraying chemicals in air, just to prevent mosquito bite. If you are looking to buy mosquito net for door and window for protection of your family, we have short listed best mosquito net for windows and doors that you can use at home.

Mostly during summer or in rainy season we experience sudden intrusion of insects in home, this compel us to close the door and window, switch-off the light and then stay indoor. You get rid of such situation if you have mosquito net installed on doors and windows. These mosquito net are pet friendly and won’t hinder your regular movement.

Key factors to consider while buying mosquito net for door

Size as per your door dimension for covering full area

Magnetic or Plastic fastening

Colour to match with interiors and aesthetic

Durability for long term usage

These magnetic mosquito net for doors available in India are worth buying and give full protection to your family and kids. Also called as mosquito curtains for doors, these mosquito net door fits front, rear, interior or exterior, entry, sliding, kitchen, garage door very conveniently. You might have installed metal net on your windows and for door you can choose from following options.

Magnetic mosquito net for doors

#1 Royalkart Polyester Magnetic Mosquito net for door

mosquito net for doors

You can use royalkart mosquito net for front door, balcony doors/ kitchen utility doors or any doors where there is a chance for mosquitoes to enter. Here are some of the ley features of this magnetic mosquito net for door.

Key features:

Pre-Attachched 34 Magnets

Self-Adhesive Hook Tape

15 Push Pins for Main/Balcony/Kitchen Doors

This Magnetic mosquito net is made of good quality 80 GSM polyester material for long life. Net is stitched well and is best in class. To make the net fully aligned to your door its loop tape is fully sewn into the Mesh.

Royalkart mosquito curtains for doors comes with a combination of 34 magnets that ensures quick open and automatic closure. It works way better than plastic snaps and gives elegant look. The magnets are built-in and hidden from view which can avoid noise when you go through the screen door.

To keep aesthetic and enhance look of your interior, royalkart mesh comes with exquisite lace with door curtain that adds value to your home interior.

#2 Classic Magnetic Mosquito Net

mosquito net for door

Classic heavy-duty mesh screen comes with reinforced edges that makes this mosquito net durable. Suitable for normally size door be it entry door, sliding door, french door, kitchen doors or main door. 

Key features:

26 pieces flexible & strong magnetic points

Extra 4 sets of gravity sticks for keeping curtain firm in case of strong wind

Durable sewn seam

Installation and uninstall is super easy with this classic mosquito door net, thanks to its full frame hook&loop that fixes the screen curtain more sticky and not easy to fall off.

This mosquito curtains for doors comes with 26 powerful magnets in the middle seam that allows it to close seamlessly. It won’t make any chit-chat sound as magnets are well stitched to seal the gap quickly.

The mosquito net is made with high quality fiber glass mesh with a higher thread count, which is designed for proper ventilation.

#3 Lifekrafts magnetic mosquito net for doors

The Product delivers more than what you pay for and is unknowingly amazing. This mosquito curtains for doors is finely curated in design and is made with high quality 60 GSM polyester. This 100% premium polyester mesh comes with combination of 28 magnets that closes without making noise.

Key Features:

28 magnets for keeping the net closed after movement

Premium quality, mesh

Thumbnails support for additional reinforcement for a wooden frame

This lightweight mosquito net won’t hinder your door movement and is pet friendly. Just a gentle touch is required to open and to pass through the net, and the net closes automatically without your intervention.

Since velcro is fully sewn into the mesh so no external stitching required and it adds durability to net.

#4 Store2508 Mosquito Screen Curtain with Magnets

You won’t be needing any special tools or expertise for installation of this mosquito net for door. Simply attach the handy hook and loop on your door frame and enjoy some peace of mind.

Key Features:

Perfect magnetic fastening with 34 magnets

Built with 80 GSM polyester material

Toddlers and pets friendly

You can use this mesh/screens for main door/ balcony doors/ kitchen utility doors or any doors where there is a chance for mosquitoes to enter.  A combination of 34 magnets ensures quick open and automatic close. It works much better than plastic snaps.

The screen door is easily to install in just a few minutes. It doesn’t require any special tools or expertise for installation. Simply attach the handy hook and loop on your door frame and enjoy some peace of mind. Additional push pins are provided for an installation strong enough to handle high household traffic.

#5 MeRaYo Mosquito Screen Curtain with Magnets

Mosquito Screen Curtain

MeRaYo mosquito net has toughest, heavy mesh construction. Built with top quality polyester this mosquito net for door comes with full length hook and loop fastener tape, that is sewn right into the mesh and sticks easily to your door frame.

Key Features:

Stacked with 26 powerful magnets

Super-duty hook & loop seal

Velcro on 4 sides of mosquito net and magnet in between

Mosquito net is washable, durable and environmentally-friendly for longer usages. It’s simple and easy to put together and comes with a free instructions guide.


Though we have provided overall comprehensive review and analysis of the best seller magnetic screen door available in the market, If you are looking for the best one then you can prefer either Classic mosquito net or Royal-kart mosquito net for main door/ balcony doors/ kitchen utility doors or any doors.

Advantages of magnetic mosquito mesh screen curtains for door

  • Keeps Mosquitoes and bugs out without resisting the air flow.

  • Open easily and then magically close itself behind you even if your hands are full.

  • The magnets automatically snap back together without gap so that mosquitoes flies bugs insects have little chance to enter.

  • Perfect for main doors, kitchen doors, bedroom doors, balcony doors etc.

  • Easy to install the screen door without any tools, and the wind or breeze doesn’t blow it apart.

  • With summer around, get breeze through your living room and kitchen without pesky mosquitoes.

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