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Its always a matter of concern that who’s behind that doorbell sound? Especially when we move outside for some work or office, leaving family back in home. It can be really riskier opening door every time bell rang. Availability of video doorbell or video door phone, eases your task of knowing face behind the knock, talk or convey message and it overall improve security of your home.

Smart video doorbells are also helpful for those having issues with frequent movement like those with elderly people. With the help of video doorbell you can use your smartphone to check on visitor and can even tell them to wait until you get to the front door. Much useful in this home delivery era.

There are multiple options available in market and each one claims to be best one. We have evaluated them and here is the detailed review of video doorbell that you can purchase in India

Video door phone in India

#1 Godrej Seethru Video Door Phone Kit

Godrej Seethru comes with 7 inch TFT LCD touch screen, Door chime with 16 selectable melodies and supports a two-way audio communication, call forwarding on your smartphone, night vision camera, 4 CCTV cameras, TV out feature and secret monitoring from the indoor unit. 

Seethru video door phone unit allows storing of up to 100 photos and videos in its internal flash memory. You can save more by using external memory card and device supports up to 32 GB SD card.

It can create 15 sec/30 sec/60 sec video of visitor and saves automatically in internal memory. So you can get to know about the visitor even if you are not home.

Godrej seethru gives you clear and crisp video quality with its pinhole colour 900 TVL camera that comes with night vision. Its call forwarding feature allows you to receive door video call on your phone, without moving to outdoor unit.

Outdoor unit comes with strong built and is water, temperature proof. You can configure door lock release and it allows adjusting microphone and speaker volume as per convenience.


  • 7 Inch TFT LCD Touch Sensitive Indoor Unit Screen

  • Two Way Audio Communication and a Clear and Crisp Video Quality

  • Supports Night Vision Camera and Secret Monitoring

  • Comes with Call forwarding on mobile phone and Tamper Alarm for outdoor unit


  • Poor customer ad warranty support

#2 Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell

Unlike other options such as Godrej Solus or Hikvision, this smart video doorbell doesn’t come with any indoor unit for display or any wired connectivity, rather this device connects to your phone via app and let you have real time view of your door from any where.

Some of the excellent and useful features include Visitor’s Time Lapse Video , Pre-recorded message response, advanced intruder alert system and instant visitor call facility.

Qubo video doorbell generates special video collage at the end of each day for you to get an summarised idea of what has happened on door. It’s one of must to have security feature now a days. When you are not at home you can leave pre-recorded message to visitor.

Qubo can be coupled with Alexa and Google assistant making it one of the tech featured video phone system available. You also get cloud storage for saving videos. Outdoor unit is IP65 resistant to water and dust so it ensure long durability of your device.


  • Upto 128GB SD Card support

  • Wireless and Mobile app connectivity

  • AI tech for person detection with intruder alarm

  • 36 unique doorbell tunes with DND feature


  • None found

#3 Hikvision VDP 7-inch Video Door Phone ( Upgraded version )

Hikvision gives you one of the most featured rich and scalable video door phone. Its pinhole camera comes with 720 x 576 resolution at 25 fps that generates clear video display and has auto IR for night vision which has range of up to 2 meter.

video door phone

When it comes to indoor display unit, Hikvision comes with 7 inch colourful TFT LCD with 800 x 480 resolution. It allows you to store up to 200 images. LCD display unit comes with physical button in place of touch screen feature which may feel old fashioned but it works perfectly.

When it comes to outdoor phone unit, it has built-in omni directional microphone and built-in loudspeaker. Voice clarity is excellent and thanks to its noise cancellation feature, you won’t feel any hindrance in 2 way communication.

Additionally, Hikvision video door phone comes with seamless compatibility with Hikvision CCTV systems and facilitates unit-to-unit video calling. Door phone has 3 inbuilt ring tone that has ring time of 30 sec.

Built with Aluminium alloy material this video door phone gives excellent aesthetic look and has durable body. Power consumtion is very less and while indoor unit will consume around 5 W, its outdoor unit will consume around 3 W of power.


  • Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation

  • Aluminium Alloy built

  • Built-in Omni directional Microphone


  • People have complained about installation service quality

#4 Godrej Solus 4. 3 Lite Wired Video Door Phone

Godrej video door phone comes in stylish eye catching design that will add value to your interior. This video door phone usages high resolution pinhole camera that captures images clearly and efficiently. 

What I specially like about its indoor unit is that you can use this as intercom in your house and you can talk to different door units anywhere in the home.

Indoor unit comes with 4.3″ colour indoor monitor that allows you to get a clear view of the visitor standing outside the door. Its on screen display feature allows you to select and operate conveniently. You can adjust volume, brightness, chrome and contrast as per your viewing and listening preference.

Usually indoor unit is fixed and you may not get clear visibility while sitting or from certain angle. Angular wall bracket allows the screen to tilt to the sides to offers flexibility of viewing the image clearly on the screen from different angles.

Indoor unit and outdoor unit are connected through CAT-6 cable and it allows you to connect up to 2 outdoor units to your one indoor. You can call and command from indoor unit also and if you are having Godrej electric door then you can couple it to open from indoor display unit.


  • 4.3 Inch Colour Indoor Monitor

  • Intercom feature with two way Audio communication

  • Door lock release function with DND (Do Not Disturb) Feature

  • Vandal Resistant and Weatherproof Outdoor Units

  • Free Installation


  • Does not allow saving photos or video recordings

#5 CP PLUS VDP Video Door Phone

CP PLUS 7 inch video door phone like Godrej Solus comes with an Indoor and outdoor unit and require wire configuration. With Indoor unit you get 7 inch monitor and outdoor unit comes with with microphone and camera. CP PLUS Video door phone gives you clear view of who is at the door with the help of Nano glass camera and safeguard your home effectively.

video doorbell

CP plus VDP support additional 3 indoor units & 2 outdoor units along with CCTV connection. It has intercom feature as well and you can use this to connect with devices in different rooms.

Coming to extra useful features, CP plus video door phone comes with do not disturb feature and hands-free model. Outdoor unit is equipped with rain cover & mount angle for safety and proper alignment.


  • 7 inch Color TFT- LCD Display

  • 4 wires System

  • Nano glass camera with IR Color Camera, Night Vision 

  • Hand Free Video intercom communication

  • Easy installation


  • Speaker quality

#6 Godrej Solus ST 7 Lite Video Door Phone

This video door phone from Godrej, Solus ST 7 Lite is equipped with a range of features and comes in eye catching design for pleasant experience with security feature.

With supported configuration of up to 2 outdoor units, 1 master monitor + 3 slave monitors, this VDP solution support intercom feature between multiple indoor units. 

Solus ST 7 comes with high resolution pinhole camera that captures images clearly and efficiently. It produces high quality images in all light levels, is easy to use and capturing images discreetly.


  • 2 way communication. connect to up to 2 Oudoor units, 2 CCTV

  • High-resolution pinhole camera with night vision infrared LED

  • 100 images in unit memory + 1024 images in external SD Card

  • DND and Door Lock Release function


  • Camera quality


If you are looking for wireless solution for video door phone then you can go for Qubo Smart WiFi Wireless Video Doorbell which is an excellent option and have various good feature. Comes with designer style and superior security which allows you to live stress-free.

When in comes to wired solution then Godrej Seethru and Hikvision are excellent solution to have. You can go for Solus ST 7 Lite also which matches Seethru on many aspect and is economical also. Hikvision has met people’s expectation on optimum level and its 7-inch Video Door Phone has most of the essential features.

CP plus vs Hikvision

CP plus nad Hikvision both comes with 7 inch wide display screen in indoor unit, in case of Hikvision LCD display unit comes with physical button for operation while with CP Plus you get feature touch screen button.

With noise suppression and echo cancellation, Hikvision delivers you clear and noise free voice whereas with CP you will feel surrounding noise in conversation.

Hikvision allows you to save up to 200 images in memeory so that you can come to know, who has visited while you were not in home. With CP Plus, you don’t get such feature.

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