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washing machine cover

Expensive electric items often demand a lot of maintenance and careful use. Not taking care of one’s house appliances can result in early decaying and breaking down the machinery. A top load washing machine cover will ensure that your machine stays dust-free and well-protected at all times and last for a longer time.

These waterproof and dust proof washing machine covers comes with holes which is there provided for inlet Pipe, Outlet pipe and Power Cord. While using you don’t need to remove it, just unzip its top section and you can use it conveniently.

This article will help you find the right washing machine cover for your top-load machine.

Washing machine covers for top load washing machine

#1 Classic® LG Top Load Washing Machine Cover

Washing machine cover

The classic LG top load washing machine cover is suitable for 6kg, 6.2kg, 6.5 kg, and 7 kgs top load washing machines. It has a dimension of 56cms X 56cms X 85 cms.

It comes in two stylish colours, black and grey and floral print design. You can get multiple style and size variant for this washing machine cover. Cover contains a zip for complete packing in of the machine. It also has a transparent panel cover. It is highly durable and is made of grade-A material.

The washing machine cover is lightweight and is made from PVC fabric. The cover is specially designed for all compact LG top load washing machines. It is compatible with other brand top load washing machine as well, just check the size and choose appropriate dimension cover. The washing machine cover has received many positive reviews from its users.


  • easy to use and maintain

  • waterproof and dust proof

  • Comes with a zip

  • Has holes for all inlets and drains.


  • Suitable for below 8 kgs capacity

  • limited color options.

#2 JM Home furnishings Water & Dust proof Washing Machine Cover

washing machine cover

The cover comes in a solid design and comes in many color options, including grey, black, beige, brown, military and coffee colors. The cover has a dimension of 61x61x91 cms.

This washing machine cover comes with a 1-year warranty on manufacturing defects and exchange. It is made of fine quality PVC fabric. The cover is reliable and will last for years.  The polycarbonate material and prevents the machine from scratches, damage, or staining.

The cover fits all 6-7kg washing covers easily.


  • Water resistant.

  • Dustproof and prevents dust buildup.

  • Comes with a zipped cover lid. .


  • Only available for 6.5 kg machines.

#3 DREAM CARE Washing Machine Covers Top Load

Top load Washing Machine Cover

The washing machine cover manufactured by Dream Care is made of supreme quality Polyester blend and is highly reliable. This washing machine cover is suitable for 6 and 6.5 kg fully automatic washing machines.

The washing machine cover has a dimension of 23”X35”X23”. It is available in many stylish print and color options. The top load cover keeps the machine safe from dents and scratches and prevents stains. It comes with a high-quality zip. The top load cover has affront zipper at the front to allow the opening of the top load lid without removing the cover.


  • Dustproof and prevents dust accumulation.

  • Washable.

  • Waterproof

  • Comes with cut outs for connections. 


  • No warranty

#4 PE Retail LG Top Load Washing Machine Cover

Top load Washing Machine Cover

This adjustable top load washing machine cover is suitable for LG top load machines of 6-7.5 kg capacity. It has a dimension of 56X56X85 cms. It is available in four attractive and printed designs with grey, black and white color finishing.

It comes with a transparent cover for the control panel and is scratch-resistant. It is very lightweight. It is made from premium PVC and Cotton blend fabric.

Note- If your washing machine model has control panel top rear (i.e back side little bit above) as in case of Samsung Activewash+ model then you can go for other model


  • Smoke and scratch resistant.

  • Water and dust resistant.

  • Holes for plug cords, pipe inlets, and hose drain.


  • None found

#5 Nitasha Top Load Washing Machine Covers Suitable for Whirlpool

Washing Machine Covers

Nitasha Enterprises Provides you washing machine covers to keep one of the most important home appliance safe and new for years to come

Washing machine cover is suitable for washing machines of 6-7 kg capacity. The dimensions of the product are 23X23X35 cms. It comes in many fabulous designs, ranging from polka dots to floral patterns, and comes in blue, red, and multicoloured options.


  • Zipper lid for easy access.

  • Water, dust and scratch resistant.

  • Pre-cut openings for the inlet and drain.

  • Durable and highly tensile.


  • Does not have transparent control panel cover.


A good quality washing machine cover is guaranteed to increase the shell life of your machine. It will also keep your machine safe from all damages and scratches, preserving its new look for a longer time. The right washing machine cover not only keeps your washing machine safe but it can also contribute to the decor of your house. A washing machine cover is an affordable yet smart investment that is going to make laundry a better experience for you.

Our recommended choices are PE Retail LG Top Load Washing Machine Cover and Classic® LG Top Load Washing Machine Cover . Both are durable and of good quality.


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