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washing machine stand

Washing machines have made our work easier and more efficient. A washing machine stand for top load or front load, helps your machine to sustain itself in the longer run. It protects washing machine from any harm caused by dampness or rusting.

While buying washing machine stand, size can a confusing issue in finalising which stand to buy. It is recommended to go for flexible sized washing machine stand which is heavy built. Additionally you can focus on following key aspect while selecting best washing machine stand

  • Stand built quality (100% Metal built is better )

  • Wheel base (360 degree rotatable and with anti-skid feature)

  • Vibration absorption ( Vibration absorbing jacks works excellent)

Getting all these features will seem impossible in single model but we have a listed some of the best quality washing machine stand which are appropriate for needs of the Indian buyers.

Let us have a look at each of them, with their merits and demerits listed alongside.

Washing Machine Stand India

#1 Irkaja Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing Machine Stands

washing machine stand

Irkaja heavy duty washing machine stand not only able to keep your washing machine safe but also stretch their arms to accommodate refrigerators, dishwashers, and air coolers of varying brands and types. Its dynamic features make it a flexible option for all the users.

The trolly stand is 360 degree movable and provides a smooth moving base to your appliance. It is 100% durable and is encompassed with a rust resistant characteristic. This stand weighs 4 kg and has the capacity to lift up to 160 kg of appliances. Additionally, it also comes with anti skid feet to block out vibrations at the threshold.

Excellent choice as Bosch washing machine stand, LG washing machine stand, Samsung washing machine. Since its dimension is adjustable so it is suitable for 5.5 kg to 8 kg washing machine.


  • Anti-Vibration & Anti-Skid Mechanism

  • 100% Metal built

  • Up to  4 inches of ground clearance

  • Four 360-degree wheels  for mobility

  • Delivered in ready-to-use condition.


  • Expensive

  • Knobs can produce hassle

#2 LSRP Universal Fit Heavy Duty Stand for Washing Machine

heavy duty washing machine stand

The LSRP’S™ Universal Fit Heavy Duty Stand for Top/Front Load Washing Machine has stood upright on all parameters making it the best fit for each of brand washing machine. Suitable to use for washing machines stand, coolers stand, dryers stand, refrigerator stand, and dishwashers stand. It gives smooth touch even when your appliances are fully loaded.

This washing machine is built with 1.22 mm thick heavy metal stand and weighs 5 kgs. Stand comes in dimension of 50.8 x 44.5 x 12.7 cm. Stand is protected from rusting, vibration absorbing power, and comes with noise reduction facility to the users. You won’t noise during washing machine rinse / dry as in general case.

Excellent choice for bigger washing machine or dishwasher as it comes with 2 Times larger vibration absorbing jacks that provides the much needed stability & sturdiness.

Besides, it is perfectly fit for all kinds of brands and weights


  • Enormous loading capacity of about 210 kgs.

  • Unique D-Shape design for durability

  • 2x bigger double rings wheels for stability

  • 2x larger vibration absorbing jacks for better grip on the floor


  • None

#3 Rissachi Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing Machine Stand

washing machine stand

This 2019 model has the capacity to lift upto 160 kgs of weight without being damaged. The trolley ensures a protected and easy transfer of your belongings from one place to another. The stand has an adjustable length, width, and size with the minimum size being 41 cm * 48 cm * 9cm and the maximum size being 66 cm * 81 cm * 12 cm.

The instructions are carefully placed for all the intricate mechanisms including the assembling, installing, using, and working of the stand associated with the trolley accessories of a brake wheel, 360 degree movement, firm support material, and so on.

Unlike other washing machine stand, this stand is not just painted but is powder coated which is a special type of painting method which helps in extending the life of the stand.

For handing vibration and skid of washing machine while during operation, the stand got heavy rubber jacks on sides to absorb vibrations. Good choice for from all brands like LG, Samsung, IFB, Bosch, Haier, Whirlpool, Godrej, Panasonic etc.


  • Four 360 degree twin castor wheels for smooth movement

  • Absorb vibrations from the machine effortlessly.

  • Heavily constructed design


  • Customers have reported packaging and delivery issue

#4 Electromart Fox Washing Machine & Refrigerator Stand

washing machine stand

The Electromart Fox Premium Washing Machine Stand is though expensive but it comes with a sleek design, four swivel wheels, and a mobile base to facilitate our workings smoothly.

It is also attached with anti vibration rubber pads, that help reduce friction from the ground, thus preventing slippage, reducing excessive noise and vibrating emissions that are released during the process of spinning.

