10 tools that are highly effective in 24×7 protection from Coronavirus

protection from coronavirus

Personal hygiene have always been important but never be so much significant than current time of pandemic when protection from coronavirus is top priority. Although, we have vaccine for corona-virus but the mutation and various variant of virus have made it almost invincible.

Now we are talking about co existent with virus. Just like flu and viral disease, corona virus is going to stay here for a long. What left is how effectively we can protect our self by change in lifestyle and living habit.

In this Covid situation, we all are going through tough time and learning how to fight with spread of virus. You have to equip yourself and your family with the best possible options. At least now a days we have significant number of options available to protect yourself.

In this article, we have highlighted 10 must to have tools that not only are helpful in preventing spread of virus but also protects you from other allergen and infections.

#1 Dr Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter 

Among all the types of variants, one thing is common that virus affects your lungs and it diminishes oxygen level in your body. On primary symptom, you will starts feeling uneasy and have difficulty in breathing.

You can keep track of oxygen level in your body through this Dr Trust Professional pulse oximeter. Dr Trust Professional Series Fingertip Pulse Oximeter determines your blood oxygen saturation level (SPO2), Perfusion Index, respiratory rate, pulse rate and pulse bar graph accurately.

This oximeter is water resistant and comes with bright multi-directional OLED display that gives you clear visualisation. You can conveniently adjustable settings of brightness, display and other parameters.


  • High reading accuracy

  • Motion stability

  • Extreme precision and can detect low strength pulse also.

  • Suitable to be used for child and adult

#2 TRU-V | Portable UV Sanitizer Disinfection Bag

We often lose our protection guard when we reach home or office and assume, it’s safe now and we blindly come in contact with various substances. How to keep yourself protected from such small useful things that we have to use everyday and come in contact with? How to stay protected from possible intrusion of coronavirus in small day to useful tools?

This Tru-V UV sterilization bag provides 360 degree disinfection. The UVCareBag One uses UV-C (peak wavelength 253.7nm) light with a strong power of 11W to disinfect items in the chamber from all sides in less than 10 min. The collapsible triple lined (Tru-Linning) bag with a UV reflective inner lining ensures light falls on the article from multiple sides and that no light leaks from the bag for added protection (lab tested results). The case is lightweight, portable, and can be easily plugged directly into a wall socket.

If you are using Air purifier at you home then you might this interesting in reading more on Air purifier and coronavirus

virus UV Sanitizer Disinfection Bag


  • ISO certified UVCare Pro’s Tru-Linning material.

  • Government accredited lab certification for no UV leakage.

  • Reflective inner lining for maximum outreach of UV rays for disinfection process.

  • Space-saving design, portable and can be folded during travel.

#3 METLEX 3 in 1 Face, Nose, and Cough Steamer

inhaler steamer

Steam vaporizer turns water into steam and then transmits that steam into the surrounding atmosphere. Works well with clearing congestion or moisturize dry nasal passageways. You can add medications to the water in the vaporizers reservoir that will further increase the meditative effects of the steam. 

Vaporizer comes in 3 attachments all in On, Consisting of Nasal steamer , Vaporizer and Facial sauna. In nasal steamer you can add inhalant for cold Relief and Congestion,The warm, moist steam relieves persistent cold and cough.

This facial steamer though being used for beauty purpose, to clear the clogs and rejuvenates your skin. You can use this steamer for nasal steaming and gives relief in case of cough or nasal blockage.

This inhaler comes with smooth and rounded edges that ensures that you can use them conveniently.

#4 SterloMax – 80% Ethanol-based Hand Rub Sanitizer WHO formulation

Protection from coronavirus starts with sanitizer. This 80% Ethanol based, water less, Rub-in Hand Disinfectant and Sanitizer is effective against 99.9% Germs, Viruses and Bacteria. Instead of often buying small refill sanitizer everytime, you can have this sanitizer which is based on World Health Organisation (WHO) recommended hand-rub formulation at your home.


Having sanitizer is not any individual’s need rather it’s equally useful for every one at your home. This pure and hygienic hand sanitizer is effective during routine, high risk and outbreak situations.

SterloMax is ready to use, does not require any water, or towel drying, and can be used conveniently and as frequently as needed. You can use this sanitizer over any device or even in fog machine to spray on people.

Sanitizer is recommended for regular hand cleansing inside your home, office and in public places, especially before consuming food & eatables and after coming in contact with any external surface, pet or a person. It’s recommended since viruses spread through coughing and sneezing. Recent evidence has shown that some germs linger on surfaces like doorknobs, desks and phones, and are transferred via the fingers to the mouth, nose or eyes. Sanitizing your hands with Sanitizer protects you from the germs transferred from direct contact with an infected person or from an external source.

#5 Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

If you often use public laboratory either at office or in public places, Toilet seat sanitizer and deodorizer spray which comes with a pleasant fragrance of lavender could be very helpful in mitigating any possible infection.

This Spray starts sanitising the area within 10 seconds of application and leaves no residue after drying. No wiping is necessary after spraying. Pee Safe toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray is dermatologically tested ensuring its safe for all skin types.

In addition to Toilet seat, you can use this sanitizer over faucet, flush, switch, handles etc.

 toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray

i. Why do I need to use Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray?

