Which hair straighteners are best?

Which hair straighteners are best?

Which hair straightener is best for my hair? This question comes before all of us when we plan to buy hair straightener. If you want to give straight and smooth look to your hair, you would need a hot hair tool be it hair dryer or flat iron. While hair dryer of Philips or any other brand may help you achieve sleek hairstyle but the shine and sleekness that a hair straightener offer to your hair is way superior.

There is no single hair straightener perfect for every hair but there is a perfect hair straightener for every type of hair. Finding which hair straightener is best could be complicated task as some says they are having best plate material in straightener and some will says theirs will prevent damage to hair, there by confusing you more. Whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy, thick, or thin, we have suggested every type of best hair straighteners for you.

Which hair straightener is best for short hair?

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If your hair is thin or short, good news is that it’s relatively easy to straighten fine hair. At the same time, thin hair get damaged easily if proper straightener and heat setting not used. So, better to avoid straighteners with just one heat setting as constant supply of single heat temperature to your hair can damage hair. Go for a straightener with multiple heat settings that would let you to control the heat. As far as plate width is concerned 1 to 1-1/4″” plate is recommended for shorter styles.

Best hair straightener choice for thin hair

Havells HS4121 Wide Plate hair straightener

hair straighteners for thin hair

Which hair straightener is best for thick hair?

Unlike thin hair, you should choose a straightener with higher heat settings. For thick hair you need relatively higher temperature to strengthen hair other wise you will have repeatedly do straightening of the same section of hair repeatedly.

For curly hair, You need straightener having higher temperature setting along with wider plate. As curly hair owner you would have experienced fizzing more often as curly hair is the most prone to frizz that makes it difficult to straighten. If you have long thick hair then a 2″” plate would be ideal.

Best hair straightener choice for thick and curly hair

VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler

hair straighteners for thick hair

Which straightener is best for broken damaged hair?

Go for hot brush instead of hair straightener. Compared to hair straightener, hair brush distributes heat evenly and gives a sleek, smooth salon finish. If you are looking for only hair straightener and not comfortable in using hot brush then go for the same as required for thin hair. Best hair straightener for thin hair.

Which hair straightener brush is best?

Hair straightener brush straightens bunch of hair with just a couple of strokes and keeps it that way until your next wash. Hair straightening brushes saves your time in using hair blower every time and also separate your hair into sections and evenly distribute heat across hair. It is recommended for damaged or thin hair.

Following are the best hair straightener brush in India

Philips BHH880/10 Straightening Brush with Thermoprotect Technology

  • Keratin infused ceramic coating for shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair

  • Silk ProCare to minimize heat damage on hair.

  • Temperature settings (170°c & 200°c) to suit your hair type

Roots Hot Brush MyStylr Hair Straightener

  • Quality bristles for smoothness and shine. Prevent damage

  • Very Safe To Use Even For Young Girls

  • Fast heat-up time and auto shutoff

Hair Straightener Buying guide

Choosing a hair straightener can be a very tedious task as your hair are the very precious asset of your physical personality, apart from making your hair straight it will make your hair shinier and will end up adding in volume also. 

A good hair straightener has qualities like it will quickly make your hair straight without making it brittle and rough. There are vast number of products in the market which will confuse you by their specification but hold on, we have done all the hard work and bring you this article to make you choose better.

Best hair straightener brands

When it comes to brands which are famous in India among men and women for its hair straightener products quality are Havells, Philips and Vega.

Philips leads pack among brands with 3 products which are very famous among women because of built quality and easy to handle design.

Best hair straightener of Philips brand

#1 PHILIPS BHS397/40 Kerashine Titanium Hair Straightener

Reasons why Philips BHS397/40 is considered as best hair straightener in India

  • SilkProtect Technology that eliminates chance of hair damage.

  • Wider length plates for easier and faster straightening.

  • Keratin plates infused with titanium results in smooth gliding through the hair

#2 PHILIPS BHS738/00 Kerashine Titanium wide plate hair straightener

Reasons why Philips BHS738/00 is considered as best hair straightener in India

  • Extra wide straightening plates makes it best hair straightener for thick or long hair.

  • Quick and smooth styling.

  • 1.8 m long heat safe swivel cord to prevent unnecessary tangles.

Hair Straightener Buying guide for Women

What is your hair type?

The temperature of the straightener can vary vastly so it may damage your hair if you don’t use your hair straightener at right temperature considering the hair type.

Types of hair are discussed below:

Hair with curl – Curly hair is the most tedious hair to deal with. It requires higher and quick temperatures to get effective results. This can be achieved with the help of ceramic blades. We advise you to go for the straightener with ceramic blades.

Fine hair- Weak strands leads to fine hair. To avoid damaging the strands you need to choose a straightener with less temperature configuration.

Thick hair– It is just opposite to fine hair, if you have thick hair then you will have to go for the straightener with a higher temperature around 200 (210-220  recommended) plus you should choose selectively from a wide variety of plates to avoid damage due to repetition.

