Types of headphone and How to select best headphone

Types of headphone hozone

Headphones are now a day must have accessories. Whether you are planning travel, commuting, jogging or studying headphone is your true companion but finding which types of headphone you need is essential.

Now a day most of the content we see is audio or video. Not only a good headphone lets you freedom to enjoy your time ignoring surrounding noise but also it rejuvenate your experience with music as well.

When it comes to headphone, its matter of ear.  Although you got a pair of that but either one is equally important. That makes selecting a best headphone quite a matter of concern.

On broad sense, all the types of headphone available in the market can be categorized among following three types of headphone

  • In-ear headphone
  • On-ear headphone
  • Over-ear headphone

You might have came across different types of headphone and would be feeling confused to prioritize one. We are here to share complete information about the types of headphone available in market and their respective features based on below three key parameters

  • Portability
  • Comfort
  • Performance

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 In-ear headphones 

In-ear headphone (types of ear phone)
In-Ear headphone

Also called as earbuds or simply earphone, these are the most common type of earphone now days. You might have got it for the first time with your phone and convenience and portability has made this must have accessories among all group people.

 In-ear headphones fit just inside the opening of your ear canal leaving your ear exposed completely. Most of the in-ear headphone is made up of plastic or silicon material which can be troublesome for a long term usage. So it is better to go for in-ear headphones that usage memory foam or Comply ear-tips for comfort of your ear.

In-ear headphones pump the music straight into your ear-drum, so they’re less spacious or “open” sounding than other types of headphones

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On-ear headphones

On-ear headphone (type of headphones)
On-ear headphone

On-ear as the name implies are those types of headphones which are having ear cups that get placed directly over your ears. It won’t cover your ear completely and a part of ears will remain exposed even after wearing headphone.

Such headphones come in handy when you are required to keep a note of surrounding voices together with a fine musical experience. 

Most of the on-ear phones come up with light and compact designs that provide a balance between portability and performance.

On-ear versions are usually less expensive and work best in quiet surroundings. It comes as wired and wireless headphone both.

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Over-ear headphones

Over-ear headphone (type of headphones)
Over-ear headphone

Over-ear headphone is having ear cups that completely cover the ears and press against the skull instead. These are popular among audiophiles, musicians, and pro gamers.

It provides superior comfort and doesn’t let surrounding voices interrupting your music. Over-ear headphones are notably bigger in size but provide unmatchable immersive experience to the user.

Over year phones are preferred choice for best noise cancelling phone since it’s cushioned earcups covers your ear from surrounding completely and prevents any external noise interference.

Because of its noise cancellation feature this headphones are used on Industrial level as well in noisy area as a means of safety feature.
It comes as wired and wireless headphone both.

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Now, which headphone is most suitable for you?

If your priority is noise isolation then over-ear headphones are the most recommended one. These headphone will seal across your ear and let you have immersive sound experience without any noise interference.

Over ear headphones are big and clunky which means its preferred choice for use at home or at work, not on-the-go.

On-ear headphones are made to meet your travelling needs. They have larger drivers than in-ears, meaning that in the same quality and price range, they can typically reproduce a wider range of frequencies.

In-ear headphones have small drivers, so they can’t produce the types of highs and lows that on-ear or over-ear headphones can but they are highly portable. These are best for listening music while jogging or working out with minimal sound leakage.


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