Samsung Air Dresser India, Product Info, review and purchase guide

Air dresser India

Hygiene and Sanitization have never been our priority than it has become in current time. Safety and Protection is in our hand. Keeping these things in mind Samsung have launched its new product in Indian market, an Air Dresser. Samsung Air Dresser enables you to sanitize your wardrobe at home thereby giving you worry free clothing experince.

If you have baby in your home, you would have notices they usually pick toys, clothes in mouth. This brings risk of infection. With air dresser you can conveniently clean and sanitize all your clothes, soft toys and different type of fabrics. You are free to use it for pillows, the kid’s plush toys, bed sheets and anything can squeeze in there. Quite interesting, isn’t ?

Very first thing you will notice about this air dresser apart from its sexy slim look is the price tag. Good features and excellence in design involves both money and effort. Will try to understand if Samsung air dresser justifies its high price tag or not.

What is an Air Dresser?

Air dresser is a tall, thin cabinet which comprises of equipment such as deodorising filter, powerful air and steam dispenser, drying cabinet etc that with collective function, sanitise and refresh your cloth automatically. With Air Dresser you won’t be required to wash your cloth frequently. Which means your favourite cloth will have to go through less frequent wash cycle and this will increase life of fabric.

How does Air dresser works?

Air dresser uses air and steam to remove dust, pollutants and germs, and also sanitizes clothes.

With AirDresser’s Sanitize cycle, high-temperature steam penetrates and sanitizes clothes, eliminating 99.9% of common bacteria and dust mites from fabric.

At the bottom of air dresser, there is water tank which required to be filled before you switch on device. Water from this water tank is converted to steam and dispensed through steam nozzle in the cabinet in upward direction.

Operation of Air dresser is based on pre-configured cycles just as in case of your washing machine. You can use any of the 22 cycles that refresh and extend the life of fabrics, depending on fabric type and features.

air dresser cycle
Air dresser display panel

Sanitize cycle, eliminates 99.9% of E. coli and S. aureus and 99% of house dust mites on cotton fabric whereas Normal cycle, eliminates 99% of isovaleric acid, 4-ethenylpyridine, valeraldehyde, and tetrachloroethylene as per different testing done.

Operation of Air dresser can be categorised in 4 step operation

Step -1 : Jet stream to eliminates viruses, microbes and results in sanitation. Process also removes wrinkles from your cloth if any.

Step-2 : Jet Air and Air hangers air flow that effectively removes dust and odour from fabrics.

Step-3 : Heat pump drying that dry cloth at low temperature without affecting strength of fabric.

Step-4 : Deodorising filter, that removes odour particles with UV LED and eliminates 99% of odours caused by sweat, tobacco etc.

Samsung AirDresser Features

Samsung’s new AirDresser combines powerful steam and air to relax light wrinkles and remove 99% of common bacteria, dust mites and odours from your clothing. Equipped with powerful features, this appliance does task of dry cleaner, steamer, dryer, Lint filter, washing etc in one go.

Proprietary designed hangers that quietly releases Jet air and steam to cloth

Here are some of the key features of Samsung Airdresser


Air dresser dispenses powerful stream of steam through steam nozzle located at bottom of air dresser. It refresh your cloth by relaxing wrinkles from the inside and out. Its wrinkle care program uses a combination of steam and air to relax and smooth out creases in clothes, so they’re quickly ready to wear. It can remove 100% of wrinkles from woolen clothes and 80% of wrinkles from rayon material.


Air dresser uses powerful jet steam that eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of house mites, 99% of odor causing gases and 99% of other harmful substances.


Air dresser comes with deodorising filter that captures & removes odour-causing gases on clothes and keeps them fresh. Air dresser comes with built-in Fresh Finish™ compartment where you can insert a dryer sheet which freshen up your garments and reduces static cling.