Unhygienic conditions in public restrooms of schools, offices, malls or restaurants can pose a threat of toilet borne diseases that can be harmful. The sanitizer spray provides overall toilet hygiene by sanitizing, cleansing and deodorizing the toilet seat and its surrounding areas. It can also be used in homes to maintain hygiene of your entire family and provide a quick sanitizated toilet.

ii. Where can I use Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray?

You can use the spray to sanitize toilet seats, toilet tops, faucets and door knobs of the restrooms or on any bathroom surface.

iii. Is a Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray safe for children’s use?

Children above 5 years can use this toilet seat sanitizer spray under parental guidance. Please stop the use of the spray if it leads to a skin rash. If the spray comes in direct contact with any exposed skin, wash it thoroughly with a mild soap and rinse with water.

#6 Face Shield, Transparent Anti-Fog Full Face Safety Cover

Made of anti-fog recyclable PET£¨Polyethylene terephthalate£, this safety face shield prevents fog from covering your sight. Even though you need to use it in a long period of time. A full face protective cap provides more comprehensive protection from coronavirus and protects the face from saliva/droplets flying into the air.

This Face shield visor can be easily cleaned with water or disinfectant. Ultimate sun protection, scratch resistance, blocking more than 98% of harmful air. face shield is extremely light and can be used in various situations, such as laboratory work, woodworking, mowing, gardening, drilling, sanding, welding, outdoor sports, etc.


  • Anti-Fog design for use in humidity or any other weather condition

  • Full facial safety from spray and splatter.

  • Soft durable sponge support for comfortable wearing.

  • scratch resistance and durability

#7 Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray

Everyone needs a portable and easy to use solution when comes to protection from coronavirus. This versatile spray disinfects and deodorizes surface in one easy step. Savlon’s unique spray formula can be used on various hard & soft surfaces to kill 99.99% germs around your home and leave the house smelling fresh and pleasant. It is also effective in killing H1N1, rotavirus and norovirus. Its active ingredient also kills antibiotic resistant germs. 

surface disinfectant

We often come across wide variety of high traffic surfaces such as tables, door handles, chairs, carpets, curtains etc. which are touched often by a number of different people and are a reservoir for a wide variety of germs and bacteria.

You can use this disinfectant over Kitchen sink, courier packages, toys, table, handles,rack and even over soft surfaces like pillow, sofa, mattress etc.

#8 GlamTools® Anti-Allergic Disposable Clear Plastic Gloves 

You can’t all day sit tight at your home and can’t do anything. Even for household work or taking things from your courier or neighbour you need a disposable gloves for protection. This become quite obvious when you go to ATM, Petrol pump, Shopping etc.

A pair of good gloves should always be kept in handy to do all sorts of chemical or dirt related work that involves your contact. This Glamtools 50 pieces of transparent disposable gloves are soft, lint free, soft and provides resistance to fungal growth.

hand gloves for protection

It comes with polythene texture which makes then highly durable and easy to use. These gloves are of fine quality hence, saves your hands from any sort allergy.

These hand gloves are of universal in size that can be economically used in everyday home activities. The product can be used in Home, Office, Factories, Hospitals, etc. Gloves take care of your protection concern from coronavirus very well. These are powder free to reduce potential dust and contamination and also latex free also, therefore reducing the risk of hypersensitivity and allergic reactions to the skin.

#9 BodyGuard Breathe Easy Everyday Reusable Anti Pollution Mask 

For protection from coronavirus, the best thing we can possibly do during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose. N95 mask are best for protection but practically u can’t use N95 all the time. It can be suffocating and tiring experience. So this reusable mask will come to your rescue if you want to reduce on expenses but obviously it won’t provide u with that amount of safety that N95 will.  This mask is skin friendly as it can be used for longer time without any breathing problem. 

mask protect from coronavirus

This Bodyguard mask is designed to help provide everyday reliable respiratory protection from dust, odors, pollen, toxins, droplets. The special material used in this mask ensures its effectiveness in air filtration simultaneously, making it highly breathable.

Its skin friendly material makes it suitable for use when: ● Cleaning ● Walking ● Riding ● Shopping ● Running ● Commuting , etc.


  • Anti-permeable technology

  • Highly breathable

  • Good for everyday use

  • Skin-friendly

  • Washable/ Reusable

#10 iSpares Nano Mist Spray Sanitizer for Car and Indoor

This device is best in class dual purpose Mist Spray Device. It can be used to Mist Sanitiser as well as Water , so you can use it with water to mist yourself for a fresh look or you can use with sanitizer for protection in area around you.

This spray sanitizer has a capacity of 30 ml and can be sprayed continuously for 20 minutes. 24 hours a day is enough to keep your stuff safe. It produces ultra-fine and nano-cold fog that helps to keep area sanitized and gives you all round protection from coronavirus.

protection from coronavirus mist spray

This rechargeable nano mist sanitiser is having good battery backup and can be used as a portable charger. It’s easy to use feature require you to fill the sprayer bottle with Alcohol-Based Sanitizer and disinfect your surroundings.

Its elegant design make the Sprayer great for personal use, or as a gift. 

Final Words

Safety starts with you. Only a protected person can break the chain and prevent the spread. These tools are efficient in protection from coronavirus spread if you and your family uses efficiently with all directives. Don’t let go your patience in this war because Virus won’t lose it.

Stay safe.


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