It is a sturdy stand that provides firm support to the appliance it carries. It helps in keeping the rust and other damage that can be imposed from the ground and humid surroundings at bay, by keeping the appliance at a sufficiently higher level from the ground.

 If budget is not your limitation, then you cannot get anything better than this deal at this price. All in all, a great fit for giving your machine a longer than expected life.


  • Eases tasks of drainage and cleaning.

  • Noise resistant

  • Can be used with refrigerators, and dishwashers.


  • High on budget

  • Loading capacity is less

#5 Smart Shelter Heavy Duty Front/Top Load Washing Machine Stand

washing machine stand

For the best front and top loading washing machine stand, you can blindfolded rely on Smart Shelter Premium Washing Machine Stand. With this stand, you can move your appliance around with absolute ease and smoothness. It provides excellent grip with 360 degrees of rotatable wheels. Vibrations produced during the washing and spinning process are not a source of concern anymore.

The approximate loading capacity of this stand is 140 kg. Like others, we can find an adjustable size mechanism in this trolley set too. The dynamic and other features are from a minimum of 16.5 inches x 19.5 inches to a maximum of 25.5 inches x 32 inches.


  • Durable and highly stable

  • Built with powder coated metal for sustainability.


  • Bit expensive

  • Size can seem a bit shorter

#6 AE Aviksha Heavy Duty Adjustable Top Load Washing Machine Stand

Washing machine top load

When the source is strong, the body is strong. An evidence of this saying is AE Aviksha’s Adjustable Top Load Washing Machine Stand. It is made from chrome steel pipes and a polypropylene panel, which makes it a top pick as a strength enduring stand.

It allows you to reach the ground beneath the appliance and clean it, something which is not available in many stands out there. It allows you to easily access the floor below and around the stand and sanitize it accordingly.

At the junction of the washer foot and the trolley stand, a firm grip is established through the use of anti slip rubber pads. It prevents the stand from slipping at greasy surfaces, and functions as a back for the appliance. With a wheel lock facility, you can always rely on this stand to dispense the desired services.


  • Stability during operation via wheel locking feature.

  • Anti slip rubber pad for firm grip of the machine foots.

  • The maximum loading capacity is high (160 kgs).


  • Locking mechanism needs re-assemble every time you remove it.

#7 Sarah Fully Automatic Stand Washing Machine Trolley/Stand

washing machine stand

Manufactured by EE and available in the colour schemes of Grey and Black, Sarah Adjustable Refrigerator/Top Loading Fully Automatic Stand Washing Machine Trolley/Stand is a top pick for any customer who is interested in buying an affordable, all inclusive and comprehensive washing machine stand.

The washing machine stand trolley is compatible with and completely supports appliances of brands like LG , Samsung ,Godrej , Whirlpool, Videocon , and Electrolux to name a few.

The adjustable dimensions of this stand are 53 cm * 53 cm minimum and 75 cm * 60 cm maximum. In situations of wet floor or drainage, this stand is perfectly able to provide support to your electrical appliances and protect it from getting damaged.


  • It is suitable to use with a number of brands.

  • Water resistant

  • Absorbs noise and vibrations

  • Installation easily.


  • Heavily weighed so less portable

#8 Fabaura Smart Heavy Duty Adjustable Washing Machine Stand

washing machine stand

The Fabaura Smart Heavy Duty Adjustable Front/Top Load/Semi/Fully automatic washing machine stand comes with an easily operable and multi-functional base. That is, one can easily carry a washing machine, dryers, table, refrigerator, etc on the stand safely and efficiently.

You do not need to have a metal body for carrying loads on this stand. With rubber swivel wheels, a smooth and gentle push can take it to place, without much effort.

Brands like Haier, IFB, LG, Bosch, Siemens, Whirlpool, Godrej, BPL, Samsung, Mitashi, Intex, and others similar to them display great capability with this stand. The heavy rubber jacks installed help reduce the emission of unnecessary vibrations and noises from the electrical appliance to the surrounding environments.


  • Portable and easy to assist.

  • Extremely easy to assemble, install, and use.

  • Loading capacity 140 kilograms.

  • 360° Rotatable polypropylene wheels


  • Expensive


An ideal washing machine stand helps keep the machine from touching the ground, thus keeping it safe and in a good condition. If you have heavy washing machine with capacity greater than 7Kg then I will recommend you to go for Irkaja Heavy Duty,  LSRP Top load washing machine stand or AE Aviksha washing machine stand. These are excellent choice for all type of brands.

For medium sized top load washing machine you can prioritise these three among others, Fabaura washing machine stand , Sarah washing machine stand or Electromart Fox Washing Machine stand.


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