Deodorisation eliminates 99% of odors caused by sweat, tobacco, roasting meat and dry cleaning. It also prevent any odour causing gases building up inside the air dresser and prevent from any unpleasant smell.


Air dresser comes with dehumidifier that take good care of clothes by keeping your room dry so need need to have any extra dehumidifier.

For that to be effective open the door of air dresser, after that dehumidification function draws in air from the room, extracts moisture from it and expels dry air. It ensures that any clothes are kept in the ideal conditions to protect them.


Air dresser machine use gentle, low-heat drying which reduces the risk of heat damage and shrinking. Heat pump drying runs silent operation during drying without any noise or shaking.

Jet Air System

JetSteam uses the powerful Jet Air system to infuse high temperature steam deep into the fabric of clothes. It eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of house mites, 99% of odor causing gases and 99% of other harmful substances. Air dresser can be used not just for clothes but also for bedding and soft toys as well.  

Air Hangers

Air hangers does the task of dispensing jet streams, upwards and downwards of cloth kept over it. Jet stream loosen and removes ingrained dust particles from cloth.

Plug n Play Appliance

Simply plug it in and you are ready to go. No separate water line or professional installation required.

Self Clean technology

Self Clean technology eliminates odors and buildup inside your AirDresser so you don’t have to. It even sends reminders when you’re due for a cleaning every 40 cycles.

Smart Control

With the SmartThings app, remotely start, pause, receive notifications and get cycle recommendations right on your phone so you can care for your clothes from anywhere.

How to use the AirDresser?

Once you setup your air dresser, plugging in and filling water tank, hung a garment inside the unit and initiate the cycle. System will initiate its run sequence as per your selected cycle.

Initially Air dresser use JetStream that uses heat to eliminate the virus and bacteria. You can use this for routine sterilisation of clothes and leather accessories, soft toys. 

Next comes cleaning process by removing dust accumulated on cloth surface through Jet Air and Air hangers. Using the Jet Air system and Air Hangers it blows powerful jets of air, both upwards and downwards. So it loosens and removes ingrained dust even from deep inside clothes. Whole process create minimal noise and vibration, quiet enough that you can even run them anywhere inside the home, including the bedroom. 

For drying cloth, air dresser precipitate heat from heat pump that dries clothes at low temperatures to reduce the risk of damage and shrinkage. Deodorising filter captures and reduces odour particles caused by sweat, tobacco and food on your clothes and prevents them from building up inside the unit to create lingering unpleasant smells. 

Samsung air dresser comes with WiFi and mobile connectivity, through SmartThings app, you can remotely manage air dresser and can get cycle recommendations right on your phone.

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Samsung Air dresser design and look

Samsung Air dresser unit is quite attractive in look. Samsung has not only equipped equipment with state of art technology but also Samsung has put effort in giving luxurious look to air dresser. Sleek, modern and clean design which make it a bit sexy for an appliance. 

Perfectly suited to placed in bedroom, living room or even your hall. Matches well with your closet and other furniture. It not only adds an element of sophistication in terms of pure appearance, but it adds a massive level of convenience.

LG Styler Vs Samsung Air dresser

LG Styler is another clothing care appliance that comes with LG’s patented TrueSteam technology which uses steam to kill 99.9 percent of viruses.

If you compare design, capacity and features Air dresser matches, LG Styler. In price wise, Samsung has placed its Air dresser in attractive price tag which doesn’t feel like way expensive in case of LG Styler.

Final Comment

To sum up, you would definitely enjoy Air dresser’s ability to quickly refresh items like wool suits (including the pants crease feature), blankets and even my kids stuffed animals.

They come out smelling fresh and clean, and my sport coats / suit pants feel like they’ve just been dry cleaned.  You will enjoy having this and it is recommend for anyone looking for that added layer of convenience and sophistication to their laundry capabilities at home. 

To be frank, product price range sits higher than most of the common people budget but the sophistication and peace of mind that this air dresser offer makes it worth having.

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