Best storage water heater in India

electric storage water heater

An electric storage water heater is a device that uses a storage tank to store the water and heating element to heat up that water and hence provide instant hot water. The electric water heater is ideal for large quantities water usages as it allows you to temporarily store hot water in its storage tank.

Warm or hot water bath relieve you from stress of every single day.  It rejuvenate your mind and body, in time of winter hot water bath is the most comforting experience. Having a best storage water heater in your home make your winter days much refreshing.

Compared to water heater rod or instant water heater which heats up flowing or bucket water, Storage water heaters store the water in storage tank of its own which comes in variant capacity of 10L, 15L, 20L etc. Often built with durable stainless steel tank it encompasses a copper sheathed heating element that does the heating task and a temperature control knob for quick hot water dispensing.

Best Electric Storage Water Heater

#1 AO Smith 15 Litre Storage Water Heater

AO Storage water heater

Unlike other water heaters, A.O. water heater Smith Green’s regular, series heaters are designed in such a way as to exceed 5 star energy efficiency class. Offers maximum energy efficiency.

If the water temperature exceeds the highest preset value, the thermal shutdown will shut off the power supply for safety reasons. Its Blue Diamond glass coating technology provide multi-layer corrosion resistance.
As a part of its excellent design feature, its advanced energy injection technology, PUF ensures even distribution of high density foam. so there is no gap between tank and insulation, which ensures maximum energy efficiency ( 5-star rated  ) and energy saving.

AO water geyser comes with inlet diffuser divides the incoming water jet into smaller streams and converts the water flow from vertical to horizontal. AO gives you warranty of 7 years on inner tank, 2+2* years extended warranty on glass coated heating element and 2 years comprehensive.

#2 AO Smith Electric storage water heater vertical 15 Litre

ao smith water heater


  • Glass coated heating element

  • Heavy gauge alloy steel tanks

  • Energy-efficient PUF Injection Technology

  • Efficient Inlet Water Diffuser

  • Long-Lasting Anode Rod

Every AO smith water heater is one of a kind, intelligent, efficient and class apart. They are perfect balance of form and function. This AO smith storage water geyser has a high energy rating and it helps save money. It has a Blue Diamond coated tank and convenient temperature settings, along with longer warranties.

AO smith electric storage water heater comes with inbuilt efficient inlet diffuser that breaks the incoming water jet into smaller streams and converts the water flow from vertical to horizontal. Built with special alloys that function in various water conditions and protect the tank and heating elements from corrosion.

The thermostat feature helps regulate hot water temperature and keeps the heating element inoperative once it has reached the set temperature.

Coming to the tank feature, Storage tank of heater is built with 23% stronger than ordinary stainless steel or copper tanks with Blue Diamond Glass Coating Technology, which offers double corrosion resistance compared to industry standards and extends tank life.

The advanced PUF injection ensures even distribution of the high density foam. There is no gap between the tank and insulation, which ensures maximum energy efficiency and energy saving.

#3 Bajaj Water Heater Vertical Storage 15 Litre

bajaj storage water heater for home


  • Suitable for high-rise buildings (8 bars)

  • Powder coated metal body

  • Adjustable thermostat

  • Magnesium anode for extra protection from corrosion and leakage.

  • Unique temperature indicator dial.

Bajaj shakti water heater comes in 10L, 15L and 25L variants having 2000 watts model. Water heater is suitable for high rise building usages as it can withstand pressure up to 8.0 kg/cm2. Usually in apartments in high floor water heater don’t efficiently works but Bajaj shakti makes it easy to use for you.

To mitigate chances of corrosion in tank, this storage water heater comes with titanium armoured technology, also the outer body of the heater is made with single weld sheet metal that prevents rust and increases the life of the water heater.

Water heater comes equipped with multiple reliable safety systems for protection against dry heating, overheating and over-pressure thereby safeguarding you from any damage and accidents.

With 2000 watt coil, you might be sceptical of energy coast but thanks to swirl flow technology that ensures 20% faster heating of water and saves energy at the same.

#4 V Guard Water Geyser 10 L /15 L /25 L litres Victo

v guard water heater


  • Four Layered Safety System

  • Convenient temperature control dial

  • Comes along with connecting pipes 

  • Built with high-end powder-coated mild steel

V guard storage water heater that comes in 10L/15L/25L capacity is designed for people who value great product that combines efficiency with beauty. Built with high-end powder-coated Mild Steel and an ABS end cover this storage water geyser is equipped with high-quality PUF insulation that helps to minimise heat and power consumption.

This product is equipped with an analogue temperature Indicator and additional safety devices. The Victo Series is ideal for use in multistory buildings as it is built to withstands pressure up to 8kg/cm².