Dull or dead hair– It is not recommended to use the straightener if you have this type of hair. First nourish the hair, make it strong, and then go for straightening.

After knowing your hair type, what width and sizes of blades you should choose?

If a product’s blade width is wider, then it can perform fast operations because wider blades or plates will sweep more area so you won’t have to just go again and again. But it is only true for long hair whereas if you have shorter hair, you need thin plates as it can reach upon your scalp and have very less heat dissipation.

  • Blade with 2 inches – for long hair

  • Blade with 1 ½ inch– for coarse and curly hair

  • Blade with 1 inch – achieve different hairstyle by customizing your hair

  • Mini Blade with less than 1 inch– for short hair, this type of blades can be used in men’s straightener also

What plate’s material you should choose depending on your hair type?

This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a straightener because plates are meant to conduct heat. If you choose the right plate for right hair then it’s just a game for you.

Solid Ceramic hair straighteners blades maintain constant heat, and that heat gets spread equally on the plates which make your hair smoother and finer in one single operation.

Blades Coated with Ceramic are meant for rapid heating and thus reducing friction between the blades. This will surely nourish your hair by making less damage. Ceramic coated hair straightener

Rose Gold Iron Plates help to produce far-infrared which in turn will heat your hair evenly and quickly as the infrared heat penetrates deep in hair.

Titanium Plates are the premium metal which is mainly a good conductor of heat and even better than ceramic metal. It reaches the desired temperature very quickly and heat spreads at a rapid pace on the plates, moreover, it’s a very light metal which results in less fatigue when using it. It is a very costly metal hence straightener will also be costly. Therefore, buy them only when you have super curly hair and require great heat.

What are the temperature settings you need?

Hair straighteners inbuilt high heat settings will help you achieve the very fast results but at the same time, they can damage your hair in the long run. Look for hair straightener which has a variable heat setting option because one temperature setting cannot work for all hair type.

If you have fine hair, you can go for less temperature setting around 80-180 degrees Celsius and if you have curly or thick hair, you should go for the hair straightener which has a temperature setting around 200 degrees Celsius. For thick and curly hair ideal temperature setting for hair straightener would be 200-230 degree Celsius.

What are the shapes and sizes you should select

You might be having thought that hair iron or hair straightener comes in a simple flat shape only. Yes, it is true but you have to look for the edges of the flat shape because edges of the straightener can be a deciding factor.

If the outer edges are round shape, then it is best when you want to make curly hair, if not round then you will be able to achieve straight hair only.

Hair Straightener Buying guide for Men

Gone are those days when there was hardly any grooming tool for men. Nowadays men have separate grooming tools range. Yes, men do need hair straightener because they do have straightening problems that cannot be solved by women’s straightener.

While looking online, you may get lost that if there is even any hair straightener for men? Having considerably small hair, like around 1 and a half-inch you will need mini straightener which is considerably designed for small hair and is the best choice for men.

For hair straightening purpose you can also go for hair Styling Brush. Multi functional hair styling brush, combines heating barrels and comb teeth for hair smoothing, straightening, curling, meets your different hair styles needs.

 hair straightener for men

What are mini straighteners?

When it comes to mini straightener, don’t get confused by the name, it is just a straightener with small blades. They are designed for only short hair. You can always go for the larger hair straightener if you have long hair.

Do not ever try to use your sister’s hair straightener because it has wide blades or plates that won’t be much easier in use for you.

So that is it for males. There is not much to write about male straightener because all the above technicality discussed in female straightener are the same for the male one. I suggest you go through the female section which is discussed above.

Now we are going to discuss some of the common features you should look before buying a straightener.

Common feature a straightener must have

Travel lock button

A lock button is provided in all modern straightener by which you can lock the straightener in a non-opening position and it makes it very easy to carry with yourself while travelling.

 Ionic straightening

It is basically used to remove the frizz from your hair. Frizz is actually caused by moisture. To remove that moisture, the straightener is provided with ionic technology which produces the desired ion which in turn locks the moisture present in hair and thus removes the moisture.

Auto shut down

This feature is very useful if you forgot your straightener switched on. In that case it will get switched off automatically after a certain amount of time. Generally, straighteners tend to auto cut after 1 hour so this is the feature you must look for in straightener on a priority basis.

Flash Quick Heating Mode

This turbo heat technology maximizes the function of the straightener and heat up very quickly. As the name suggests, it heats the straightener blades in a flash

Far infrared heating

Infrared technology heat up hair quickly and evenly giving the best-desired result you wished for. It involves emitting infrared which will heat your hair from inside reduces damage to your hair.

Heat Time

The time which plates take to reach the desired temperature, a good straightener should have less heat-up time, so that it can be used quickly.


You will find many heat straightener available online and may get confused. Look for what is best for you not what is having features. Know your hair first then your usage, accordingly you can choose best hair straightener for your hair.

For Male, you may find article Best hair straightener for Men useful.


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