V guard comes with tubular heaters that stand apart from other heating elements. Built with Incoloy 840 heating element that is know for its ability and strength to withstand high temperatures, resist oxidation and other types of high temperature corrosion.

V-guard gives you excellent product warranty terms. It comes with 2 year product warranty, 3 year heating element warranty and 5 year inner tank warranty.

#5 Usha Storage Water Heater Aquagenie 15 L 2000-Watt 5 Star


  • Compact design to great fit for a limited vertical space

  • 6 Safety features for high temperature, pressure and dry heating

  • Earthing Protection Device to prevent electric shocks

  • High Pressure with-standing capacity

Usha storage water heater is having elegant design and equipped with great features such as belch, high-grade superior PUF insulation, dry heating protection as well as the ability to withstand high pressure. Its Whirl flow technology results in faster heating and greater energy savings.

Comes with auto cut off feature which is another energy saving mechanism that improves health of heater for longer usage. Protection from hard water is often ignored in many heater design but not to this usha storage water heater. If you talk about tank then it comes with blue sapphire enamel coating on tank to prevent from rust and to protect against hard water.

If you are not sure about the capacity to go for, 10 L capacity servers suitable for mid-size families and recommended for the homes with space constraint and high rise apartments.

Coming to design, its beautiful aesthetics will surely brighten your space. Safe and efficient, it is just what you need.

#6 Bajaj Caldia Storage 25 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj caldia water heater


  • Inner tank built with Mild steel with glass lined coating.

  • Rust proof external outer body material built with ABS + PP

  • Swirl flow technology for faster heating

  • Fire retardant cable with adjustable thermostat

Bajaj Caldia water heater having capacity of 25-litres is suitable for a medium to large sized family. You can install this geyser in the bathroom for bathing and showering purpose or even int the kitchen for washing utensils, cooking.

Bajaj Caldia Geyser would take approximately 30 minutes to reheat water. heater usages copper tube heating element that heats water quickly. Bajaj Caldia geyser usages swirl flow technology for dispensing water and it results in dispensing 20 per cent more hot water.

Coming to build design its inner tank wall is prevented from corrosion and rusting because of the Glass line inner tank, this increases the tank’s shelf-life. Water heater comes with a fire retardant cable for safety that prevent combustion in case of fire. Outer body of this Caldia heater is designed with shock resistance ABS body. For splash proof the outer body is having IPX4 waterproof protection.

Compared to common anode, its magnesium anode rod prevents the water heater from rusting. You will be benefited from its PUF injection insulation that traps heat inside the tank to keep water hot for a long period.

Adjustable temperature dial, power indicator lamp and heating indicator lamp are some of the key features that will make your experience convenient while using this water heater

Storage water heater vs Instant water heater

Storage water heater and instant water heater differs in many ways like capacity of water storage, price, working while they both does the same basic task of delivering hot water as you switch them on upon connecting with water supply. If you compare from cost prospective storage water heater price is relatively higher, mainly because of tank pricing.

Here is the difference between storage water heater and instant water heater.

 Storage Water HeaterInstant Water Heater
Capacitycapacity range from 10 L to as big as 60 LComes in 1-3 L capacity
WorkingHeats water in inbuilt storage tank through heating elementHeats flowing water through connected supply
Family SizeSufficient to meet need of 4-5 member family in one time. Not suitable for larger family, longer waiting time
PortabilityBeing large in size, not easy to move.Portable and compact
Water flow rateContinuous supply of hot water Once the heated water exhausted, next batch of water heating will take time

If you are living in metro cities or even tier-II cities and have family of 4+ people then it is often seen that morning is the rush time and specially between 7-8 AM when you will be in hurry to leave for work and so as your children in that situation instant water heater/geyser will kill your time.

You can’t even switch the instant water heater prior to get the ample amount of hot water while bathing whereas with storage water heater you can even switch on your geyser for 5-10 minutes, hours before you actually go to bath. Convenient for use.

Which is the best storage water heater?

If you are looking for storage heater that is having best performance with long life and energy saving then you can go for AO smith electric water heater having power wattage of 2000 this water geyser fetches 5 star in energy saving and have must to have safety features.

If you are having hard water supply, having mineral content more (high TDS value) then you can go for Usha electric storage water heater, which is having protection feature for hard water as well, in addition to all must to have feature.

What is 8 bar pressure or pressure bar in water heater?

1 bar is almost equal to 1 atmospheric pressure. In a geyser, water is heated. The pressure in the reservoir is determined by the pressure of the tap water used to feed it, and it can increase by the expansion of the water on heating.

The heater reservoir is rated for a maximum pressure. The complete system will include a pressure escape valve that will leave out some water if the pressure goes up during the heating process.


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